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Found 7 results

  1. If you're following me on flickr you probably didn't get around seeing these - and you probably asked yourself once or twice if I lost my marbles. The past weeks I posted a series of vignettes following Harry's adventures in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - with an almost daily upload (and a break of almost 4 weeks) from beginning to end. I was inspired by Marcel / marcu44, whose series I was following up with. Now I'm parting ways with Harry and the following weeks Kevin / StarWarsKev will cover the third book. Its about time that I present my vignettes in one post - there are 30 in total. One thing upfront: Some of the vignettes only work thanks to a little wizardry in the photoshop department. If you're offended by that - well.. your loss I only used this tool in a few exceptions and if you know me you should actually be used to it by now I didn't quote half of the book like I did over on flickr. Thats just too much - but if you haven't done so I recommend that you read the Harry Potter novels or watch the movies. And now... Off to Hogwarts! #001 - Dobby's Warning #002 - Petunia's Masterpiece #003 - The Burrow #004 - Breakfast and Letters #005 - Floo Powder #006 - Borgin and Burkes #007 - Flourish and Blotts #008 - King's Cross #009 - Flying to Hogwarts #010 - Snape's Office #011 - The Howler #012 - Mandrakes #013 - Pixie Pandemonium #014 - Eat Slugs! #015 - Mrs Norris #016 - The Rogue Bludger #017 - The Polyjuice Potion #018 - The Duelling Club #019 - Fawkes #020 - The Slytherin Common Room #021 - The Polyjuice Potion, Pt. 2 #022 - Tom Riddle's Diary #023 - Spiders, Spiders #024 - Heading off #025 - In the tunnels #026 - Revelations #027 - The Basilisk #028 - It's over #029 - Choices #030 - Freedom And this concludes Harry's second adventure. Many thanks if you paid attention until now. Many thanks also to those that supported me with their feedback during the past weeks - without you I would probably given up sooner or later Do you have a favourite scene? Here are all of them one last time next to each other: With magical regards Markus
  2. The 5th vignette! This MOC took an extra bit of time due to my having to catch up on some sleep. Nonetheless, I'm forging on! Perhaps one of the creepiest scenes from Raiders, this scene depicts Indiana Jones and close friend Sallah retrieving the Ark of the Covenant from the Well of Souls in Tanis, Egypt. Little does Indy know that he will soon have to find a way out the snake-infested (asps to be precise) pit. Thanks to all the builders from the Harry Potter vignette story collaboration for inspiring this series.)
  3. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Jelly Fish Encounter

    Hello all, Here is a little under the sea themed vig featuring some lovely floaty, stingy jelly fish. Hope ya like it
  4. Littleworlds

    [MOC] Lions and Dragons

    Hello all! I build these vignettes as both a nod to Classic Castle of the late 80s/early 90s and the 2010 Kingdoms-theme, which features a new take on the old antagonism between the two powers.The sets of the 2010-incarnation weren't great (well, mostly!), but the minifigs were just awesome! Anyway, enough blabla. Lets have a look at the Throne-room of the Dragon Queendom: For the Dragon Knights I had a distinctive, quite archaic look in mind, which pays tribute to the often harsh and inhospitable land they live in. A clear geometry with straight lines and steep slopes to give the impression of the Queen’s throne room being made of large black stones cut into simple shapes. Quite a imposing fortress-like architecture really with inspiration from ancient Babylonian temples and the city of Windhelm from the game Skyrim, with a little bit of Saruman’s throne Room thrown in. I also decided to give it a more asymmetric layout, to make it visually more interesting and slightly unsettling. The fireplace is made from a transparent Nexo Knights minifigure-base and a light brick I got from a Prince of Persia set. It turned out looking quite naturalistic and required no fancy effects added in post-production at all! Meanwhile, at the court of the Lion King: The Lion Kingdom got a more welcoming throne room, which impresses rather by its elaborated decoration than with brutalist geometry. It is in every respect a more conventional setting, with typical medieval decorative elements and a warm colour palette and a quite symmetric layout to emphasize noble rulership, justice and stability. The striped columns are inspired by the throne room of Emperor Charlemagne in the cathedral of Aachen, as my King himself is inspired by the life of the real-life ruler.
  5. Time to call in the interior designer(?) Abe's Cribs Emmet on the job Get a grip on it people! I don't know why some get all worked up when somebody comes up with an unusual design/technique. Then try to one-up by doing the same thing and claim they did it first or that somebody has already done it and accuse you that you're a copycat. First of all, these are common bricks that can be put together in so many different ways that it's bound to happen that different people can come up with a design/technique that are similar. Second, the end result might be the same but the solution could be different. Third, I lay claim that anybody who does this design/technique is a copycat! AC
  6. Seaber

    Hogwarts Vignettes

    I had some time on my hands, a week ago before I came home from uni. Using the small amounts of bricks I had there, I made a few Hogwarts Vignettes to pass the time and to try some different building styles. Due to the small number of bricks, sometimes I had to substitute colours, but I'm still happy with most of them. I'll put them up in the order I made them. Seamus and Neville on the lakefront. Seamus is skimming stones and Neville is practicing Wingardium Leviosa. Trevor the Toad is contemplating life. Lupin's Office. Lupin is relaxing in his office with his favourite panacea - chocolate. His Wolfsbane potion is ready by the window, the tank behind his desk is ready for its next occupant, and he is casually perusing the confiscated Marauder's Map. Slytherin Common Room. Crabbe is finishing his pumpkin juice as Pansy Parkinson looks at the timetable to see which class she has next. The Humpback Witch Statue. Harry slides down the cute and sets of through the underground passage to meet his friends in Hogsmeade. Snape surveys the statue with interest. The Chamber of Secrets. Ron moves to clear the rubble that Lockhart blasted from the ceiling when his spell backfired. Lockhart is humming tunelessly. The Dungeon Corridor. Ginny is taken by suprise when the Bloody Barron drifts though the wall in front of her, through the stalagmite and stalactite formation. The Prank. Fred (or is that George?) floods the bathroom to make Quirrell late for class.
  7. -Carson Haupt-

    [MOC] Clue Vignettes

    Hi, I just wanted to post some rooms I have been working on. These were inspired by the game Clue.(Cluedo in some countries) they were really fun to build, and this thread will be updated when I finish some more. More pics on Flickr: Colonel Mustard, with the rope, in the bedroom. Clue 092 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Professor Plum, with the pistol, in the office. Clue 084 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Miss Scarlet, with the wrench, in the bathroom. (This was originally a hot tub room with no Clue connection, so that explains the lack of sink or toilet) Clue 081 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Mrs. White, with the lead pipe, in the conservatory. Clue 078 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr I hope you enjoy these Mocs, I sure enjoyed building them!