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Found 22 results

  1. So basically when the first Collectible Minifigures came out literally a darn decade or so ago, they had some mini LEGO Club magazine with images of five certain models you could make with pieces from your collection; a torii for the Ninja, a stage for the Magician, a saloon door for the Cowboy and Indian, a ramp for the Skater, and of course a display stand. They also had an image for a car for the Clown, but this was instruction-less. Of course, you used to be able to put in the "MINIBUILD" code into to get these instructions, but like other instructions of the exact same kind, they seem to be lost to time as far as I can tell. I personally had copies of these previously, but after a transition from the weird iPod place I put them or something, I could not find them anywhere I looked in my PCs or memory banks. And while I've found some LEGO Club instructions through the Wayback Machine, I've yet to relocate these when I've finally gotten the ability to Bricklink the parts to them. Should I contact LEGO about these missing instructions, perhaps? I also was able to find my instructions for one of LEGO Club models I'm not sure is online; the LEGO VIP Minifigure Christmas "BrickFig", to give it a name.
  2. Hello everybody. I may use this idea to refresh the game: do you want a game in which every minifigure faces only the one from its own series (excluding ELF and SCARECROW which would obviously win 3 and 11) and then doing a final mashup for the new winner? This could speed up both this and any future game. Please vote in the poll. HELLO everybody! These are the 80 minifigures for the new game starting FEBRUARY 10th if there will be enough partecipants. Please vote in this poll to help me decide. Thanks!
  3. Itaria No Shintaku


    Hi guys! Although it's quite early, people asked me to start my usual topic about guessing the entries for Series 18, which should come in April 2019 as far as I know. So I've run so many times this game, and people liked it, so then here it is. Please, it's a fun game but mind those simple rules so we enjoy it the most: Try to be specific. "A headless horseman is preferered to some kind of man" You can copy. If someone else's idea is good, no problem, put his idea in your list. Sex doesn't count. Policewoman entry is valid for a policeman I'll assign 1 point for correct answer and 0,5 point for nearly-correct answer. This is my list and at the present moment, this time I am sorry but I have absolutely no clues for what lies ahead, so I'll be a neat player as you all are. 1) A firefighter. Again? Yes again. They'll end making one. Now it's really time to. 2) A shepard. I still belieme that they're making one. 3) An harpy. Oh come on! You really have to do it! 4) An haunted armour. 5) A cossack. Or some russian guy with a russian hat. 6) A circus acrobat. 7) A Shaolin Monk, like in Burdon's design 8) A minstrel. 9) A Basketball player. We really need one. Again. Again another time. 10) A pajama girl, like sleepyhead in series 6. 11) A majorette 12) A bottle-of-something-suit guy 13) A geek girl, like player#2 or similar 14) A steward / flight assistant / hostess. Again. 15) A ghost. Again. Again another time. 16) A female deep diver. So now your guesses And have fun!
  4. What is the best Collectible Minifigures Series so far? What is the best Minifigure released so far in the theme? Why?
  5. So in this topic, I thought it would be fun to ask the community at large what they think of the leaked Series 19 photos. I know I'll be getting around 11 or so of the 16 - and I want to know what ya'll want and what you think they left out! Also, Robert8, they've made some of your "hopefuls"! Including Shower Guy, Ghost Knight, Pizza Suit Guy and Rugby Player! Are you excited? Do you think they borrowed your ideas? I loved your posts and copied photos of all your series ideas for my user phot and PC backgrounds! (Do you mind? 'Cause if you do, I'll trade them out...) Sooooo.....this series looks like it's going to be packaged in the newer type "tall" bags that they started with The LEGO Movie 2. Shucks, I wish they'd stuck with the original versions....but maybe that means we'll get some extra pieces! I would like that. It also means that the minifigs will be a little easier to feel out, becase the bag is thinner. But it also means that we'll have to be more careful to not puncture the bags when trying really hard to figure out a piece. (That has happened to me before....and people get really mad.) So here are MY personal ratings for these minifigures: Place #1: This would have to be the Showering Guy (#2). Frankly, we needed something candid like this. Unfortunately (for me, at least) most other series minifigures, don't feature people doing stuff at home. (There are only 2 exceptions: Babysitter (Series 16) and Sleepyhead (Series 6), who both were minifigures that would be more around-the-house characters.) Anyways, that new rubber ducky piece is SWEET! I love the bath towel piece, too. I wonder if LEGO made him be wearing underwear beneath? I would certainly hope so... *shudder* It would go hand-in-hand with their "kid-friendly" attitude to make this guy with underwear. So let's cross our fingers....? I bet LEGO's official "Minifig Profile" will have something about him liking to sing in the shower. I believe that he has a reversible head, too - if you compare