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Found 2 results

  1. Location: Jameston Type: Medium Factory Agnes angrily stomped all the way over to the next WTC factory Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr Pete Zanzibar stood outside. "Madam Mesabi! Have you come to inspect our factory!" Asked Pete Excitedly "This the Gunpowder one or the Bottle one?" Asked Agnes "The Gunpowder one, madam." Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "Perfect, just the one I was looking for. And let me remind you, I'm not drunk, I just drank enough to keep my nerves steady." Said Agnes. She dropped the two muskets by some empty barrels. "Well, I'll just show you inside, so you can see everything!" Said Pete, nervously Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "Gunpowder is made of three ingredients. Sulfur, Saltpeter, and Charcoal. We have to import in the Sulfur, but the other to ingredients are manufactured here." Pete Paused. "But, unfortunately, we have to have a Corrington officer to watch everything for safety reasons." Said Pete. "Hey now! Let's see you do this job as well as I do." Said the Corrish Officer Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "All you do is tell us how much of each ingredient gets dumped in a barrel from that cheat sheet!" Yelled Pete back "Yeah, but I'm certified to read the cheat sheet. Are you?" Said the Officer Smugly. "No... Moving on. We dump barrels of Urine into sand to make saltpeter." Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "So that's what that smell is..." Muttered Agnes. "Yes, that reminds me can we build a scented candle factory next? Or perfume?" Asked Pete. "I'll think about it." said Agnes, rolling her eyes. "Next, we make charcoal. We do this in that room over there." Pete motioned to a small room off to the side of factory. Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "And finally, we combine the sulfur, the saltpeter, and the charcoal, in a big vat." Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "And we just take the powder out and put in buckets." Finished Pete. "Great great great... Can I borrow some?" Asked Agnes drunkenly. "Why?" Asked Pete. "Agnes needs to go shoot someones." Agnes burped loudly. Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "Uh, I guess... I don't think we have that caliber of ammunition here though, we're using a different type for the advanced rifles." Agnes sighed loudly. "Why is everything so hard!" Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr She kicked open the door, and left in a huff. FIN Thanks for viewing my third factory of the month. I tried to recreate the process of making gunpowder to the best of what the internet says. Hopefully it looks different enough then the last one I did. I made this one bigger and tried to fill the area fully. @Ayrlego I could probably build one more for Jameston to license. I'd really like to do a Musketball factory to end the story arc. As usual, C&C appreciated.
  2. "As you required in your letter, Monsieur Rimbaud, I invested the sum you sent in this powder mill. The property of your brimstone quarry outside the town provides us a regular flow of the most expensive raw material and, even if we still have to import saltpeter and coal, the profit margin is extremely good. Moreover, to avoid dangerous sabotages, I required a continuous watch." "You have been prudent as usual, Renè. We produce gunpowder in the New World, without additional import cost... that means more and cheaper gunpowder for our navy, and someone will probably be disappointed. Nevertheless, I think that our enemies will not dare directly attack us here... we should provide a small escort to the shipments of raw materials too. And what about water?" "The water we need comes from River of the True Faith so, except during severe droughts, the mill will keep working. But..." "But?" "Monsieur Rimbaud, I've been loyal to your family since before you were born, so I'll take the liberty of being completely frank: are you sure that investing in Astrapi, a relatively insignificant colony hundreds of miles far from our motherland, is a good idea?" "I understand your doubts, old friend of mine: you fear I will waste all my holdings on a godsforsaken island... but don't worry, I'm not looking forward to going broke: Astrapi is in a strategic position and, if the settlement grows, will become a fundamental resupply place for Oleander fleets east of Breshau, so I'm sure that my bet will soon be rewarded. Now, what about visiting the interior?" Here is were gunpowder is produced: sulphur, saltpeter and coal are grinded together by the heavy millstone; the powder obtained is then sifted and stored in barrels, wet with alchool to minimize the risk of explosion. Proportion of the three components and dimension of powder grains define the explosive power of the powder (the smaller, the stronger); the back wall seems so unstable because actually it is: in case of explosion it would direct the explosion towards an uninhabited area (in this case the river).