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  1. Littleworlds

    MOC Handbag Store

    Very charming! Nice combination of colours and texturing on the outside. Especially the window-sections on the ground floor do really well. The interior gives a proper impression of a slightly up boutique (though maybe that wall could have used some display stands in front of it) - and seeing the roof terrace really made me smile. Excellent work. Maybe we can see your rebuilt version too soon?
  2. Welcome to Eurobricks! Its always nice to see parents and grandparents playing Lego with their kids. See you around and happy building.
  3. That's really a wild and inventive looking group. Excellent Minifig-customization!
  4. Littleworlds

    [MOC] Submarine House

    This is really charming! Firstly a great idea to build something literally "around" the Yellow Submarine, secondly its also very well executed. A nice mix of colours and surface textures. The building doesn't looks at all like purpose-built for a boat - and that's really a quality. It fits perfectly into your harbour, which looks really fun as well (and great to see a Black Seas Barracuda!). So in short: Lovely house and lovely town/harbour layout
  5. Littleworlds


    Hey Chris! Sounds good to me. Welcome to Eurobricks! Whatever you do with Lego - as long its fun and relaxing its good. See you around!
  6. Littleworlds

    James Bond 2018

    Bond is probably not the most exciting thing today for kids (and who of them knows the first 5 films anyway), but these sets do look really good indeed.
  7. Littleworlds

    [MOC] Lava Citadel

    Nicely clean and sleek build. I like the transparent dome on the tower. That gives it an almost magical quality. As for the lava. A good idea, but you could go a bit further. Maybe adding some translucent pieces, even flames maybe?
  8. Littleworlds

    Market Day in Sionnach

    Excellent build. It looks properly lively like a market place should look like. I almost expect the Minifigs to start moving. I like tidiness of the buildings. They look nice and pristine as proper city houses should look like. The elevation change is a nice addition. That's something you don't see that often, but it might need a bit colour variety to give it more texture and "feel". It can't keep up with the variety and detail of the houses above. Maybe some green and dark tan pieces help there. The interiors (actually all small sub-builds) are just lovely and really tell their own stories. Very well done.
  9. Littleworlds

    Greetings, all!

    Hello Nidingsbane! Welcome to Eurobricks. Good you found back to Lego, with some help .
  10. Littleworlds

    Ranghaal from germany

    Hello Ranghaal. Welcome to Eurobricks from me as well! I enjoyed some of your stunning work already, the Earthquake in Cologne in particular, and just discovered your medieval Sanitation. Brilliant again. So rich in textures, ideas and atmosphere.
  11. Littleworlds

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    Just a general remark here: I am very happy to see that the moderation-side of the board is listening to the input given here. Even if some voices are contradicting each other, which is kinda the nature of a discourse. Each brings their own point of view in here and its healthy to have an exchange on what each of us perceives.
  12. Littleworlds

    Eddie Riggs from Brütal Legend

    That game is so utterly genius. Where else would you get Lemmy, Ozzy and Rob Halford as voice actors? But back to topic: Splendid build! I like how dynamic he looks like. Very creative use of pieces on him and the base. It doesn't look on first glance like something you could make out of Lego and the two "axes" are just perfect.
  13. Littleworlds

    James Bond 2018

    Quite interesting news. I enjoyed the older Bond films quite a lot when I was a child. Especially the Roger Moore ones are quite comical (do I need to mention Moonraker?😁), so that could work really well. But I think its going to be either a modern Bond/Aston or the DB5 really. Something in the scale of the speed champions sets would be nice.
  14. Very interesting article. The way you describe Billund reminds me on the Red Bull HQ in Austria, which is pretty much run by the company as well. Somehow Lego still feels more sympathetic to me though.😉 It is definitely food for thought about the sociological aspects though.
  15. Littleworlds

    (MOC) Some Arcade machines I've been working on

    Brilliant work @Frostbricks! Very inventive choice of pieces and layouts. It might have taken its time till it all came together, but the result just speaks for itself. Also congrats on being features at Brothers Brick - that's certainly deserved! 😃 👍