the leaked photo of the packet and the poster, the heads are different. Place #2: Gotta be Pizza Suit Guy (#10). I mean, the minute my 8 siblings and I saw The LEGO Movie 2 series at Walmart (our version of ASDA, guys) and saw Watermelon Suit Guy, I said "I bet there's a pizza suit guy in the next series!"Well, it's nearly always fun to be right. And the pizza guy will go well with the Series 12 Pizza Delivery Guy! Love the pizza box (or poster - kinda hard to tell...) and the (apparently?) fully printed legs - a first for any suit person. Place #3: Video Game Guy (#1). I can see this minifigure being quite useful for LEGO brickfilms - perhaps I can film a more kid-friendly spoof of "Dude! Where's My Car?" with a modern context. I'm definitely getting several. This was apparently another tie-in with Series 12's Video Game Guy - only modernized? I love the Xbox controller piece and the Star Wars pilot hair recolored! Place #4 is fairly equally tied between the Pooper Scooper (#9), the Biologist -? (#7) and Fox Suit Person (#14). (The photo is low-res, so I can't tell if it's Fox Guy or Fox Girl. Time will tell, I guess!) I like all three for their animal accessories - I was hoping LEGO would make a dachshund and they did! The recolor of the bulldog is sweet, and the chameleon is great! I also needed some chickens for a short brickfilm but they were soooo expensive that I passed. (Maybe I can dig up the dusty script from somewhere...) I liked the reference to Fox Suit Person in The LEGO Movie 2! (Look at Queen Whatevra's wedding scenes very closely.....) I like it when LEGO makes two or three suit people in a series, so this one has a good balance. (Series 18 was just overkill...) Place #5 goes to the Rugby Player. I mean, who DOESN't like this guy? LEGO finally gave us a ball for a sports minifig! That much I'm happy about! I also think this minifig has a reversible head, based on comparisons of the packet front and the poster. And it means I can do a football/rugby brickfilm! Yay! Place #6 would be Retiree (#12). I know that many of ya'll, since you're not from the US, wouldn't get this reference but it's a "typically American" type minifigure. (Which I think is only fair, because while Europe has gotten sooooo many cool minifigures associated with its rich history, us Americans have one minifigure: Abraham Lincoln. Who wasn't even that great.) Anyways, that pink flamingo piece is epic! I've gotta get at least two of her...Maybe next series they'll make a Flamingo Suit Person! OK, now we're in the second half of the series - the ones I don't like that much. However, it usually ends up that I get more than one of the ones I initially don't like, so perhaps I'll get the first 3 here? Anyways, let's go: Place #7 is the Robotics Person (#5). Now, while the little robot build and the recolor of the computer piece are both cool, this minifigure could have just been in a people pack or something for all I care. For starters, the hair doesn't look very realistic, compared to styles I've seen. It's OK, though. Also, the minifig doesn't appear to be wearing a belt, which is sad: I always like minifigs with belts. Can't tell what's on the front of the shirt, but I bet it's three lines of computer code that would spell out the name of a designer or something. (I'll check it out when we get higher-res photos, guys!) Place #8 goes to the Fire Cheifette (#8). And yes, I know that "Chiefette" is not a word. However, I don't particularly like this minifig because we already have a TON of Fire people from the City theme (and more released every year!) so why make another one? I do like the horn, though. The hat/hair combo is good enough to warrant spending $4.25 (with tax) on this one...I guess. We'll see. Place #9 goes to the Mountain Biker Girl (#16). This is another minifigure that puzzles me - why make another mountain biker and not just stick it into a People Pack? And we already had a female mountain biker in the "Fun Outdoors" people pack....why make another one so soon afterwards? At least it'll be easy to feel out. The bike is the real draw here, because of the recolor (and the possibility of getting some motorcycle wheels that aren't damaged...) The hat'hair combo is OK, but not enough to get the minifig for, otherwise. Now we're getting to the really bad ones - the ones that I don't even know why they made them in this series. (there are usually a few of these in every series...sadly.) I rate them all the same - BAD. We have the Female Mummy (#6), Ghost Knight (#3), Monkey King (#4), Evil Drone -? (#11) and Rainbow Panda (#15). The rainbow panda is the one I have the biggest problem with - why have a recolor of the Panda hat? This minifigure doesn't even have any good defining characteristics, either....except that she's gaudy. The Ghost knight is also just a weird minifig - though i must admit that the transparent blue sword almost makes it worthwhile. But really, we have 3 knights already (and not to mention several entire themes about them) so why make another one? And the Evil Mech...really, LEGO? Why another "evil space thing in a suit"? Haven't we seen enough of these already? Come on..... (I bet you can tell that I don't like fantasy themed minifigs that much. And it's true - though a Doctor Who series or a Sci-fi series would both be cool things.) Anyways, what do ya'll think? Be sure to message me what your "Top 5" are and I'll make a list when they come out of which ones are the highest rated! Signin' off, Nathan
