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Found 9 results

  1. Colonel Oystridge had been sent in advance to find accomodation for the White Glove Order expedition to find the fabled Superb Orchid. Everywhere he had asked they were fully booked, so he bought a private mansion, and had it converted into a WGO Lodge. This involved making a niche with an Owl and to Ravens, symbols of wisdom and foresight. A whaleoil lamp held in a handsculpted fixture, illuminated them nicely. New windows were fitted to set the right mood for when Miss Blumenskiold arrived. Miss Blumenskiold was a woman with an intense presence. As she approached, he noticed she was quite tall and an alluring scent made his mind drift. Colonel Oystridge could feel his authority dwindle away. "Ahem.. Welcome to Jameston, Miss Blumenskiold. I hope you had a nice journey." "Yes I did, thank you very much, mister...", she let the sentence hang. "Oystridge. Colonel Oystridge.", the Colonel added. "Oh, a military man. Well, I guess someone needs play war. I prefer to make love.", Miss Blumenskiold exclaimed nonchalantly. "Ehrmm... I also prefer...." the Colonel started, but was abruptly interrupted by Miss Blumenskiold. "I have been tasked with retrieving the Superb Orchid for the Order. Show me which way I should hold this map, so we can get on with it" "Yes, let's get it on... Ehh... I'm sorry.. I mean... I have people for those kind of things. I am more of a hands-on kind of leader", the Colonel found himself in a situation where he tried to excuse and prove himself to her. Her devilish charm had gotten a hold of him. "Then show us the rooms and send for these people you know." "We...", she gestured towards her assistants "..have work to do". The Colonel felt his heart sink. He was filled with envy towards her followers, a botanist with the name of Carmo Chaves, and an experienced jungle guide called Arsenio. This is my entry in Cat A of the Superb Orchid of Celestia. It was fun mimicking the style of Jameston, and trying out new techniques. I used Brickbuilts Skyrim Roof tutorial. I will license it as an Art&Culture.
  2. In order to alleviate the lack of ceremonies after becoming a constitutional monarchy, Marquis Alkurda used the opportunity to present a gift to Captain Whiffo, as a token of gratitude that he stopped by. Alkurda knew the power of rituals, and even though he was very fond of his grandfathers sword, he did not have anything else of value close at hand. Despite his many years walking this earth, he had still not learned foresight. It was the hardest skill to learn of them all. Captain Whiffo was slightly put of by this gest. "Why would anyone give away something for nothing?", he though to himself. "Oh, well, it's free" he thought, almost letting go of the steam that had built up these last couple of days. "It says "Made in the Molokei Empires" on the hilt", Captain Whiffo said aloud as he noticed it. "You know as well as me, that we have been traders for longer than most can remember, so it is no wonder that we have connections all over the known world. This particular sword was made before they got a bad reputation for producing things cheap for us. Their craftmanship is remarkable, but the wages are far less for the same job. If we could only get the same wages for sailors, we could rule the world.Our sources say that lifes are not as much worth there as in our civilized part of the world. We have many many opportunities there. I know have many connections there, and know a lot of people. In fact, I know all of them." Presenting the sword After Alkurda had presented the sword, it was time for the entertainment. The fool played his role well. His inspiration had set the foundation for that (by instruction of the Marquis). Fool walks in with angry words and false flags Captain Whiffo seemed to be enjoying himself. So the fool tried to play a trick on them. He presented a newly crafted deck of cards, and said "Pick 5 cards, any card at all. Do not look at them until I say so.", the fool beckoned them. Pick a card, any card Then he shuffled the remaining cards behind his bak and drew 5 card himself, apparently at random. "Look at that, my four of a kind beats your house." the fool said. The Cheating Fools last trick "Ehm... I have a few objections to that", Marquis Alkurda objected. "First of all I drew my cards from a new deck. If you look at my hand I have two aces. Hearts and Spades. How come you have a ace of hearts and a ace of spades on your hand? Reason tells me you are playing this hand using dirty tricks and subterfuge in order