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  1. 2018 Creator Sets

    Oh please let 31077 fit in with these nicely! It's been so nice to have mini modulars from Creator these last few years. Can anyone confirm if this is carrying on in the tradition we've seen, or is it more like the early 2018 sets?
  2. Captain MetalBeard

    I thought this thread would be about a minifigure of Metalbeard! Just curious if anyone has tried to make one before? Any suggestions for specific parts that would go well with him in human form?
  3. Hi White Fang, no pressure, but we're all excited! I can't tell you how often I've gone back to see your old reviews whenever I'm deciding what to buy, even years later. By the way, the photos where you put related minifigs all together must take a long time, but they're incredibly useful for making connections. Thanks in advance!
  4. [mod] A more streamlined Diner

    Looks really great! Another floor is perfect with the Ninjago movie this year. Thanks for sharing!
  5. 4-wide to 6-wide Vehicle Transition

    Thanks everyone, really appreciate the responses. I totally agree that this may have been one of the most definitive pieces Lego uses since its release. Thanks for the specific timeline. I wonder if this had anything at all to do with Lego's dark financial times. They surveyed kids and said that four wide doesn't look cool, but six wide does. The fact it's sticking around for most of the Great Vehicles and sets says something about its staying power. Finally, this is great to know about this new piece! It looks like it really is only old sets for me as someone who prefers 4 wide.
  6. Just curious for those more knowledgeable about Classic Town and City, is there a year where Lego switched from primarily 4-wide vehicles to 6-wide? Of course there were 6 wide vehicles before, like the Airport Fire Truck, and there are still 4 wide cars now on occasion, but is there a period of time you can point to where things made the big change? Thanks!
  7. 2018 Creator Sets

