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Found 11 results

  1. A Demon from the ancient world... A creature of both Flame and Shadow... I hope you like it .
  2. Nuju Metru

    The Balrog of Moria

    I designed this famous beast for a commission, and I'm very happy with how it turned out! This minifig-scale Balrog was a tremendously fun challenge to design. It has 39 points of articulation, can balance on its own feet in many poses, and features custom-cut cloth wings. If you're interested, instructions are available-- PM me for more information. All images link to their larger versions on Flickr! Or, to see more images, go check out the Flickr album. I appreciate any comments or critiques you may have. Thanks for your feedback!
  3. Thanks to the Balrog being included in Lego Dimensions, I managed to reverse engineer the design in LDD and build it for real. It turns out that the design used doesn't really work in plastic, and some of the parts simply don't exist. This is my edited version to stay as true as possible to the original and still have it working. The Lego Balrog by siegfried_fm, on Flickr I've included the LDD files and wing templates in my original blog post: http://www.beardedne...e-rings-balrog/ Feel free to build your own and improve on the design!
  4. Arqangelx1

    LOTR - Durin's Bane

    Hi everyone! This would be my first post although I've been reading this forum for years now. It's not as complex as some of the other MOCs I've seen here and my photography skills are not that great so I will have to learn from this post and try to make it better next time. Inspired by some of the works I've seen here and by the new Lego hulk buster armor I decided to take a shot at "The Balrog of Moria". As many here, I was quite disappointed that the Lego LOTR series wasn't continued and I wished Lego had made a proper set of the Balrog... but well it gave me an excuse to try my hand at MOCing (after so many years). Some of the pieces should be replaced once I get them in the proper colors, and I left some grey so that the figure wouldn't look so plain as I find happens sometimes when the design is monochrome. I decided not to try to make wings (I only have one pair of the black dragon wings and they are on my Fellbeast...) but instead just go for the general profile they should give. The fire on its back is a little random, I may just adjust it later, but for now I am quite please with how it turned out. I hope you guys enjoy it and leave me some comments! I will certainly try to learn from this experience and hope to post some more MOCs in the future. Cheers, DSC_0099 by arqangelx1, on Flickr DSC_0106 by arqangelx1, on Flickr DSC_0097 by arqangelx1, on Flickr DSC_0101 by arqangelx1, on Flickr And a final shot of the Moria section of my LOTR display area... DSC_0114 by arqangelx1, on Flickr I am new to posting stuff on forums, so I hope the images can show what I tried to make. You can see more at my Flick or ask for any other images! Thanks all enjoy!
  5. TheOneVeyronian

