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  1. [MOC] Bio-Research Space Base

    Looks excellent! Very stylish and oldschool-scifi. Brilliant work!
  2. Adventure

    Really cool. I like how you made the monster flower. Makes it look wild and lively. Well done! The surrounding vegetation is a tad too regular for my taste though. I would also add some roots of the main plant on the ground like overgrown tentacles (just as the trunk has), to make it look even bigger and more menacing.
  3. Saying hello

    Welcome to Eurobricks! I am a bit of an allrounder too and often buy sets simply from their visual appeal and not for a certain theme. When it comes to legoness - I think I know what you mean: Lego is just irresistably cute and playful, isn't it?
  4. MOC - You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars.

    Thats a really lovely interior with some neat use of pieces. Its maybe all a bit on the tall side for Minifigs, but so well detailed. Good work and a really charming nurse who helped her patient to ermm... get his life back together. Sort of.
  5. Space Monkey

    That baseplate looked like the most difficult part of all to pull off! Seriously, its just right as it is now.
  6. [MOC] To Space and Back for 50 Cents!

    Very cool! I tinkered with something like that made from a microfighter Y-wing, but yours so much more refined! Especially the rocking mechanism. I might take some inspiration from it!
  7. Space Monkey

    Ha! This looks really awesome. You got a perfect look with such a simple but effective built. Love it!
  8. Oh yes. Especially the Lava Monsters have quite a look and work so well in a classical fantasy-context too! Apart from that I wasn't that impressed with the theme really. The colour scheme for the good guys was always a bit too in-your-face, as well as most of the set designs in general. If it would been just a little bit more medieval...
  9. This is me!

    Hello and welcome to Eurobricks!
  10. In the end it really comes down to your preference really. The AS is almost twice the pieces as a modular, but slightly cheaper than two in many regions (in some rare cases it is just a bit more expensive than a regular modular). I think the PR wont be around for much longer, so if you plan to get it at some point - better now. The AS will be around for another year for sure.
  11. [MOC] Venetian Mask

    Really lovely!
  12. Native Huntsmen, Celestia

    Nice how you break up the standard rectangular Lego orientation. The whole vignette benefits from that. Its very dynamic: how the characters move, the vegetation - simple, yet well arranged and visually very interesting!
  13. [MOC] A Summer In Tuscany

    This looks truly lovely! Happy, cheerful atmosphere and some lovely detailing. The rendering is also pretty good. Excellent work!
  14. [MOC] Ice Planet Chopper

    This looks really neat! It has this classical ice-planet feel to it - and yes: tubing makes a space MOC so much better! The photo looks already really good. Nice neutral background, decent lighting and angle and very little noise. Very good work!
  15. DC Batman timeless sparta lego??

    It looks like there is a Minifigure somewhere under a ton of custom made, painted pieces.