    I couldn't agree more that this would be a real shame to not get more "small modulars". The huge modulars are outstanding, but these smaller modulars we've enjoyed in 3 in 1 have been great over the last 4 years. They fit into existing town layouts so nicely. Plus, with us having four already, you could even multiply that by three for a total of 12! They have all been worse than the original 31026, but I'd rather have a mediocre one than none! I'm not completely up to date on Creator releases, but is there a chance we'll get one in the back half of 2018?
  8. I don't think this has anything to do with quick flippers, or scalpers as some people call them. Lego can work on that by just having more sets made before release date, limiting sales to a certain number per customer, and being ready to reprint in short order based on clicks and orders on I really see this as a clear effort to shut down investors. Anyone who is keeping one large set to sell in a few years to pay for their first once the price gets to 2x. Even more so the people buy 5 at the end of a life cycle. And definitely it will eliminate resellers who see something hit 2x a year after retirement, and stock up anticipating 5x the return or more in the future. Those days are gone with one simple Taj Mahal, which marks a huge sea change on Lego's end after ~15 years. Anyone sitting on a closet or shelf of any large sets should now be very afraid. Imperial Flagship averages $700 new and $500 used on Bricklink now. But it's in the perfect Black Seas Barracuda mold. Almost a decade on, everyone wants one. Now, why buy online when Lego is likely to pick out their best sets from the last ten or fifteen years and sell them again. No licenses to worry about especially. What a great time to be a buyer!!
  9. Realistically, I don't think we'd get anything before 2003, in line with the Legends. I'd like to see for each of the major themes: Town/City: 10184 Town Plan Pirates: 10210 Imperial Flagship Castle: 10223 Kingdom's Joust Trains: 10027 Train Shed Space: 5974 Galactic Enforcer No licenses to worry about Lego. Let's see them please!! Now that you've unleashed the rerelease machine, we can dream of having them all for regular price!
  10. I am so excited with Lego's news about their reselling the Taj Mahal, because there's always the possibility that this is just the start of something big, and we could be getting an affordable chance to buy classic sets that we missed out on, or don't want to pay the current online prices. I remember with the arrival of the internet how cool it was to go to places like Lugnet, and then to Ebay, and being shocked at how much trains had gone up in price, even just from 1980 to 2000. Then after everyone complained online about how they missed out on the Metroliner, it suddenly reappeared like a legendary phoenix. With the Club Car in tow! At the time, it made perfect sense bringing back the first 9v train while 9v was still going strong. 10 years seems to be the magic number for rereleases with Lego, as seen with the Legends line, and now Taj Mahal. So I was wondering, what if any trains do you think Lego could/should rerelease? Could they take old 12v and 9v sets and swap in Power Functions? What about the Train Shed, or Santa Fe Super Chief? Emerald Night? Are there any regular retail trains sold after 9v that people are clamoring for a return of, as we saw with the Metroliner almost 20 years ago? Is a train related rerelease even feasible with Lego today? I would love to hear what others think is possible / desired. Personally I wish I could buy more Santa Fe cars for regular retail price!
  11. Thanks for the response, especially for the reminder about the X-Wing and news about the Classic range for next year. I just have to disagree with one point, and that is I don't think you can say Lego has been re-releasing sets for years. That's why this is so shocking. They did for a very short period of time, in 2002 and 2003 with the Legends line and X-Wing. I forgot Century Skyway, and maybe people can find a few more, but there are only around a dozen examples. But after 2003, with the exception of the Winter Village Toy Shops, Lego hasn't be rereleasing sets. Even with the Toy Shops, they added in almost 100 pieces and a minifigure, and if I recall correctly it was controversial within Lego as well, as it was sell this "upgrade" again, or skip the Winter Village release for the year. I'll bet most investors who only starting hoarding new large sets after watching GG and CC go up in price may not even be aware that at least Lego tried, and then gave up on rereleases at the beginning of the century. They were safe in hoarding anything from 2004 on, since Lego didn't resell sets. Part of why I'm so excited about this, is now buyers can constantly guess (for better or worse) as to what's next! Could we get a Medieval Market Village again? Monster Fighters Haunted House? Lego took a swipe at Investors/Scalpers with this one, but how will the continue? They could just look up the sets that have the highest markup over the last decade and sell them all again. They could decimate investors. And buyers could fix all of our regrets from the last decade. Or will they go focused like Legends? Spread it around a little in each theme? Resell the first large Friends set and some Town/Space/Castle representatives? Or is this just Lego going after their two largest and arguably most famous recent sets, with a timely and expected UCS Millenium Falcon, and the shocking Taj Mahal, to send a message to anyone buying or selling a set for $1000+?