to put me in a bad position. It would seem like that at first glance, but you are cheating. So this will unfortunately be your last trick as a fool against Eslandola." Captain Whiffo picked up on the que, and shot in "You entertained us well, but your tricks and showmanship can not alter the rules of the game, I will never see this fool perform on Elsandolan soil, ever again.". "It seems we are of same mind, Captain", Alkurda responded. " I shall see to it that he never tries to fool any other Eslandolans, or we have to contact the actors guild and inform them of the new taxes we are thinking of implementing. I am sure they would appreciate the information". The fool went away, with his tail between his legs. World is watching A messenger from the WGO-ESL veteran company, entered the room and informed the party that their troops had been denied entry to Nova Malto, but the medics were allowed inside, and that peace talks were ongoing. "What, peace talks? What for? We already have peace." Captain Whiffo exclaimed. "The human condition is a hard one to understand. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way. Sacrifices must be made. But in this particular matter, we are not the ones that have to give in. We have done all we can. It is all up to the Corries if they want to get out alive or not." the Marquis assured him. One way or the other What he did not tell anyone, was the struggle he had with his own conscience. One side of him said " Let it go, let Corrington dictate the rules. Let it go, Let it go. Why can't we be friends?" while the other side beckoned him to act on his impulses: "Make them pay. They did this to us for no reason. Give them their own medicine. Let there be bloooooooooooooooooooooooood!" Paaarty Of course we didn't kill the fool. We just withdrew his license to perform in Eslandola. What do you think we are? Savages? Even savages behave when they are only visitors on another countrys land. We fought for our right to party, and reserve the right to excempt anyone that is not in a party mood, Luckily, for the fool, he turned in time, and found out that the Beer Weelond had sent had the desired effect of strengthening morale and honesty became easier the more he drank. Before he knew it he had regained common sense, and saw the error of his ways.
  3. As soon as the Battle hardened White Glove Order veterans heard about the disaster in Malto, they set pace towards Malto. Attention! Forward! March! They had been hold up because of Mardiers scorched earth tactic. It was a horrible sight throughout the island. Whatever damage Mardier had done to Eslandola, they had done worse against their poorest. And now to hear that someone have sabotaged humanitarian aid. They arrived at Malto at dawn, to assist and relieve the humanitarian effort, and appreciate the help in these dire times.
  4. The food shortage on Bardo have left the town storage empty. While waiting for shipping bright minds within the WGO had the idea of renting out small spaces to individuals, allowing them to travel to other places in these hard times. Having the opportunity of leaving their belongings behind also gave them a reason to return, when the crisis passes. For a small fee, that in turn gives the town means to import food until their own production is up and running. Marcel Penidãs, a robust man well into his thirties, had worked at docks his whole life. He was to be in charge of handling the daily business. With direct access to the sea and a crane, his workload was less than before and the was pay a little bit better. His first customer was a young man that were going to seek his fortune as a sailor after being dismissed at the textile factory, due to an accident that had ruined his depth perception. To reassure people that their goods was safe, the city watch had dispatched a cannon and assigned guards to watch the entrance day and night. Comments: This build draws heavy inspiration from 6244 Armada Sentry, but I hope I have made enough changes so that is not a problem. The two openings towards the back of the roof is intended for a future city wall extension, and the reason it is offset of the baseplate is that I intend to raise the main level of the city using a 2 cm plate of wood (2 brick height). I took this pictures at the same time as my first free build and the challenge entries, and am aware of the hard shadows. I got some good advice from Dr_Spock (here, and Gideon was kind enough to share his photo setup-up (here, that I will try to replicate as best I can for my next builds (without the tripod unfortunately).
  5. There was no end to surprises when you served under Colonel Oystridge. He had us sailing east towards unchartered territory. Even though our supplies were running out, he had given the order to carry on. Any other crew would have turned on such a decision, but Colonel Oystridge had the full confidence in his men. And that was perhaps the very reason they were so calm when looking into the eyes of uncertainty. "There it is! Just were it's supposed to be", Colonel Oystridge proclaimed as he scouted the horizon. The crew gathered round, taking turns looking through the spyglass. Once again Colonel Oystridge had proven even their smallest doubt to shame. While he wrote his journal, Colonel Oystridge tried to reminisce the events that had occured only a few weeks ago: "The tide was turning as we reached the shore. Thank Poseidon that we did not run into any of the reefs going in. The men was weary, after many days on half rations, but in good spirit." "What is the first order of business when going ashore in unknown lands, lads?" "Secure the boat", they replied in unison. "That's right. And what do we do next?" "Uhm... Survey the area?", one replied. "That's a good suggestion, but there is one thing that has to be done first. Enrique, what's your thoughts?" "Plant the flag?" "That's right. Let's get to it, shall we". [/url] "There. Now we are standing on Eslandolan ground. The power of the flag is truly fascinating." Little did we know then that we were being watched from the shadows. "Now, we shall see what fortune our new island offers. It looks like we will have no problem restocking our food supplies for our trip home. Ricardo, you may take lead." "Colonel, there's a path here. Looks like some animals have been doing their duty here." "Keep your heads up, boys". And so we ventured into the deep, dark, dense jungle. To be continued... (in challenge 1a)
  6. Colonel Oystridge sat in his office in the Officer Quarter on Weelond. He had just finished a map of the island where he found Orbinson and Mercredi, drawn by a local cartographer for his coloring book. "Hmm, I wonder where I put my cigars... Did I bring them from the ship? Let's see, last I had them..." He had not completed his line of though before he heard a familiar knock. The knock of the order. "Come in!" It was Gilroy O’Dougahallahan, the keeper of the books. "Greetings, Colonel. I come with news from the order. Bardo is suffering from food shortage and bad morale. Your countenance are needed there." "Thats a shame. I have begun to like it here in Weelond. But I can't dismiss The Orders orders. Bad morale you say? Bad morale is bad for your health. They couldn't have just sent a letter?". "Sir, with all due respect, everyone knows that no one just writes the Colonel. You have a great deal of respect in the colonies, you know". "Well, I suppose. It would have been nice to get a letter once in a while though. I am going to forget how to read", he laughed merrily. "Not to worry, I am quite sure the people of Bardo won't notice." "That bad, is it? We will have to something about that. Well then, what are we waiting for? Would you mind taking my belongings to the docks and telling my ship not to unload the spices. I have a couple of friends I have to visit before we go", The Colonel asked. "Actually, there is a small house I wanted to do some research...". (Small house in Weelond) Well aware of which house Gilroy was referring to he replied: "That's an order. If you don't mind. We won't set sail until tomorrow morning". The Colonel had a knack for getting his way without making people feel repressed, and still carry his authority well. Often this involved just listening, not stressing and leaving some open time in his plans for people to do their thing. "Oh, well then, Certainly, sir, I'll see to it". Ooc: This build will not be licenced for quite a while, so the Majors bonus is still available. It is actually available if the MCTC or the settlement of Weelond wants to licence it. And there is a job opening for a new officer and gentleman Kai, I hope you don't me referring to your small house.
  7. Read part 1 first here: Into The Wild The men were exhausted, and lost their keen sense, when we reached a clearing in the jungle. What was this? An old man and a half-man, half-serpent being standing before us. "Please, you mustn't shoot. We want you no harm.Mercredi, calme-toi!", the old man, in great distress, repeated, switching his gaze between us and the half-serpent. My men were jumpy, and I felt quite uneasy myself at the sight of this strange creature, but something was wrong here. The old man knew our language, and his complexion was to pale to be native. "Easy now, boys.", I tried to calm my men before addressing the old man: "Who are you? And what business have you on Eslandolan soil?" Sensing the tension sink, I ordered Enrique and Ricardo to stand down, and this apparently calmed the half-serpent enough to lower his knife. "We are castaways, we have no weapons, we were just preparing some food to offer you. We saw you arrive at the beach, and hoped you may have the mercy to take us aboard. Please, don't be alarmed". These men were no threat to us, so I accepted their offer, and in return offered one of my cigars. We sat down and dined together as they shared their story. "My name is Orbinson Crux, my friend here is Mercredi. I was the lookout onboard the Oleon vessel Ladybird on an exploration mission many years ago. Unfortunately we hit a,”. He paused long, “Hit a streak of bad luck, and I was the only one that saw it coming. Mercredi was just a boy then, the chefs apprentice. We encountered natives on the island we landed on, and they greeted us friendly at first. But they fooled us. We were led into an ambush and they assaulted us. Mercredis head was cracked by their primitive weapons, but I scared them of when I fired my pistol. I managed to save Mercredi by placing a huge snake skull the islanders dropped around his broken skull. The natives kept away long enough for me to build a crude raft and escape and drifted until we stranded on this island. Mercredis skull healed up, but grew stuck to the snake skull, and the poor boy lost his speech. But his talent for making food is intact. The herbs and spices here makes him able to make just about anything taste delicious. So, here we are, the only survivors of our expedition. "How does the food taste?" Their food was absolutely delicious, albeit spicy. Enrique seemed to find it a little to hot, but Orbinson offered some sugar strands that helped after a while. We took them aboard along with some of the local greens of Mercredis choosing.
