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  1. [REVIEW] 6277 Imperial Trading Post [VIDEO]

    The redcoat admiral also appears in 6263 (Imperial Outpost). Edit: He doesn't have epaulettes or a feather in his hat there though, so not sure if it counts as the same figure? But he has the torso, head and hat at least so it's essentially the same figure.
  2. [ESL: KMA] The Fort at Fuerte Unido

    This is close to perfect :) Love the fort!
  3. Black Falcon Fortress Update

    Really nice work! :)
  4. Another Piece of Wall Art, but this time Pirates 1!

    Arrr, this be awesome, matey! I hope no pieces were damaged in the process : P
  5. Mountain Wolfpack Fortress

    Love the classic style! I want to build something like this myself, but only using the classic colours (yellow instead of tan for sand etc.). The size of it is perfect. :)
  6. Imperial Trading Post 2016

    Proof that raised baseplates work with modern bricks as well Det ser meget pænt ud!
  7. I just bought a Skull's Eye Schooner on an auction site for 1090 SEK (roughly €120, $130). It's missing one big flag, the gold coins and according to the seller "one small grey and one small red piece". No instructions or box. It's got the sails, and hopefully the printed panel as well (there was no pic from the rear). There were also two extra 2009 redcoats. Will hopefully get it by thursday. I will have to start putting more pictures up here. I totally forgot to put pictures of the Renegade Runner (with box and instructions + poster) that I got last year. Hope the money was well spent. Also, I just took apart and stored away all my pirates sets apart from Caribbean Clipper and Black Seas Barracuda. I simply don't have the space for them all S:
  8. Best Adventurers subtheme

    My brother and I only had the Egypt sets and just one or two of the smallest sets from Amazon, Dinon Island and Orient. So nostalgia says Egypt. But I always loved the colours of the Amazon sets and the dinosaurs of the Dino Island, so it was a difficult choice. I loved the Dino Island world in LEGO Racers 2. :)
  9. Early 90's Pirate Collection

    Ah, sorry. That offer was more of a joke anyway, I don't have the money for an SES.
  10. Early 90's Pirate Collection

    That sounds like a really nice collection. Skull's Eye Schooner, Imperial Trading Post, Imperial Flagship and Forbidden Island are especially nice sets! I guess you could try to sell them on ebay. For individual parts I suggest, but it takes a while to learn how to use it properly. There are a lot of stores on there, and it's all about finding the place that has the most items for the lowest price x) There you can also see what your sets might be worth on average, but I guess if you want to be sure to sell them, you should put the price down a bit when you auction them out. Edit: You are more than welcome to sell Skull's Eye Schooner to me if the price and condition are right ;) That's one of the quite many sets that I miss. But it's number one on my wanted list among the missed sets. :)
  11. AoM: Tower Phase 3: Nordheim Keep

    There should be a super-superlative form of "awesome" to describe this x) The æsthetic is extremely good!
  12. Black Falcons Fortress Renewed

    Wow, it looks really nice! To think I actually inspired someone x) I like how you made it for the dragon faction from Kingdoms. They never got a proper castle. Sure, they got that prison tower, but the "evil" factions are always lacking a castle these days. Hmm, and you're right, I never did upload any pictures... I only took these really crappy pictures before disassembling the build. They weren't really worth showing, but I guess I can put them here to show how mine looked IRL:
  13. No Licenced historic theme this year?

    Yeah, everything about the Angry Birds license feels like a mistake. It's like when memes get into games a year after people have stopped using it. Since it takes lego quite some time to get licenses and design the sets it might be unwise to do these fads like Angry Birds. But we'll see how it goes.
  14. Moc: CCCXIII Hickory Outpost

    Beautiful build! I've been wanting to try those chima joints in a tree, and you've now shown that they work great :) Wish I had that much foliage...
  15. [MOC] Bluecoat Fort - Inspired by Eldorado Fortress

    Some of the details look pretty crude (but that goes with the old childhood lego supply I guess, like my first stuff after coming out of my dark ages), but there are nice bits as well, and it makes a really good overall impression! Looks very cool. :)