  6. Itaria No Shintaku

    Harry Potter CMF Guessing Game

    Hello guys! I am a bit away from the forum right now for different reasons but I want to give my small contribution with this game. Here are the rules: you have to list 22 characters from Harry Potter. +1 point if the character is correct +2 points if the character is correct and wears the outfit you described. Do not post (please guys ) a wishlist, but a list of the ones you believe they are more likely to appear. Results will be posted once the list is confirmed by TLG. As usual, I go first. 1) Viktor Krum Goblet of Fire Outfit 2) Fleur Delacour, Goblet of Fire Outfit 3) Hermione Granger, kid (probably with cat) 4) Hermione Granger, teenager 5) Ron Weasley, kid (probably with mouse) 6) Ron Weasley, teenager 7) Harry Potter , kid (probably with owl) 8) Harry Potter, teenager (all latest 6 in casual outfit, not in school uniform) 9) Draco Malfoy, kid, Slytherin Outfit 10) Neville Longbottom Gryffindor Outfit 11) Minerva McGonagall Witch Oufit 12) Dobby slave outfit 13) Griphook, elegant outfit 14) Fred Weasley casual outfit 15) Sirius Black, Order of the Phoenix Outfit 16) George Weasley casual outfit 17) Albus Dumbledore, White Heaven Outfit 18) Severus Snape 19) Luna Lovegood Ravenclaw outfit 20) Ginny Weasley Gryffindor Outfit 21) Petunia Dursley, normal outfit 22) Vernon Dursley normal outfit And this is my list. Still I hope for a Dementor and a Centaur, but doubts are many Enjoy!!!
  7. GAME OVER! ELF WON! THANKS EVERYBODY FOR PLAYING! But wait... there's more... Are you in? :D
  8. I tried to clear out non-essentials in my closet this evening and stumbled across some beanie babies, which harbored only faint sentimental values, but then I wondered what happened to collectible minifigures from Lego. Did they crash like the beanie babies or are they still going strong in the Lego Community? I haven't bothered to check on the minifigures for eons (there's too many to keep track of for my taste).
  9. Ahoy maties! Continuing the Collectible Minifigure mania, I present the BoBS CMF Corrington Double Edition + Bonus Figure. This collection of 33 minifigs is entirely specific to the faction of Corrington. Enjoy! Group pic: First row, far left, front-back: Cannon Founder, Croquet Champion, Courier, Chimney Sweeper 2nd row, f-b: Coin Smith, Chef, Conquistador, Cutter (Woodcutter) 3rd row: Carpenter, Confectioner/Chocolatier, Chief Naval Minister, Charcoal Maker 4th row: Cash-Crop Capitalist, Corset Dress Maker, College Professor, Crocodile Wrangler Center: Bonus Figure 5th row: Coachman, Copper Smith, Composer, Crabber 6th row: Cartographer, Cake Maker, Chandelier Maker, Collier/Coal Miner 7th row: Customs Officer, Croissant Baker, Cutler, Candle Maker Last row: Chemist, Cheese Monger, Cooper, Crazed Hatter First Series: Cannon Founder "'Canon in D major' is lacking percussion; therefore I present to you 'Cannon by Major Dee.'" The Cannon Founder is an artisan and early industrialist. He is tasked with providing artillery and ordnance for Her Majesty's Army and Royal Navy as well as privately owned trade ships. He specializes in cast iron, only occasionally handling bronze, and has left Corrington intent on establishing significant production facilities in the colonies, in order to protect national interests wherever the red flag flies. Here we see him with a couple of his prized possessions: a steel boring mill cutterhead used to machine the final bore of a full-size cannon like the one at his feet, and a massive new mold ready to cast just such a cannon. Some say he has a quirky sense of humor, as the above quote seems to attest, and some say that after years of working iron he has no sense of humor at all. His name is Sir Dee, and he has a cannon with your name on it! Croquet Champion "To 'Swing like a girl' is suddenly popular among the men." The Croquet Champion is a lovely young lady from mainland Corrington who took the sporting world by storm with her meteoric rise to the top, much to the chagrin of her parents, who consider such endeavors to be entirely un-ladylike. Free spirited and independent, she has managed to make an impressive living from her winnings, and taken the opportunity to travel and compete wherever the game is played. The derision of sexist doubters only fuels her competitive fire, and she is quick to demonstrate her ability with a mallet in defense of women's abilities everywhere. But she is wise enough to pick her battles carefully, and employs her elevated social position for the advancement of the gentler sex whenever possible. Courier "If your horse's hooves don't spark the world aflame, then it's obvious your riding is too tame." The Courier is an energetic young fellow who thrives on one thing: the need for speed. The development of the colonies has resulted in an enormous boost in communications, and he likes nothing more than a gallop astride his charging steed, laden with important documents. He has lost a few hats, and will likely lose more; but he prides himself on never having lost a delivery or failing to come through on time. He rides fast and measures progress by how far the sparks fly as he thunders along. In the race against time he's set the countryside afire only twice, and has the well-earned reputation of being one of the most reliable couriers in the empire. Chimney Sweeper "Give soot the boot