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  1. LEGOlas0232

    Rey - The Best Femele Character Ever!

    I'm pleased that You like it guys ;) I've built it, because I don't like the official 75099 set. It's horrible!
  2. Just a small vignette ;) Can't wait to see the next Episode and Rogue One!
  3. LEGOlas0232

    Borgia Tower (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood)

    Thanks everyone for such positive comments!
  4. I’m presenting you my next MOC. This time I choose Borgia Tower from game Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: The game was released in 2010 and it was first time ever when I was trying to follow the process of production as precisely as I could. It was the first time too, when I bought collector edition of the game. It takes second place in my private ranking of favourite games (the first place takes Assassin’s Creed III) and it is something special for my. For those who don’t know the game: one of the main targets in the game is to relase Roma City from Borgia House occupation. Player relase each district of the city by burning the Borgia Tower and killing the Borgia Capitan. After that, district is free. I didn’t wanted to build whole tower, so I decided to „cut” it. The biggest challenge was to create roof. I was trying to reproduced Italian style, but after many failed attempts, I decided to apply the most simple solution: plates 1x1. I’m very proud of scaffolding: Largest surface of the Tower is build in traditional technique „brick on brick”: Here is the orginal screen from the game: Also, I wolud like to show you a photo which I posted few days ago on my flickr canal, as a preview of this MOC:
  5. LEGOlas0232

    (MOC) Humvee

    Thanks a lot, I hope than other users will like it to. :)
  6. LEGOlas0232

    (MOC) Humvee

    I am presenting to you my work which I have been working on for a long time. It is a Humvee in a military version. Initially, Humvee was built as a part of a bigger model, but then, as its purpose changed drastically, some modifications were implemented,and the car became a separate piece of work. Also, I decided to create soldiers, a fragment of the scenery, and the base. Everything stays together, it can be lifted up and turned upside down, so nothing falls down… I hope so. I tried to reproduce Humvee in LEGO as precisely as I could, but the canon placed in the back of the car is my own artistic vision of weaponry. One can rotate it 360 degrees in a horizontal way and 70 degrees in a vertical way. The inside of the car, isn’t copied very precisely, however, I am particularly pleased with the back part – three-person seat. To create soldiers, I used torsos of]Indiana Jones them [/url], especially from]7622 Race for the Stolen Treasure[/url].There is only one exeption – the African-American officer, whhose torso comes from] Traffic Cop [/url] from Minifigures series 2. I think they look great ! The coolest and most exciting was creating the weapons. I thought that utilizing elements from Star Wars wouldn’t be of great help but after installing a black hand of minifigure, it became perfect! More photos on flickr. If you like it, please mark „fave” and comment !
  7. LEGOlas0232

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    I present You my Turtle Heavy Canon- Mark I : Here You can find more pictures: Edit by Rufus: Sorry, your entry is too large.