  8. This is my fourth and final free build of the month. I tried to add some more texture, details and sombre colors on this build. Approvals and critique most welcome. Word spread quickly that there was something going on in Bardo. Almost every boat brought extra passengers that were seeking opportunities for a good life on this wonderful island. Victor had gotten hold of several houses, which he converted for rental purposes. Most people could not afford their own house yet, so to make them feel welcome he provided a place to call home until they hopefully settled for good. A possible tenant had just inspected one of Victors newest aquisitions. There was already a woman, very fond of flowers and such, renting the upper floor. Victor had not gotten around to talk to her yet. Every time he passed the shutters was closed and no one answered the door, so she must be a busy woman. Round the back, was her entrance. The stairs just behind an old palm tree. At the moment she was changing the earth on one of her plants... Edit: Hmm, I forgot to change the window shutters on the back, and I tried a snot technique on the ground floor that I did not get pictures of. I will add a picture of that after my camera battery is charged, if I still have some light.
  9. "The weft and weave of fate guides the life and action of all sides, and through the tides of time they paint the hands of sinners and of saints." - The Kindred (Probably, I found this poem on twitter) This is my 3rd freebuild, so if you are not Eslandian, feel free to approve if you like what you see. Victor wobbled his way in a hurry, after getting words that the first test shipment had arrived. He had worked hard and long to put everything together, and finally it was time to see the result of his effort. The building was half constructed when the WGO got their gloved hands on it. How it went about he had no clue, but it was a good thing they got it because it was the only building in Bardo that fitted his needs. The window of opportunity was wide open. Long and with lots of windows, it was perfect for taking advantage of Bardos long exposure to the sun. A couple of traders where delivering a crate of the shipment as he arrived the pearly gates. He heard a lot of hustling and bustling from inside. "This is the finest fabric I've ever touched. Servadac will surely be pleased with this test run. The exquisite quality of the Fontanajo cotton makes all the difference in the world", a worker was saying as Victor entered the factory entrance. "Ah, yes it fits, it runs, it Works!!", Victor exclaimed when he saw the machine in action. The attic had room for storing raw cotton, and the finished product was going straight to the docks. The WGO had aquired the prototype of a device named "Spinning Penny" from a Corrington engineer. The setup enables the work of at least 10 spinners to be carried out by a few. There is a slight risk of injuries, but the machine does not require much skills, and workers are easily replacable. As long as there is doubloons to be made, they will come in masses begging to be a part making Fontanajo quality fabric. My photographic ligh conditions opportunity was very brief. Especially the outside shots was a bit dark. I adjusted the brightness of the interior shot to see anything, so the colors are a bit off. Smog have covered my area for weeks, but today I got 15-20 minutes. I had to photograph a residence, my vessel and the factory, so it was hectic. I am very satisfied with this build, but I have not used much advanced techniques, except for the Spinning Jenny (or Penny as I called her). Comments and constructive critique is most welcome :) Edit: And of course I have to give a big thank you to the Cotton King, Román Esteban Fontonajo (Elostirion), for letting the WGO process and make his familys cotton available to the general public.