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Found 24 results

  1. Devid

    MOC - Gundam "Hammer Judge"

    My new Gundam "Hammer Judge" , I hope you like it Link with more photos Primary weapon Secondary weapon
  2. Devid

    MOC - Optimus Prime (G1)

    This is my first Optimus Prime (G1) transformable Link Flickr
  3. Devid

    MOC - Drone CS-1P

    This is an experiment... probably a new level of "Neo Classic Space Era", a mecha pilotated trough the ment of the pilot that it can stay in a base without any danger to die. Small drones can operate in every condition and can be replaced simply A close up of my Drone CS-1P Link Flickr Link Flickr
  4. Devid

    MOC - Mosquito CS1

    Small lightweight spaceship for quick trips with 2 big motors for maximum agility. Link Flickr
  5. A spaceship to carry heavy loads Link Flickr First photo Link Flickr Second photo
  6. Devid

    MOC - Nemesis Prime (G1)

    My Nemesis Prime (G1) Link flickr
  7. 2 suits of support for military troops in a small diorama Link Flickr
  8. Devid

    Military Micro Mecha X84

    My Military Micro Mecha X84 Link Flickr
  9. Devid

    MOC - Gundam "Arbalester"

    My new Gundam "Arbalester", I hope you like it Link with more photos
  10. Musha Gundam are Gundam units modelled after samurai, ninja, or other forms of feudal Japanese warriors. I wanted to continue on the line of my mecha like my Gundam Arbalester,Seraphine III and Hammer Judge but with something like a Samurai Link Flickr Link MOCpages
  11. Devid

    Classic Spacekoma CS2

    My new Classic Spacekoma "CS2" for the the challenge called Marchikoma. This Tachikoma is only the second in my new personal project with Classic Space style,stay tuned! ^__^ Link:
  12. Gundam Seraphine III with small base Link
  13. This is another little mini creation to expand my mini city... I built it because I love Beer!!! I hope you like it Link Bonus photo with my Mini Haunted House
  14. Devid

    Vic Vipers - Orange Judge

    For NNoVVember 2013 Link Flickr Link MOCpages Orange Judge - Vic Vipers di Devid VII, su Flickr
  15. For NNoVVember 2013 Link Flickr Link MOCpages Azure Dragonfly - Vic vipers di Devid VII, su Flickr
  16. Here's to you... Kubetto!!! Link:
  17. Hi!!!I love building Mecha but sometimes I like to change... this is my new Mini Haunted House,I hope you like! Link with other photos Preview
  18. Only for someone very very special for me... only a word... "Thanks" Link:
  19. Devid

    Police "Rabbit"

    As a child I always played with the “Lego city”, but to the Lego Police has always been missing something... here what was missing!!! Police “Rabbit” a vehicle to move easily in traffic, fast, light, but very angry when you need it, the definitive Mecha for the police in the city. This is the link with all photo also of the internal part with a Legoman inside Link:
  20. Devid


    nothing fantastic... but I liked it like that! Link
  21. Devid

    E-Mote Destroyer

    My E-mote is not very happy to see you... is very angry and dangerous and probably he likes to destroy everything, I would not want to see him more angry than that!!! Put “I Like” on MOCpages or becomes angry !!hahahahh Link to other photo Original "E-mote" is an a idea of Tyler,this is the Link to his page
  22. Devid

    Mecha CAT

    One of my mecha for the "City Series", for use within the city to help our beloved lego mens, his name is "MECHA CAT",a multi-purpose vehicle/mecha for any problem in the city.This is a tribute to CATERPILLAR because they are the vehicle that I have loved since childhood, giants, indestructible, fantastic ... Yellow!!! I hope you like it! This is the link to all photo:
  23. Hi!this my new creation!I hope you like it! This is the link
  24. Devid

    A mecha of "DieBuster"

    A mecha of "DieBuster - Punta al Top 2" Link to MOCpages This is a mecha that appears at the beginning of the series called in Italy DIEBUSTER – PUNTA AL TOP 2, is not very popular because isn’t the top mecha of the series,but I really liked for its simple forms and the strange body/head, I had tried some time ago to recreate it but I couldn’t finding the perfect proportions but a few days ago I came across a fantastic creation of “MacLane” this is his link and I decided to finish my mecha that had been closed for a long time! Thanks MacLane for your creations! This is the photo of the original mecha