with either foot." The Chimney Sweeper maintains a particularly dirty and undesirable occupation, and is proud of it. Virtually all the homes and many places of business in Corrington have chimneys for wood-fired fireplaces or ovens. The inevitable build-up of creosote in these chimneys is a fire hazard and also affects the performance of the stoves and fireplaces, and his job is to keep everything clean and freely drafting. Reflecting the usual working conditions, everything about his attire is rough, from his patched and tattered hat and clothes to his crude rope belt. He carries a multitude of brushes and sweeps from job to job and is virtually guaranteed to resurface covered in sooty compounds. "Early and often" is his working philosophy. His clients are happy to see him come, and even happier to see him leave, chimneys cleaned and ready for another good hot fire. Coin Smith "Life's pressing engagements yield many golden moments." The Coin Smith carries out an extremely valuable task: pressing gold and silver into doubloons and smaller currencies at the Royal Mint in the capitol of Belson. He also handles large amounts of gold and silver bullion that isn't pressed into coins. Here we see him with a heavy iron chest full of gold bars and freshly-minted coins. As the colonial world grows and expands into newly discovered regions, more of the precious metals are being discovered, and it's very likely that another mint will be established across the seas at some future time. In the mean time, he oversees steady production on the mainland as Her Majesty's coffers surge from the increasing value of colonial trade. A bit of trivia: gold is one of the most dense of the well-known elements at 19.32 g/cm3 or 0.698 lbs/in3, compared to 1.00 g/cm3 for water. Gold is about 2.45 times more dense than iron. A US gallon of pure gold weighs about 161 lbs/73 kg, or more than the body weight of the average adult human. A liter weighs 42.5 lbs/19.3 kg. The chest depicted above could not easily be moved by hand! Chef "A proper chef asks 'How do you like your flaming bananas?' while a mere cook says 'What's flaming bananas?' Bon Appetit!!" The Chef is a true Culinary Master. He commands the kitchen of an attached tavern at a wealthy inn and lives to surprise the diners with his expertise. He emphasizes exotic and ethnic foods, and vows to learn how to prepare anything that his clients ask for. He also thrives on the staples of Corrington, especially marine life such as the plump lobster on the plate he is currently serving, and each year he enters multiple entries in the world-famous Shrimpfest cook-off, which he has won in the past. His dream in life is to join the elite chefs in Her Majesty's kitchen, but until then, he's content to serve the distinguished guests that walk through the inn doors. Conquistador "Corrington's lands will conquer your heart." The Conquistador is one of the Old Guard, a remnant of Corrington's late medieval soldiers tasked with assisting explorations and guarding against unknown dangers in the new world. He and his fellow soldiers rank among the more disciplined in Her Majesty's Army and are generally proficient with a wide array of weapons, from modern to traditional. Here we see him with a rapier and tradional heavy spear, which is mostly carried for ceremonial purposes; and without the traditional breastplate which is rarely worn. But he is just as comfortable with a musket, pistol, or cutlass. His stern expression most likely is the result of the "artist" who "painted" his portrait requesting that he remove the long extension from the beam of his spear, in order to fit his image on the "canvas" - ungrateful, those artists - but looks aside, he lives for the glory of the nation. Cutter (Woodcutter) "Tha only thang sharper than my ax is my tongue, and vice versa." He goes by several titles: Lumberjack, Woodcutter, or simply Cutter. And he takes his work very seriously - perhaps too seriously. The demand for wood and charcoal is growing faster and faster thanks to the establishment of the colonial settlements and the need for more ships, buildings, carriages of all types, and simple firewood, and it is up to strong men like him to fulfill that demand. He is a rough-and-tumble, rude, crude, foul-mouthed, heavy-drinking, fast-swinging, hard-hitting, "meff wiff me and I'll knock yore lights out" type person - and that's when he's in a good mood. Get him angry on the job and he's likely to cut down a few thousand studs of forest area before lunch, along with anyone or anything in his path. He carries all the breakfast leftovers with him in his big brown sack, to tide him over until lunch, or possibly to whack a slacker over the head if need be. He may not be as culturally refined as some Corries, but he's loyal to the bone, and usually doesn't cause too much trouble. Usually. Carpenter "Always remember to 'measure twice, cut once' or else you might saw the board five times and it will still be too short." The Carpenter is a man of creative construction. The contents of his toolbox and some lumber are all he needs to build something memorable, be it a house or pier or piece of furniture. The booming colonial economy has placed a great demand on the skills of men like him, since many of the early buildings are being made of wood rather than the more permanent stone and brick that will eventually become more common as the young settlements age. Like