  12. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts on this. I just really wish Lego would give us an indication of where they're going with this. Lego fans now have no idea what could be next, if anything. Before, we got the Metroliner (Trains), Black Seas Barracuda (Pirates), Main Street (Town), Eagle Crest Fortress (Castle), even Model Team and the USS Constitution, so there was representation across all Lego lines except space sadly. Sets were on average around 10 years old. Taj Mahal is following the same ~10 year pattern. But what's next? Will fans get a say? Is this a one off, and they'll judge things based on sales, and then do more, like the Eiffel Tower? Do themes like City and Castle have a chance of getting rereleases? I wish Lego would let fans vote on which sets or themes get reissued. Or set goals online with preorders. Takara does this for Transformers, where they say if we get 2000 preorders we'll rerelease Grand Maximus. But Transformers now has decades of rereleases under their belt under various lines and labels. Transformers fans are used to it, and guessing what's coming back next is normal. Lego buyers, and sellers, and investors right now are all stuck. Lego could provide a whole lot more information, but we may have to wait to see what their second rerelease is. If anyone knows, is Lego releasing a town, castle, space set etc next year in the classic style? Could they be rereleases instead?
  13. Being aware of someone's side is not the same as being sympathetic to their side. I would like Lego to rerelease 6399 Airport Shuttle right now for $150. But since I won't get every set I want rereleased, I'm hoping the prices for used sets on Bricklink all fall across the board, making everything more affordable for everyone. Buyers win, and sellers lose, as of today. However, I will always have to wonder, should I buy a Modular Fire Brigade now while the price hasn't gone to CC or GG prices? Or should I hope for Lego to resell some Modulars, and scoop it up directly from Lego or from a disappointed investor? Guesswork is now a part of the game. If someone can remind me, what rereleases has Lego done since 2002? A winter village set (with various excuses and changes), and the CMF Bumble Bee? Lego operating one way for 15 years, and then suddenly dropping the Taj Mahal is a huge move on their part.
  14. No, personally, I think this is a great thing! I love picking up old stuff I missed. I got all the Legends at the time except for the USS Constitution. Now for me and others, prices on Bricklink are sure to go down across the board! However, if you were an investor, it's just a huge game changer. Everything on your shelf is now a potential liability, taking up space for 5+ years, and then suddenly Lego announces a rerelease and your dreams are shot. Every buyer will always wonder if and when they should pull the trigger on every purchase, and overthinking can become a big issue, with regret from buyers and sellers on both sides depending on timing. Lego could qualify things by creating a line again for rereleases, or giving some indication of what else could come out. Otherwise, besides licensed stuff as mentioned, anything goes! I would really like to see all the early Modulars rereleased, but perhaps in a different main color. Then you can differentiate the new and the old, and new fans can still build up a decade of modular goodness for regular retail. It's an exciting time!
  15. I was completely shocked today to see that the Taj Mahal is being rereleased! I wonder if I'm the only one that thinks this can potentially destroy what collectors and investors have been doing for the last decade plus. The new UCS Millenium Falcon shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone. Nice round number for the anniversary year. The Falcon is popular to an expanded audience thanks to Episode VII. Plus Lego Star Wars fans know everything will eventually get a newer better version eventually. But at least in this case, there's lots of new pieces, new characters, EP V minifigs, etc. The only people who would complain about this set are people who bought it used for $2500 and were hoping to flip it for more than $5000. But they should have seen the new version coming as an inevitability. However, the Taj Mahal just seems like a huge attack by Lego on anyone hoarding larger sets for the last decade. It's been amazing to watch no matter how many times people talk about resale prices and said "it's a bubble, prices will drop," they never really did. If you bought big sets, sat on them for five years or so, you could make a lot of money flipping retired modulars, and many many more. Now Lego is saying, remember our biggest set ever? We're rereleasing it now. For only $300! This isn't a set aimed at people who wish they collected all the Modulars, or Super Hero fans who want old Batman or other rare minifigs, or Winter Village collectors, it's really a one off. Lego is plainly showing they can rerelease anything now. And it will be amazing to watch the prices ($1200 used / $1600 new USD) on Bricklink drop like a stone. But of course, what's next? Cafe Corner? Green Grocer? Statue of Liberty? The carousel dodged a bullet by getting a new version, but even then this makes the old one less unique then before. But can you imagine the first three modulars coming out again at regular retail prices? We've seen this before, though long ago. Early in the Millennium, ebay and the new craze of buying online from people far away demonstrated prices going crazy. Lego responded with the Legends line, and sets like the Metroliner and Club Car which were selling for big money fell back to earth. Of course now the originals and Legends versions both still sell for a fortune. But Lego has just shown they can turn on the rerelease machine anytime now. Legends died a relative quick death thanks to not as much interest as hoped, but would that happen with Cafe Corner and Green Grocer? Probably not. Then Lego will rerelease more and more, killing off interest in their biggest old sets one by one. Basically, anyone sitting on large unopened sets from the last 10 years should be worried I think. Lego has decided to say investors resale value is not important, and just the threat of a possible rerelease for any set can start sending prices down across the board. Any thoughts? What do you think will get rereleased next? What is immune besides Monorail? Is Lego doing the right thing for new fans, and spiting old ones? Is Lego no longer going to outperform gold?