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  1. Greetings from Canada!

    Hey Gord! Welcome to Eurobricks. Hiding Lego away, aha? That's cute. See you around!
  2. Roman Portrait

    Hello there and welcome to Eurobricks! Excellent picture. Very atmospheric and gives him a lot of character the way details peek through the darkness. More of this please!
  3. Good idea for that topic. $800 is a lot of money and showing what else you can get for that amount helps putting things a bit into perspective. I am not a fan of that set at all.
  4. I agree, the idea of a scientific take is really something different and adds a lot of atmosphere to the builds. Very good! The vignettes themselves are well done, detailed and nicely diverse showing each cat in their typical habitat. Really lovely builds!
  5. Submerged Ruins

    Now thats something different with the glass plate. And very good looking too. Excellent choice of colours too and the construction is just lovely crumbly. Nice job
  6. Hey everybody, I'm Rubellious!

    Hello and welcome to Eurobricks from me as well!
  7. I heartfully agree. Its a lovely scene with some really well made underwater vegetation. I had the same thought btw. about the 007-style submarine. It may not be the lotus, but it clearly wants to be.. Lovely build!
  8. Void Raven

    Excellent build. A super clean yet complex design. I bet many non-Lego-fans would initially even think it is a model- kit.
  9. What's up Homeslices?

    Hello and welcome from me as well! See you around!
  10. On a ropewalk near Camp Isaac...

    Lovely scenic. I like the way how you made the overgrown rocks. That gives just the right, naturalistic effect. Also lovely rope-bridge and vegetation in general. Overall very nicely balanced and harmonic build. Excellent!
  11. The Mecha Townhouse

    Great idea and execution. It looks indeed absolutely normal, until it unfolds - and it all fits properly inside. Very good work. It is just hilarious how evil this little house can become
  12. Aquarius - A New Lego Classic Space Spaceship

    Hi James! A really impressively-sized starship. Good to see the classic space fleet is growing strong. A shame I didn't see your post before. There are a couple of things that don't quite work out though. Some of them are the same issues I ran into when I did a large (but not quite as large) classic space vessel by myself, which needs quite a serious overhaul too. So here are my thoughts: Detailing: There is a lot of blank blue and grey surfaces where the ship could use some detailing. Maybe some more elaborated detailing by using SNOT-technique (studs not on top): portholes, radiators, tiles for armor-plating and markings, random tech-stuff... like on the "roof" of she ship, which looks really neat. Shaping: The overall shape is also quite blocky, which relates to the issue of detailing. To me, it really wants a more smooth overall silhouette. Same for the engines. I would consider using technic-wheels, which work really well for that. Maybe an array of those per side? The landing is pretty blocky as well. I would also use technic-elements there. Maybe even make it retractable. Colours: The translucent neon-pieces sadly look quite out of place compared to the classic-space colour-scheme, which is mostly primary colours. Light blue for the ship robot and the interiors in general should work well with the established colours though. I would also avoid having two colours for the floors. I think grey works just fine. Since the hangar is a dangerous area, maybe some hazard markings instead. Proportions: The ratio between the fuselage of the ship itself and the grey "triangular" wing-plates is not ideal. It needs either a larger wing-area (which would requite to significantly increase the surface area), or reducing the footprint of the hull. Crew: I would also give the crew hair-pieces and individual faces (if they don't have them already). That really makes them come alive and gives so much character! I hope you don't take my criticism too negatively. I know that builds of such dimensions are time-consuming and sometimes quite hard work. But I'm sure that if these issues are fixes, your ship will really stand out! There are a lot of amazing builds in this forum which offer tons of inspiration.
  13. [MOD]Ultimate Blacktron Mobile

    This looks really cool! The colour-scheme makes it certainly spot on for Blacktron. It seems they are now extending its reach into futuristic megacities as well with this lovely monster of a car.
  14. Hello from Italy!

    Hi there, Luca. Welcome to Eurobricks!
  15. Lotr mocing

    Looking good. Especially the great hall of Rohan.