any true carpenter, he prides himself on his ability to identify the various types of wood from their sawn appearances. He is routinely amazed at the enormous size of the trees in the virgin forests of the colonies, and by the resulting volume and maximum size of cut lumber. Give him a saw, hammer, nails, and some big oak beams and he's happy! Confectioner/Chocolatier "Whoever said 'laughter is the best medicine' never tasted my Sugar-Frosted Chocolate Bombs." This lovely young lady was strictly a Confectioner making all kinds of candies and sweets and sugary treats... until cacao was discovered and processed in the colonies, and now she is also a Chocolatier! Business was always steady before, but the exciting appeal of this new "chocolate" means that she is busier than ever, often struggling to meet demand. Her best-selling concoction is a wickedly sweet treat called "Sugar-Frosted Chocolate Bombs." Her signature creation, "Chocolate Cataclysm," is pure culinary evil: it consists of a block of rich fudge dipped in alternating layers of milk chocolate and various dark chocolates, glazed with voluptuous dark chocolate ribbon, topped with chocolate cream, coated with dark chocolate shavings and served with edible tempered chocolate utensils... a masterpiece! But of course she still makes a full line of candies for those who prefer the traditional favorites. Oh, and she also has a twin sister... Chief Naval Minister "Speak softly and sail a big fleet." The Chief Naval Minister is a soft-spoken retired Admiral from Her Majesty's Royal Navy tasked with overseeing the internal affairs of the naval administration. In his dapper "Admiralty Blue" suit, he ranks among the "Inner Circle" of individuals who report directly to Queen Annetta, after serving her father, the late King Arlin, for many years. He is one of the top strategists in the land and after many years of relatively minor changes, he suddenly finds his hands full again with the growth in the colonial world. With nations scattered throughout the Brick Seas, occasion for conflict has been plentiful, and the intelligence reports have suggested this is unlikely to change. How will Corrington react? If anyone knows, it's him. Charcoal Maker "I'm the Charcoal Chef, specializing in making things black and crispy." Here we meet the Charcoal Maker, older brother to the Cutter that we met earlier. Their positions are somewhat complimentary: one harvests timber, the other burns it to make fuel. Charcoal is the main source of fuel for numerous industries in the Brick Seas, like iron-working, and will continue to be for many years to come, despite the recent discovery of coal. Charcoal is also one of the three principle ingredients in gunpowder, along with sulfur and saltpetre, and for all these reasons it is a valuable commodity both in mainland Corrington and in the colonies. Like his younger brother, the Charcoal Maker engages in occasional mischief (which is bound to happen when one plays with fire for a living) but generally he causes little trouble, unless you mess with his coon-skin hat. Cash-Crop Capitalist "Eggplant is for Eslandolans. I currently cultivate cacao, coffee, cotton, corn, carrots, celery, cucumbers, cabbage, cauliflower, chickpeas, cayenne peppers, chili peppers, cantaloupe, cherries, cranberries, currants, citrus, coconut, cumquat, cashews, chestnuts, cinnamon, chives, cloves, and coriander." The Cash-Crop Capitalist is a farmer at heart, an investor, and by some standards a merchant baron. Where there are people there is a demand for food and fiber for clothing, and he's built a veritable empire addressing these basic needs. Corrington's colonial lands span many latitudes, and he has begun producing numerous tropical crops that wouldn't grow well in the climate of the mainland, complimenting his traditional production. Cotton is one of the most important of the traditionals, for producing articles of clothing, but he also grows the exotic like cacao and coffee. Here we see him with a barrel of his most valuable crop: cinnamon. If it can be worn, eaten, or drank, and begins with the letter "C" he will grow it. So don't ask for eggplant! Corset Dress Maker "Fashion isn't comfortable, honey. Now inhale while I PULL!!" The Corset Dress Maker is a skilled seamstress with a flair for the fashionable. Women of all positions call upon her expertise, confident that she will send them off looking more beautifully feminine than ever before. But fashion is fickle, and the times ever changing, so she tries to stay ahead of the curve, with an emphasis on the curves. Men might not always understand, but at least they appreciate the results. And that is just what her clients want. College Professor "Knowledge is understanding that broccoli is edible, and wisdom is not eating it." The College Professor is one of the old guard in Corrington pledged with educating the young and curious. He understands that engaging his students is half the effort, and begins each day with a humorous or whimsical saying of some type. In a nation driven by scientific understanding, his position is extremely valuable, and he is determined to see his pupils off wiser than before and prepared to face the changing challenges of a growing and evolving world. As the colonies grow, he expects institutions of higher learning to eventually appear, and looks forward to the chance to travel abroad if duty calls. Crocodile Wrangler "Big cats