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  1. Lance

    Review: LEGO Ideas #007 Exosuit

    Ordered mine yesterday, and the tracking says that it's estimated to be delivered today. Very interesting....
  2. Lance

    Review: LEGO Ideas #007 Exosuit

    Ours has shipped too. :) According to Post NL, estimated delivery is....this Sunday? Surely there's a mistake, there's never been any mail or deliveries on a Sunday, not even when we lived in the UK. That, and we only got standard delivery.
  3. Lance

    Review: LEGO Ideas #007 Exosuit

    Ordered ours at 8:00 this morning from the French S@H, when there were technical difficulties. I checked the order status, and it says 'In Process'. Does this mean that we've got one, or just backordered? Sometimes on S@H, confirmation emails can be days late, or not even sent at all in some instances. I'd check your order status or phone customer services to check. :)
  4. Lance

    Review: LEGO Ideas #007 Exosuit

    It usually updates around midnight, so I'm surprised it's not available already. Oh well.
  5. Lance

    Review: LEGO Ideas #007 Exosuit

    The set is now advertised on the front page of S@H, but when you click on it it says that the product is not available. When will S@H be updated?
  6. Lance

    Review: LEGO Ideas #007 Exosuit

    Yeah, it seems that the banner has been removed now. I'm hoping it goes up for sale today though.
  7. Lance

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Does anyone know where you can get the bootleg ASM2 Spidey from? Reason is that my son wants him but I haven't been able to find them all that cheap. I suppose on the subject of bootlegs of comic con exclusives it make sense. If the LEGO versions aren't available some people will want the next best thing. Some brands even have decent quality for a bootleg.
  8. Lance

    [MOC] Newport Transporter Bridge

    I have family that actually live near there, just on the outskirts of Newport. It's very well built and true to the original thing!
  9. Lance

    New Lego MMO-2013

    Ah okay, thanks. :) It's looks like a pretty good game so far, and the LEGO store level was very meta!
  10. Lance

    New Lego MMO-2013

    Okay, managed to get in. Sons enjoying it so far! Is there any way to zoom in on your character though?
  11. Lance

    New Lego MMO-2013

    For some reason, we can't connect to the server. We keep on getting an inconsistency message.
  12. Lance

    New Lego MMO-2013

    Thought it might be worth mentioned that we haven't received a prompt to enter the beta key yet, we're just stuck at this one screen. We've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times but to no avail. This is the ClickOnce application by the way, so I'm not sure if something's been done wrong or not. Are the servers down for maintenance by any chance?
  13. Lance

    New Lego MMO-2013

    My son received an invitation to join the final phase of closed beta, but when he starts the game all he sees is a blue screen with question marks in the background and an exit button, nothing else. Is this because servers are down or is this an issue on our end?
  14. Lance

    Official Lego Movie Digital HD version available in a week!
  15. Lance

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Thanks for telling us. :) They should be releasing in LEGO Stores soon then hopefully.