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  1. gdugaucquier

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think the left part is an upside down version of the right part. So the beveled 1x1's create the grooves.
  2. gdugaucquier

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    I thought the legs of the horntail were to big and i made Hagrid's hut complete. horntail by Gregory Dugaucquier, on Flickr hagridshut by Gregory Dugaucquier, on Flickr
  3. gdugaucquier

    [MOC] 19th century Belgian castle

    It is really beautiful. Waw!
  4. gdugaucquier

    Anyone have any luck making a flail?

    I cut off one part of a chain and glued that part into the spiked ball. On the other end I put a bar. It looks perfect.
  5. gdugaucquier

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    I so wish that LEGO made a real Witch King, but for now, this will have to do. It took me a long time to make, but I almost like the result, perhaps I should sharpen the details? They got rounded off when painting.
  6. gdugaucquier

    MOC: Fell Beast

    Nice. What part did you use for the reins?
  7. gdugaucquier

    MOD/MOC Hobbit Characters

    as requested:
  8. gdugaucquier

    MOD/MOC Hobbit Characters

    The beard was a mix of red (34) and matt yellow (12). I will post the picture of the pony as soon as possible.
  9. gdugaucquier

    MOD/MOC Hobbit Characters

    Oh I use a lot of aceton to melt and work the LEGO-parts into each other. If I have useless or broken bricks I dissolve them into a bit of aceton and then i use this to 'sculpt' some extra detail. The paint I use is Revell Email Color. It is normally used to paint little soldiers and things like that, but most of the colors come very close to the LEGO-colors. I hope this helps?
  10. gdugaucquier

    MOD/MOC Hobbit Characters

    Thanks samiamuc. I never intended to sell them; i just missed some figures and parts so i made them. I love to take pictures of Lego Lord of the Rings/Hobbit-scenes. Thror was really difficult to make, but Bill the pony is easy. Just saw the legs with a small saw and glue them back together. Remove the part in the middle (where you normally put a saddle) and glue those two parts together. Finish by putting some studs on the back. Beorn Bear I made by just cutting some parts of the Beor-hairpiece and then I glued them on a normal bear. Hope this helps.
  11. gdugaucquier

    Pippin Gondor

    It was a Kickstarterproject: the Micro3d. It was affordable :)
  12. gdugaucquier

    Pippin Gondor

    So I finally got my own 3d-printer and made my own helmet for Gondor. I tried Pippin first. I still have problems to print the decals in high resolution, so any tips are welcome. (the one you see in the picture is photoshoped, but I made it, based on the game). Ways to improve are very welcome.
  13. gdugaucquier

    Gandalf Hair

    After your comments I tried something different. What do yo think?
  14. gdugaucquier

    Gandalf Hair

    Thanks for the tip, General Magma.