are for sissies." The Crocodile Wrangler is part naturalist, part adventurer, and part daredevil as well. After the early colonial development he began tracking the big cats in the new world, and quickly found himself bored with their predictable, territorial behaviors. Along the way he encountered numerous crocs and alligators and was fascinated with their deceptive speed and apparent intellect. As more humans invaded their natural habitat, he occasionally found himself called upon to aid in their removal, and slowly developed a knack for handling the ferocious reptiles. His nickname? "Crocodile DanDee." Naturally. Second Series: Coachman "They see me rollin, they're waitin, patrollin, they want a ride in my fast carriage. My coach is so fast, we're swayin, they're hoping that I trained these charging horses..." The Coachman operates a number of coaches and other horse carriages, transporting people of all professions and nationalities. His primary focus is comfort and confidence - after all, scaring one's passengers while delivering a bone-jarring ride is hardly good for business - but he is known to release the horsepowers if his clients request it. He is always armed, and unafraid of educating the occasional highwayman, although it is rarely necessary for him to exercise in this capacity. His immaculate dress is a reflection of his highly visual position in daily affairs. And no matter where he goes, he always takes his pet chameleon, named "Millionaire," with him. Copper Smith "Unlike gold, copper can be made into many useful objects. And it also ages to a beautiful patina." The Copper Smith occupies his time crafting items from copper and its main alloys, bronze (primarily copper and tin) and brass (primarily copper and zinc). Iron production may have overtaken bronze in particular, but the alloy is still in high demand for its generally superior qualities, albeit at a higher price. The Smith makes all types of useful items, from the goblet and scope he is holding to candle holders to decorative items to tools. His usual attire reflects the range of colors expressed by copper and its alloys, and makes him easy to spot when he is out and about. Composer "While the music onward flows, the dead composers decompose." The Composer is a romantic at heart, a musician and artist who enjoys time alone developing a new composition while taking time to appreciate the finer things in life. He is proficient with several instruments and dreams of one day conducting an orchestra. He has a unique sense of humor: whenever meeting someone for the first time, he will play a prominent piece backward using whatever instrument he happens to be carrying; and when finished, will announce it was (for example) "Ludwig Amadeus Bach, decomposing." He is popular with all ages, and especially likes to play little ditties for small children. Here we see him carrying a couple of his various instruments. Crabber "These delicious crabs will grab your taste buds and won't let go. They'll also grab your nose if they get a chance." The Crabber makes his living from the seas as a supplier to some of the finer taverns and restaurants in Corrington. He is the crab connoisseur and never misses the chance to try the latest dish or make up the newest recipe. When not crabbing or dining he finds contentment maintaining his equipment or repainting his boat, to throw off less-successful fellows from following him to his favorite spots. He supplies the Chef we met previously and considers positions like his vital to the continued prosperity of the seafaring nation. Cartographer "Lose yourself in my collection of fine maps." The Cartographer busies himself making maps, maps, and more maps of the large land masses and lengthy shorelines of the various islands claimed in the name of Corrington since the dawn of the recent era of exploration. Demand for his highly-respected services is at an all-time high, and will likely continue growing, such is the extent of colonial developments. Navigators are only as good as their directions, and while the sun and stars are followed easily enough, making one's way about a new or unknown land without a proper map is a different matter altogether, best left to the explorers who record the information required to produce such maps. Here we see him in his formal attire, carrying his favorite red quill pen, as he puts the final touch on another item in his growing collection. Cake Maker "You can halve your cake and eat it two!" The Cake Maker is the twin sister to the Chocolatier and continues the proud family tradition of baking indulgent creations. Birthday celebrations or other special events aren't prerequisite: au contraire, her cakes are crafted for daily consumption as part of proper Corry cuisine. Most of her cakes are traditional favorites, but the introduction of chocolate has changed her offerings notably, evidenced by the one she is about to serve. Large or small, decorated or plain, she has a cake for every meal and every taste. To hear a customer exclaim after having a taste is her favorite compliment, and she enjoys watching the expressions of young children when a fresh cake is boxed upon order of the parents. Chandelier Maker "Let there be refracted light!" Light, glorious light! The Chandelier Maker is a talented artisan capable of taking ordinary light and transforming it into something soft and soothing, or brightly glaring if the customer so wishes. His