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  1. Detroitika

    [MOC] Droideka at Minifig Scale

    Thanks so much, everybody! It is! The tri-legged base isn't flimsy, and is rather wide, so it's oodles harder to knock over than a minifigure. Pick it up by the wrong piece, however -- different story! That's a completely fair complaint. I used to feel the same way. However, after being steeped in years of many fellow FOLs utilizing 3rd party parts made for use with Lego, instead of ripoff brand parts made to cheaply replace Lego, I've got no qualms about getting clever with novel elements! If this helps to "convert" you at all (), check out some phenomenal use of Brickarms elements in a build by a fellow Flickr member.
  2. Detroitika

    [MOC] Droideka at Minifig Scale

    At the end of 2016 I built this detailed Droideka out of Lego, Brickarms, and Brickforge parts. Droideka by Detroitika, on Flickr The only modified parts are the tips of the blasters. They used to be an old dark gray antenna which I received broken in a garage sale lot. I cut it into four equal lengths and drilled a hole in each. No other Lego, discounting some cut flex tube, was harmed. I tried to build an interior like the Trade Federation ship from Episode I., but tried to light the picture like the interior of The Invisible Hand (Grievous' ship) from Episode III. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Detroitika

    Green Dragon wings and head moddable?

    Not sure what you want to do about the head. If you want to erase, go for it -- just don't expect it to all come off in one or two sittings. You'll probably never be able to apply enough eraser pressure to every odd nook and cranny on the head, meaning that there will be bits of silver that can't be easily removed. The wings are definitely two colors of plastic, so there is no removing the gold from the green, and their rubbery additives make them unsuitable candidates for holding any paint. If I were you, I would try some different solution for the wings, and check out Model Master's line of acryl paints to cover the silver. I've never seen a paint to match their durability with ABS, even auto stuff. This video I made shows off some quality :)
  4. Hi all! I wanted to share three custom figures I made and posted previously to Flickr. The first is a minifig recreation of an English soldier from the Battle of Azincourt, 1415. I made sure that all his gear was used by both English infantry and archers on the field. He sports a shortsleeved gambeson (red) and a brigandine (white). Gambesons were heavily padded defensive jackets, often quilted, and brigandines were close-fitting vests with series of steel plates riveted to the inside. The hand-and-a-half or "bastard" sword is homemade using various parts of plastic. Next is a German knight from 1272 AD. This knight wears a Templar's Helm, a style of Great Helm or heaume. Under this is a hauberk, a mail tunic which often extended over the head (or onto a metal skullcap worn beneath the great helm) and hands and hung down to the knee. His legs were protected by chausses, mail leggings, and leather thigh padding which was the ancestor of cuisse armor. Over all of this was a surcoat (green) with belt and scabbard. He carries an arming sword, a single-handed versatile sword of Viking origin, and a classic heater shield. To save space on this post, here is a link to a secondary photo where he is not wearing the surcoat!: Last is my proudest. This figure is modeled on a soldier from the fictional country of Aedirn from The Witcher series, but the designers for that game were on-point with their historical accuracy, so all of his gear is very realistic. In fact, the helmet is modeled after a real Burgundian helmet from around the 1470s that is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I modeled the gloves after recreations of brigandine gloves found in the Battle of Visby (1365) excavations. Thanks for reading! Click on any of those pictures to see more complete descriptions on Flickr!
  5. Detroitika

    Proper Stormtrooper

    Not bad at all! You would be welcome on, where there is a huge community of sculpters and customizers like us
  6. Detroitika

    [MOCs] Halo Creations

    I'm new to the Eurobricks forums, but not at all new to the Lego sci-fi community. I'd like to share a couple of my best Halo creations from the past 5 years on Flickr! (Don't worry, NO megabloks!) Above is my new Elite Zealot. The Energy Sword is not edited - it's a customized glow-in-the-dark Brickarms plasma blade, and the photo was a long exposure to pick up the rest of the scene and not just the light given off by the sword! Other than that, there are no custom parts in the figure except for some cut flex tube Below is my Grunt design - I won't take up space in this post with these photos, since I know these forums are sometimes less friendly to custom work, but three of my other very best Halo creations are a very old Spartan armor set with a Halo 4 railgun (link:, my minifig-scale paint/mod job of the Halo: Reach Sniper Rifle (link:, and the Halo 3 Spartan Laser (link: If you've any interest in Halo or items of higher detail than what Lego gives us, I'd love it if you'd check them out. Whether you're a Halo fan or not, I hope you enjoy this post!
  7. Detroitika

    On the way to the forum

    Fantastic artistry in all that mosaicing!
  8. Detroitika

    [MOC] An Unexpected Resident

    Very nice! I like the archway and the take on the cobblestone floor.
  9. Detroitika

    US / Bay Area member here and loving it

    I've heard the same and am also just joining!
  10. Greetings, Eurobricks! My name is Tanner, and I'm a second year Computer Science student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I've been an active member of Flickr's large customizing community since 2011. Most of my work in the past has been to make detailed, high-quality Lego replicas of 20th - 21st century soldiers and firearms, but in the last couple years, I've been building MOCs more while still trying to sculpt and paint customs of the highest caliber. I'm a heretical non-purist by most people's standards, but don't like modifying or painting bricks that are part of an actual Lego build! Lately, I'm into medieval armor. Most custom Lego minifigures across the web seem to focus on the military (or superheroes) from 1940 to far in the future, but I want to make some highly-detailed figures from about 1450 to 1530. Lego's versions leave... erm... a lot to be desired, and very few other people have focused on European armor. As this subject is less offensive, I'll bother the Eurobricks forums with historically accurate knights instead of with my Lego minifig guns, camouflage and tactical vests! Beyond custom minifigures and accessories, I've also been building more, and this is the bulk of what I hope to share to fellow FOLs on these forums. I'm excited to find some new builders on this awesome site! Link to my Flickr account: