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  1. [MOC] Mos Espa Arena

    Epic, super impressive madness!
  2. MOC Radio Snottingen

    I love it! Its such a charming project. The station is beautifully built and the characters (and their hilarious names) really add a lot of life and atmosphere to it. Great!
  3. Greetings from Edersee/Germany

    Hello Martin and welcome to Eurobricks! Thats some lovely models you made. Maybe your daughter is growing back into Lego again one day, like we all here did

    This is amazing. So lively, cheerful (also kinda cheers-ful) and detailed. Great build, easily on par with the official modulars. Just great. It really catches the look and feel perfectly.
  5. Rava Town

    Wow! I just saw this thread and I have to say this is really impressive. A true labour of love. So brilliant, busy and cute!
  6. This looks like really impressive stuff to me. I don't build digitally, but the results on the page speak for themselves. Very cool and very useful!
  7. Thanks for having me!

    Hi Alex! Welcome to Eurobricks! Can you give an example?
  8. Greetings fellow macrofigs

    Hello and welcome to Eurobricks! I was fortunate to be able to dig up about 90% of my old Lego. Including the sails and other unique pieces of my black seas barracuda, but I digress. Lego is a lovely hobby and I hope you will have a lot of joy with it. Its really all about the ideas you have with the pieces you got.
  9. Imperial armada and flagship sails scan

    Hello Tom and welcome to Eurobricks! I would not care too much about what people say. Lego is an amazing and rich hobby. Not much different to model trains or kits, which strangely seem to have more social acceptance. And it certainly beats drinking or smoking! Maybe you show your folks some pictures of MOCs or larger displays other adults have made. Can't hurt to point out that you aren't the only one. @Sails: I think Robin_IV has got your sorted out well
  10. Is LEGO Ideas self-promotion allowed here?

    In general if someone is joining the forum only to promote their ideas-project, then they should not expect any feedback or support from me. If everyone would use Eurobricks in that way, the site would drown in ideas-project-spam, so p!ease show some interest in the community and participate. Otherwise it just wont be fair to the rest of the users. However if someone delivers more than a "support-my-project" post, is quite an active poster and has a really interesting project, I am definitely open to hit support.
  11. This is really cool! I have to say the submarine, with its cartoon-style, really makes for an ideal fairground-ride attraction. Very neat work and lovely concept!
  12. The Wood Mansion

    This looks awesome! My first thought was "Skyrim", since it really looks like one of the upper class houses in Windhelm or Solitude. Lovely colour combinations and ornaments and the proportions are just right too. Really stunning work. Are there interior shots too?
  13. Dwarven "Big Boomer" Cannon v2.0

    These looks pretty cool! Just the right style and proportions for dwarven engineering.
  14. MOC: Cove Market, fish and vegetable harbor market

    Very impressive! This looks really like a slice of real-life in Lego style. So much to see and discover. I just feel sorry for the poor sharkies!
  15. [MOC] Who broke his leg? A modular Hospital

    Wow! This is really brilliant. I especially like how you blend architectural elements from different eras together. The layout and detailing is just spot on too. Lovely MOC!