chandeliers range from small and primarily functional, like the one he is holding, to large elaborate showpieces capable of illuminating large ballrooms. He utilizes frames from polished bronze and brass, like that produced by the Copper Smith, and upon this he artfully arranges the leaded glass crystals that produce the beautiful refraction for which his work is noted. Naturally many of his customers are affluent, but he strives to light the world of every budget. Collier/Coal Miner "Charcoal is so Stone Age. Coal is just waiting for someone to dig it up and introduce it to the world." The Coal Miner works a relatively new occupation. Only recently was coal mined on the mainland in significant quantities, and while the industry has grown it has yet to spread to the colonies. He is one of the early workers employed in extracting the charcoal substitute from within the ground. Here we see him dressed to work a surface pit mine, which requires little in the way of safety gear, unlike the underground shafts. He delights in the knowledge that use of coal will greatly reduce the stripping of forests for fuel and foresees a time when industry will be almost entirely fueled by the mysterious "black rock." Customs Officer "Enriching Corrington, one import duty at a time." The Customs Officer keeps close watch on Corrington's borders, particularly the ports and land-based points of entry. He ensures that import duties are paid, watches for contraband and stolen goods, keeps an eye on who comes and goes, and generally observes that trade and border laws are upheld. Usually he doesn't encounter too much trouble, but occasionally a citizen returning from foreign lands will try to sneak something in, and he has learned to expect the unexpected when dealing with foreigners. Here we see him in the resplendent attire that makes him easily seen, and carrying one of his trusty ledgers. Croissant Baker "I will serve them hot or cold, but never more than hours old." The Croissant Baker is the mother of the twins we encountered earlier - the Chocolatier and Cake Maker. She taught her daughters well, and like them she is a bit of a specialist. Rather than baking breads in general she bakes croissants only, choosing to focus on doing one thing as well as possible. Her work begins very early in the morning to ensure that fresh croissants are available during peak business hours. She bakes several times per day and has attracted a loyal following of patrons clamoring to "get them while they're hot." She knows her customers' preferences, and bakes accordingly: some are light and fluffy, others are firm and tight, and a few are hard enough to require a hammer at meal time. Whatever the customer wishes, she believes, but not old. Never old. Cutler "Allow me to sharpen the dull moments in your life." The Cutler is an affable fellow who sells and sharpens all types of domestic cutlery. Need a particular knife or set of knives? He either has it, or will get it for you. Have a dull blade that needs sharpening? But of course, and he is eager to have you slicing and dicing without effort once again. He likes to remind everyone that life is too short to waste time laboring over dull instruments. Watching him sharpen might be boring, but his friendly demeanor earns him the favor of most whom he works for. Candle Maker "Wax. It's the hottest fashion." The Candle Maker provides that simplest form of light. Lanterns and chandeliers have their functions, but a simple candle is still capable of illuminating a path in the dark, or providing a bit of light in a darkened room. He believes that a proper candle maker should have some wax on him, and proudly counts the evidence of his work among his various accoutrements. He makes candles of all shapes and sizes, for all occasions, and sometimes mixes in scents for his more affluent customers. Corrington will not go dark as long as artisans like him remain active. Chemist "A good chemist more or less has 10 fingers, more or less." The Chemist is a scientist driven by experimentation, which can be dangerous (as his quote attests). Corrington, being a science-driven nation, fully supports the efforts of men like him who strive to understand what and why the natural world works the way it does. A good application of chemistry is in gunpowder production, which is vital to the nation's security. Through tireless study (and the occasional violent reaction) the chemist hopes to unlock many of the age-old mysteries of the world, and hopefully advance the cause of Corrington in the process. Cheese Monger "Please stop drooling on your sleeves, and have a taste of cheddar cheese." The Cheese Monger makes a living selling all types of cheeses. He is a very popular man, which is typical when one sells a very popular product. He handles large rounds sealed in wax and supplies many homes in the mainland. His cheese market is usually busy and he also runs a carriage for deliveries. Here we see him in his usual splendid attire, holding a plate of wedges left from several round blocks, offering free samples to passers-by in the hopes of creating new sales opportunities. He is quick to remind everyone that cheese pairs well with meats, breads, vegetables, fruits, wines - is there anything it doesn't pair well with? So take his advice and take a bite! Cooper "Making barrels is more fun than a barrel of monkeys." The Cooper is a craftsman employed in the vital art of