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  1. REVIEW: 70922 The Joker Manor

    Excellent review! You can barely improve the technical aspects and the writing is coherent and balanced - just as a proper review should be.
  2. [MOC] De-Marco's Vehicles

    Another batch of lovely builds. And finally a Tardis that is properly sized! Its also nice to see a reinterpretation of the white offroad pickup with the spring suspension.
  3. Micro Fantasy City

    Lovely little city. A bit like a fantasy venice. I like the variety of the buildings. Each has its own, individual character. Very well done!
  4. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    Looking at the pictures of the actual boxes now, I have to say that I can see what they wanted to do and its quite convincing. These are clearly not aimed at adults and/or fans of modulars. Instead they are what they are: pretty diverse and colourful parts-boxes for free-style building. Quite a departure of the recent developments indeed (where sets don't really invite kids to take them apart, once put together. Just saying Star Wars here), but at the other hand it is quite in the original spirit of Lego to have a set you take a apart, rearrange, recombine, etc. - so that's spot on actually. My initiate reaction was disappointment though, because I had a very clear expectation on what it "should" be in my opinion and that was not what these sets are. Though, stepping away from these expectations, and looking at the sets in the bigger, non-AFOL-context, I am fine with them, and might actually get a couple of them. They are also actually quite like the master-builder-box Jangbricks got some weeks ago, so - why not?
  5. Christmas MOC - opinions wanted!

    This looks already pretty great. I can't really point out anything major - it just says YES! to me. Just a few tiny bits: I would try the window and door frames in white for a sugar-icing-look and maybe replace the slope pieces on the sugar-canes with this one. Apart from that, there is maybe some space for tooth pieces to mimic icicles. As I said - just tiny bits I would play with!
  6. Safe Haven Cat A "Mesozoic"

    Looks very good. The dinosaurs blend in perfectly with the oriental-inspired colours for the buildings and the dewback does a great job as beast of burden. I just wonder how they managed to get the triceratops up the third(!) floor. They better don't show that the health & safety guy!
  7. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    This is certainly - unexpected! It sounds a bit like hit or miss, but we will find out. I was hoping for something castle-ish, though.
  8. [Autumn Animals] Cozy fireplace

    That's just the right combination of cozy, fun and evil. Lovely
  9. [MOC] Mini Buildings

    Lovely stuff once again. You achieve so much with so little. Every tile, every hinge piece and stud are there for a reason - just amazing.
  10. [MOC] Aurek-Wing Fighter

    Looks good. Sleek, aggressive & nice choice of colours! Is it based on an actual canon- ship? I'm not that familiar with SW-lore beyond the films.
  11. Choosing a set

    Sounds good to me! And I had no idea the prices vary that much internationally. The fishing store should be around for a while now. Maybe a year in total. I think it depends on the demand. The 1984 Ecto-1 was for sale for 3 years maybe, for example.
  12. Hello world!

    Hello Parker! Welcome to Eurobricks!
  13. Hello From Oregon, USA

    Hello & welcome to Eurobricks! I'm looking forward to see your creations.
  14. 75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    Very good review and excellent photography! I agree. Its really a bit cheap to just make a sand-coloured snowspeeder and call it something new... But I guess thats not the fault of the Lego designer - unless the sandspeeder is not in the new film...
  15. [MOC] De-Marco's Vehicles

    They have all so much character! And spot on. The mail van is so very cute and swift looking and the ambulance truck is really a highlight. Reminds me on a certain silly TV series. And the tractor is just adorable! So much more charming than high performance monsters.