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  1. 10 years ago who'd've thought we'd have all these great and redesigned figures blind packed! Great job Lego.
  2. Doom2099

    2018 Creator Sets

    Thanks for that. It is looking pretty nice overall. As usual, the main cover version looks quite nice and filled out. I hope we get to see a whole "Mini Modular" building street shot soon.
  3. Doom2099

    2018 Creator Sets

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the new modular 31077 fits in with some of the previous "mini-modulars"!
  4. Doom2099

    Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express

    Just amazing! After so many decent but kiddy Harry Potter trains, this one hits it out of the park! All of the new Harry Potter sets really are incredible. It's great to see Lego going back for nostalgic sets, even without a direct tie in. The original Jurassic Park, now Harry Potter. Just take a page out of Star Wars, and release the same sets but make them better and better each time. As for the train itself, it will look great next to the Emerald Night. So nice to have more choices for the large train wheels. And buying two to make an extended platform, get a second passenger carriage, and perhaps stretch the tender and engine itself will be lots of fun! Can't wait. Thanks Lego!
  5. Doom2099

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I totally agree! After the Ferris Wheel, I always wondered about going back to the Mixer. But now, it seems there's just 3! Funny how this is unlike Modulars, where we had to wait for Jamie's video to confirm indisputably that Market Street is a modular.
  6. What an incredible series! Before this, I'd want 3-4 minifigs from each, and thanks to friendly stores could always get them. This is the first time I'll collect a whole set. The animals and costumes are great! And the birthday party figs come with such great new parts, they all are desirable! I wonder how much the prices will spike on the old animal costume minifigs now? The set has become a lot bigger!
  7. Doom2099

    2018 Creator Sets

    Oh please let 31077 fit in with these nicely! It's been so nice to have mini modulars from Creator these last few years. Can anyone confirm if this is carrying on in the tradition we've seen, or is it more like the early 2018 sets?
  8. Doom2099

    Captain MetalBeard

    I thought this thread would be about a minifigure of Metalbeard! Just curious if anyone has tried to make one before? Any suggestions for specific parts that would go well with him in human form?
  9. Hi White Fang, no pressure, but we're all excited! I can't tell you how often I've gone back to see your old reviews whenever I'm deciding what to buy, even years later. By the way, the photos where you put related minifigs all together must take a long time, but they're incredibly useful for making connections. Thanks in advance!
  10. Doom2099

    [mod] A more streamlined Diner

    Looks really great! Another floor is perfect with the Ninjago movie this year. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Doom2099

    4-wide to 6-wide Vehicle Transition

    Thanks everyone, really appreciate the responses. I totally agree that this may have been one of the most definitive pieces Lego uses since its release. Thanks for the specific timeline. I wonder if this had anything at all to do with Lego's dark financial times. They surveyed kids and said that four wide doesn't look cool, but six wide does. The fact it's sticking around for most of the Great Vehicles and sets says something about its staying power. Finally, this is great to know about this new piece! It looks like it really is only old sets for me as someone who prefers 4 wide.
  12. Just curious for those more knowledgeable about Classic Town and City, is there a year where Lego switched from primarily 4-wide vehicles to 6-wide? Of course there were 6 wide vehicles before, like the Airport Fire Truck, and there are still 4 wide cars now on occasion, but is there a period of time you can point to where things made the big change? Thanks!
  13. Doom2099

    2018 Creator Sets

    I couldn't agree more that this would be a real shame to not get more "small modulars". The huge modulars are outstanding, but these smaller modulars we've enjoyed in 3 in 1 have been great over the last 4 years. They fit into existing town layouts so nicely. Plus, with us having four already, you could even multiply that by three for a total of 12! They have all been worse than the original 31026, but I'd rather have a mediocre one than none! I'm not completely up to date on Creator releases, but is there a chance we'll get one in the back half of 2018?
  14. I don't think this has anything to do with quick flippers, or scalpers as some people call them. Lego can work on that by just having more sets made before release date, limiting sales to a certain number per customer, and being ready to reprint in short order based on clicks and orders on I really see this as a clear effort to shut down investors. Anyone who is keeping one large set to sell in a few years to pay for their first once the price gets to 2x. Even more so the people buy 5 at the end of a life cycle. And definitely it will eliminate resellers who see something hit 2x a year after retirement, and stock up anticipating 5x the return or more in the future. Those days are gone with one simple Taj Mahal, which marks a huge sea change on Lego's end after ~15 years. Anyone sitting on a closet or shelf of any large sets should now be very afraid. Imperial Flagship averages $700 new and $500 used on Bricklink now. But it's in the perfect Black Seas Barracuda mold. Almost a decade on, everyone wants one. Now, why buy online when Lego is likely to pick out their best sets from the last ten or fifteen years and sell them again. No licenses to worry about especially. What a great time to be a buyer!!
  15. Realistically, I don't think we'd get anything before 2003, in line with the Legends. I'd like to see for each of the major themes: Town/City: 10184 Town Plan Pirates: 10210 Imperial Flagship Castle: 10223 Kingdom's Joust Trains: 10027 Train Shed Space: 5974 Galactic Enforcer No licenses to worry about Lego. Let's see them please!! Now that you've unleashed the rerelease machine, we can dream of having them all for regular price!