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  1. markus1984

    The Mandalorian - Arvala

    Hello guys, After a long year with building Castle im back with an new Star Wars MOC. This time its from The Mandalorian (after Rogue One finally Disney make good Star Wars ). I love the first season and this Location looking so good! Cant wait to see Season2 and looking forward for more MOCs. All pics on flickr or Instagram (markus19840420) Thanks for watching. markus
  2. Hello, Building the last Star Wars MOC makes so many fun that i start building one more . Also on from my ToDo list. thanks for watching markus
  3. markus1984

    [MOC] Detention Block AA-23 - Star Wars Episode4

    Thanks all for the feedback!! markus
  4. Hey guys, Finally i finished my new Star Wars MOC. (long time ago i have build the last SW MOC ) This scene is also one i want always build and now its done. So than, hope you like it and thanks for watching. markus
  5. markus1984

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    Hey all, I also bought the instruction some time ago. The SSD looks amazing and im too lazy to build a own version . Now im finish with fix the wings on the bottom. AND i was pissed at first because it does not hold good. So i worked with some rubbers to fix them better. But im happy for the posts here. Exactly this two instruction parts are a big problem. Glad i havent finish the city, so i can rebuild them easy. Thanks guys for the tips. markus
  6. markus1984

    [MOC] Modular Jedha Collaborative Build

    Stunning work! So many details and how you build it - only wow!
  7. Hello, Thanks very much for the great feedback! Also thanks for sharing the MOC on the main page - really a pleasure! markus
  8. Hello, Finally i can show my finish Game of Thrones MOC. Its one of my favourite scenes from GoT and so it was time to build them . GoT - „Unsullied! Slay the masters,... (Season3/EP4) Finally I have finished my favorite scene from Game of Thrones and im happy with the MOC. And here the kitbashes to the figs. Hope you like it and you can find all pics on my flickr or Instagram account (markus19840420) Thanks for watching markus
  9. markus1984

    Star Wars - Battle on Rhen Var (Battlefront)

    Long time ago i was here Many to do an not much time to write feedback at all this great moc`s here i saw the last time. So, i beginning and say thanks again for you feedback! markus
  10. markus1984

    Star Wars - Battle on Rhen Var (Battlefront)

    Thank you! Here a picture from the exhibition this weekend - so your see better the complete size from the MOC. markus
  11. markus1984

    Star Wars - Battle on Rhen Var (Battlefront)

    Thanks very much to all for this great feedback! Really nice you like the MOC I can move the legs but than its very unstable! I build it for a exhibition and so it must be a little bit stable when all the kids take her hands to it thanks markus
  12. Now it`s done! My biggest dream since i build Lego (about 6 years ago) is true. I want build always a big Star Wars Diorama like Hoth ore something, but Rhen Var from the old Battlefront games are such a great planet and doenst see really much of this location. So, now some facts: - Building time 10 months - 250.000 parts - 250 minifigs - size 2,5 x 1,5 meters Credits to Lary Lars, Brickwright and Slaki for her stunning X/Y-Wing/Snowspeeder version! Also some credits to all they build an AT-AT the last time. I have only 3 weeks to build an AT complete and so i got many inspiration here from all the AT versions. After the exhibition i would build an complete and good version of the AT-AT . Also a big Thanks for all they help me with feebdack, parts and LED`s! Now the photos and hope you like it (detail photos watch on my flickr stream Flickr Album. have a nice evening/day markus
  13. markus1984

    Sith Fury Class Interceptor (TOR) (IDSMO-R4 final)

    thanks again for your stunning feedback to the ship! markus