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  1. Hope this helps with your LEGO mould discussion,
  2. Legopast

    Limited distribution of 21021

    For those who were unaware this is the number one most expensive building in the world, I think as an architectural feat it deserves a good run whatever the case!
  3. Legopast

    Farmer Wilf is alive!

    Take the extra . off after the UK to view the blog. ~
  4. Legopast

    [LDD MOC] Gundam RX014 Gunmariner

    I see, A custom! I like the design very much, Very in-keeping with the series. Good too see interesting usage of parts!
  5. Legopast

    "Sold Out" sets back on S@H

    It consistently sells on eBay for around £82, Which is also the price Lego shop @ Home currently sells it for. If however you are looking to make the £119 back that it originally was ~ As others have said you will have to be patient,
  6. Legopast

    [LDD MOC] Gundam RX014 Gunmariner

    Love the original Gundam series. This head really captures the shape and look of the Gundam series I am unfamiliar with the RX014 however ~ Keep up the great work.
  7. Legopast

    What do you do with your LEGO?

    Just a (Friendly Unofficial) warning this is a site for adults there is a 18+ Age on registering. Lego is fun, creative, You should feel no shame in Playing or creating with your mind and exercising your imagination ~ It is little different from playing video games or creating art. Live and let live and enjoy your time with creativity.
  8. Legopast

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Cardiff currently has some wacky coloures, Pink, Purple, orange, lime green, mostly to look nice, I tried purchasing a box from the store room but the staff were unfamiliar with the concept will have to try the manager next time.
  9. Legopast

    Retired/Replaced Parts

    Here is something I found interesting though, My biker scout bought this year in the Uk via argos has a hollow segmented stud much like the cmf one's However on a trip to the USA in February 2012 I bought the droid escape in toys'r'us times square and this has solid studs Different moulds in different factories? different suppliers to different countries?
  10. Legopast

    Retired/Replaced Parts

    Anybody know anything on the difference in heads? I have noted the collectible figs made in china have hollow head studs with the "breath hole" incase you swallow a head whilst licensed figs (fleshies) Do not have this hole and have a solid stud?
  11. Legopast

    Bricklink questions

    That sounds a pain but I appreciate the response none the less, Will take the plunge soon! Thank you.
  12. Legopast

    Members on the map

    Oh, Well if you must the closest place of any size is Cardiff
  13. Legopast

    Members on the map

    Somewhere in south Wales Uk
  14. Legopast

    Does Anyone here recall?

    Hello star wars community , I have recently been searching for an online comic I read which was made with LEGO star wars figures quite some time ago, It featured lots and lots of stormtroopers and I believe it followed the main rebel protagonists breaking into an imperial base, It had some very impressively large mocs for the time. I would love to read over it again, Also I remember it being the first place I ever saw Custom lego guns as it featured the Little Arms storm trooper rifle excessively at one point even including a chrome one if memory serves, Thank you all and hopefully a long time fan can help me out! All the best,
  15. Legopast

    Bricklink questions

    A follow up on my previous question, As I currently stand I have made the list from the set and put in all the part quantities I need. So I can search for sellers and "Auto Fill" My cart with the parts I need (After weeding through as bricklink adds 2x of new part and 2x of used part even if i only need 2x to start with) So to the point, If I buy these items from a seller with my wanted list automatically delete the parts I have bought from it? Thank you and sorry if this is worded badly brick link is still very new to me