    [MOC] The Balrog

    Here I would like to share with you a Lord of the Rings MOC that I have been working on for quite some time now. Here I present to you my take on the most fearsome of demons from Middle Earth, the Balrog: LEGO Lord of the Rings - Balrog by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr LEGO Lord of the Rings - Balrog by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr LEGO Lord of the Rings - Balrog by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr This beast contains over a thousand parts and is very poseable and can stand up on it's own two feet despite being relatively heavy. The chain which I used to represent the Balrog's whip is held up by means of craft wire, but other than that, it is completely purist. The final model ended up being mostly dark bluish grey as you can see. Black may have been better suited to it, but some of the vital textural parts used on the arms and legs just do not exist in black, hence the colour choice here. A gallery containing more pictures and a special fire effect POV-Ray render can be found in this Flickr album, near the bottom. If you would like the LDD file, it is here. Note that most of the flames are missing here. I do hope to eventually build the entire scene with the Balrog from the Mines of Moria sequence of Fellowship of the Ring, so stay tuned... Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed looking at this MOC!
  6. Here is my entry for MEC Category A: Durin's Bane. Recreate Gandalf's glorious battle with an ancient Balrog! The part count is around 300 and consists of a mighty Balrog and Gandalf. My plan for Durin's Bane is that a balrog is big enough to be a set without any fluff and could be packaged like a Hero Factory or Bionicle set. The bridge of Khazad-dûm would be great but huge and spendy and could still be a separate set with generous helping of Moria orcs. Play features are super important and Durin's Bane is fully articulated, can stand easily without tail support (but the tail helps a lot), has a light brick for an inner fire effect, has a platform for Gandalf to stand on to reenact the falling scene and has a removable chest that Gandalf can break off with Glamdring to expose the weak point! Things that would be improved by LEGO could be a break apart, light up sword (it shatters against Glamdring), possibly a different fire whip and various other parts such as wings and the fire mane. Thanks for looking! Here's the flickr set --
  7. Balrog Encounter! by Infernum ~, on Flickr Balrog Encounter! Pieces: 378 Year of release: ??? The Fellowship have awoken a powerful and ancient evil in the mines of Moria! Recreate the iconic battle at the Bridge of Khazad Dum, and have Gandalf the Grey face down the powerful Balrog! Help Boromir defend against a horde of Moria Orcs! Includes 2 Moria Orcs, Boromir, Gandalf the Grey, and an ultrabuild scale Balrog figure! dscn2378 by Infernum ~, on Flickr Recreate the epic battle! dscn2382 by Infernum ~, on Flickr Help Gandalf the Grey face down the Balrog! dscn2383 by Infernum ~, on Flickr Help Boromir fight the Orcs! dscn2379 by Infernum ~, on Flickr Use the Orc Launcher to defeat the Fellowship! dscn2381 by Infernum ~, on Flickr Take that Boromir! Hope you like it!
  8. This has been brought up in the forum multiple times, but I don't think it has its own topic yet... we still have a lot of important characters from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings who haven't gotten their own minifigures yet. The minifigures for the third Hobbit wave have already been revealed, and we're not sure if we're getting another LotR wave yet, so we have a pretty good idea of what we're missing. Here are the minifigures I'd like to see in future sets, by order of least to greatest importance: Pippin and Merry in Armor- So far, these hobbits have only appeared in casual Fellowship attire, but they both play major roles fighting for Gondor and Rohan in Return of the King. Pippin would fit right into a D2C Minas Tirith set, and Merry would be the perfect character to round out a Fell Beast set. Old Bilbo- I actually have a custom-made Old Bilbo minifigure myself (I made it for a LEGO Ideas project), but I doubt that we'll get him in any future sets. Gondor Soldier- Half of Return of the King basically revolved around these people. They deserve their own battle pack by now. Faramir- He'd go into the Minas Tirith set along with Pippin and a few Gondor Soldiers. Bolg- They made new hairpieces for the orcs in the upcoming Lake-Town set but they couldn't even make Bolg? How does that even make sense? Random Mirkwood Elf- So far the elf soldiers we've gotten aren't very movie-accurate. They should have replaced Legolas with one of these in the Battle of Five Armies set. Random Iron Hills Dwarf- They should release a $30 battle pack with just these guys. Eowyn- We already have Arwen and Tauriel. Galadriel is coming soon. Why, then, has LEGO decided not to give us an Eowyn figure yet? Balrog- A brick-built Balrog would be able to be an entire set in itself. Tom Bombadil- Just kidding. Witch-King- By now, LEGO simply has no excuse for not releasing a Witch-King minifigure. We even have the Mouth of Sauron already, for crying out loud! They can't end the LotR theme without this character appearing at least once; he's just too important. What about you? Are there any other Tolkien characters who you think deserve their own figures?
  9. Right now it doesn't appear we will be getting a 2014 LotR wave and the theme may possibly be done. I am hopeful we will get a wave next year as there is just too much missing. If not though, what would be the ONE thing you want to see come from the LotR theme? This can be anything not done yet.. a minifigure, a structure, a creature (brick built or molded), etc. Basically what is the one thing you would want to see before the line ends? Personally I think it's a Gondor Soldier for me. A nice Gondor printed torso would all me to make my own Pippin and Faramir in Gondor attire as well as obviously covering the one big faction still missing from the Middle-Earth Lego universe. Eowyn can be created using existing parts and a Balrog/Fel Beast/Mumakil can all be brick built and MOC'd. Really the only major character that can't easily be re-created is the Witch King, though technically we could have him in his normal Nazgul hooded form and we will get his ghost form with the Hobbit wave. I feel like Lego not making a Gondor soldier does not leave us with any easy options to make our own since the white tree print and helm are so unique.
  10. My entry into Round 2 the Middle Earth Lego Olympics over on Mocpages. I also made it Playable. You just pull this pin... And down it goes! My custom Balrog Thanks for viewing! Enjoy!
  11. With the release of The Hobbit in the US this week, I thought now would be an appropriate time to share one of my better MOC's, The Balrog from The Fellowship of the Ring film. Backstory Way back in June, Barnes & Noble held Lego events at select Lego stores. At my store, we received two sets for children to choose from (while supplies lasted) build (with our help as necessary, using the instructions or building their own MOC), then write or illustrate a story about their creation, and finally take home all the parts from their set. The sets offered were the Harry Potter Lab and the Friends Ice Cream Stand - as shown in the Brickset link, except our Ice Cream Stand kit came with a wonderful bonus, the orange cat/Mrs. Norris from Hogwarts. The Poster and MOCs (Backstory Continued) To make our store's event more special for the attendees, I wanted to make a poster to show kids (and kids at heart) how to take their free set and integrate it into their own assortment of Lego elements. Fortunately, I had the parts needed for the The Lab and Ice Cream Stand. Starting with those, I used my own time to build a poster and two MOCs. The first used the Ice Cream Stand to build a Friends jungle adventure. The second used the Harry Potter lab to make The Balrog, Khazad-dûm battle, and Tolkien's study. The final poster looked like this - click the image for a higher resolution version - yes, for Lego historians, "Just Imagine" is a nod to the old "Just Imagine..." that Lego used to include on the back of some products: The Balrog, Khazad-dûm, and Tolkien's Study With the recent release of Lego's The Lord of the Rings sets, I decided to base the The Lab MOC after the set I wanted Lego to make the most: the Balrog. The final composition image, featured below, is made of three parts. From the top down, first we have close ups of the two main characters: the Balrog and Gandalf. Next is a wide angled shot of the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, and the confrontation between the Balrog and Gandalf. The rest of the Fellowship watches on in dismay. Finally, at the bottom of the image, you can see Professor Tolien at work on The Fellowship of the Ring. I'll admit that some elements in this last area, like the Harry Potter minifigure head - are not the best. However, I wanted to include as many elements from The Lab as possible - remember, even though it's a LOTR MOC, the goal of this piece was to illustrate how to use The Lab with other Lego elements. As with the poster above, you can click the image below to view the same image at a higher resolution: Afterward This was already a long post, and I haven't taken any more photos, so I didn't attach any more images. However, if anyone want to see more, just let me know and I'll be happy to take some non-Photoshopped Balrog images. For example, things like more views of the Balrog, the trapdoor in the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, or the Balrog's hinged jaw are easy to photgraph.