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  1. Looks good! Very close to the real thing. What a nice gift!
  2. Littleworlds


    Now that's sick. I love it! This looks so alien, uncanny and gory. I'm really impressed how simple but effective it is. Great work! Sadly the video doesn't works over here, but I guess I get the drift thematically.
  3. Littleworlds

    Hello from Austria

    Hello Bernhard. Welcome to Eurobricks. Good to read you had a modest, reasonable start back into Lego building! Feel free to post your projects (WIP is welcome too). See you around!
  4. Littleworlds

    Something hopes from Germany

    Hello Bennet. Welcome to Eurobricks! The lovely Lord of the Rings sets were part of the reason why I came back to Lego, after my dark ages. The new Harry Potter sets look good, don't they? See you around!
  5. Littleworlds

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Hello Andre and welcome to Eurobricks! Now that must have been quite a nostalgia-flash! We don't see many Lego sets from that era really, so it would be really nice if you post a bit about them. I realized with mine (from the 80s and early 90s), that there are so many memories connected. To sets, individual figures and even single pieces.
  6. Littleworlds

    My Case Against Artificial Rarity

    For myself I am happy that I don't step into the trap of wanting to collect every item of a series or so. I don't I ever had a full collection of anything; I rather pick and choose what I really like. Minifigs to me become often special by the way I customize them. That can include some completely stock one from a starter set. As soon it got personality, its special to me. And for me that's what Lego is about. It's about making something on your own; make it yours by application of creativity. Avidly completionistic collectors may disagree So far this artificial rarity didn't really affect me. TLG still puts most Minifigs of a certain theme, licensed or not, within reach of normal customers. Which is good. And I definitely don't want to see this change.
  7. Littleworlds

    My Case Against Artificial Rarity

    Hello Gomek, I agree fully with your concerns and TLG's steps into creating artificial scarcity by themselvss, like the retro policeman is as well. I think it doesn't fits to Lego's original philosophy and I hope such things remain outliers really.
  8. Littleworlds

    [MOC] The (in)famous Kowloon Walled City as a modular building

    Excellent build! I really love its style
  9. Littleworlds

    Set and Horus

    These look excellent! I am really impressed how well you caught their lean, muscular bodies and how expressive their overall appearsnce is. Great use for the cloth pieces too!
  10. Littleworlds

    Lego "Space City"

    Hello Arknight and welcome to Eurobricks! I was happy to read about you and your son (re)discovering some old Lego. I think building your own futuristic city would be an intriguing long-term project. I'm sure a lot of the current sets can be used/redesigned for that purpose (Bricklink can be very helpful getting pieces from a lot of themes and eras). Keep also an eye on the MOCs posted in the forum. There are tons of ideas around. Also I found out that Minifig-customization is really fun too: Creating your own characters and give them personality by the way their outfit and gear is like. Anyway. Have fun building and see you around. Maybe you post some pictures of your sets and the progress of the city.
  11. Littleworlds

    [MOC] Karak Kadrin

    I agree. Its really outstanding. So many details in the structure of the stoneworks, the decorative pieces on the walls - you really created a lot of interesting surfaces that gives the scene a lot of life and a believable, lived-in look. Oh, and I love that dwarven gunner with the welding mask - good one!
  12. Littleworlds

    [MOC] Herald of Scales

    Excellently composed. Shaping and colours work together perfectly. I especially like the hair. All in all a very imaginative build, skilfully realized.
  13. Littleworlds

    [MOC] Rat Rod - Sedan

    The wing mirror makes the cabin indeed a bit more busy. Quite nifty how you built it too The cabin of the second one still looks a bit more interesting. Very neat model and once again a beautiful engine. I can really pick up some ideas from you
  14. Littleworlds

    An Interesting Find

    That's quite a surprise. I didn't think stores would keep unsold set for so long. The edges certainly look like these boxes have been around for a while. The one with the helicopter is quite cheeky, considering they just released a new Arctic theme this year.
  15. Littleworlds

    Bloktopus reporting in! Hello everybody!

    Welcome to Eurobricks! Fun name for your group. It creates images of a brick-built sea-creature building Lego sets. See you around!