making barrels. All the goods moving about in Corrington and her colonies require some type of container, and barrels often fulfill this purpose. He takes pride in the precision of his work and finds few things more satisfying than seeing a tight new barrel waiting to be filled and delivered. He's a master of the hoop-and-stave, knows his various woods well, and brandishes his tools with authority. Besides this he also possesses a keen sense of fashion as evidenced by his attire. Crazed Hatter "HATS!! They're all the rage. Unless, of course, you're headless, in which case I can't help you. Cheerio!" The Crazed Hatter is an eccentric and colorful fellow known for his love of hats, fine wines, and somewhat bizarre behaviors. He operates a hat shop, specializing in tricornes, but stocks a multitude of designs for both men and women. His attire is, frankly, outrageous: he wears a brightly colored suit that looks more appropriate for a medieval jester, a ruffled collar, a billowing cape, big gaudy gold bracelets, and a stack of black tricornes on his head - with a fiery flare flickering from the topmost hat, completing the unusual look. His conversation is equally unusual, as he can often be heard jabbering nonsense or arguing with himself, and he typically addresses individuals with contradicting and senseless statements. He is an avid fan of croquet and gives a free hat to anyone who can beat him (notably the Croquet Champion we met earlier) but he doesn't have to give away many. But one question lingers: is he really crazed, or is it all an elaborate act? Most people who know him aren't quite sure. And finally the Bonus Figure: Courtesan [whispered] "Come hither... if you dare..." Her name is Delilah. She is known throughout the Brick Seas as the "Black Widow" for her ominous black attire - first paired with red, later with an expensive purple. She is fiercely loyal to the crown and considers it her patriotic duty to coax every possible doubloon from the white-knuckle clutches of foreign hands, and she is exceptionally successful in this pursuit. Her greatest delight is feeding the inflated egos of arrogant men, all the while toying with them, and ultimately sending them stumbling out the door, penniless. ********** Building all these minifigs was fun! I enjoyed it more than any of my prior projects. I had planned to build several of them for other purposes, and after seeing the first 2 CMF series I went to work on this. After getting hung up on the letter "C" (for Corrington) I had to make a few changes (for example, "Mad Hatter" became "Crazed Hatter") but I had fun just seeing what I could come up with. I wanted to focus on occupations and avoid the usual soldiers-sailors-merchants-etc if at all possible. My list included several more that I didn't build: Constable, Cabinet Maker, Cordwainer, Cobbler, Cartwright, Chauffeur, Courthouse Clerk, Conductor, etc etc. A few of these (like the Chief Naval Minister) look remarkably similar to existing characters. Besides my sigfig, this is purely coincidental. Upon reflection I have decided I don't really have any standout favorites. I'm very happy with the entire collection. Thanks for viewing and your input is welcome.
  10. Elostirion

    BOBS CMF - Series 1

    Eslandolan Merchant A feeling for money, courage, some fortune at the seas, a bit of ruthlessness - and soon this guy has become one of the richest men in the Colonies. He knows a good business when he sees it, and he never rests from work - be at the harbour-pier or at cultural events. He is a member of the ETWC, and his connections and influence range wide. While his extravagant appearance may make him seem detached, he has only come to where he is through hardest work. And this pretty golden statue he just acquired? Oh be assured, he will sell it for great profit soon. Eslandolan Conquistador He loves the adventure, and glory is the ultimate goal of his life. Many might call him a mercenary, and sure he is often hired by the major trading companies for simple jobs, such as guarding a city or a trade voyage. But on his current mission for MAESTRO he does what he loves: Venture into the unknown, explore new worlds, find new islands, found settlements, discover hidden places - and maybe one of those will carry his name some day. Eslandolan Cotton Farmer She has come to the Colonies in hope for a better life. For months she had saved her hard earned money from being a day labourer in the old world to pay for the voyage to the Colonies. When she arrived at Nova Terreli in Nellisa, she was overwhelmed by the energetic and sanguine atmosphere she could feel vibrate through the streets. Soon she found a job at one of the MCTC's cotton plantations. Soon she would be promoted as supervisor, and most certainly she would open a business of her own. Soon. Mardierian Footsoldier Seeing comrades die in battle is horrible. Seeing your own subordinates fall under your command will pursue you for a lifetime. Isla de Medio - or Isla de Victoria as they now called it - had been Mardier's worst nightmare in the Colonies. With the civil war, and later the unsuccessful war against both Eslandola and Garvey, the former colonial superpower of Mardier had lost ground rapidly, and might soon even fall into oblivion. Here he sat now, in those lousy barracks outside of Calisto on King's Island, awaiting his next orders. He could only hope that his commanders would be wise enough to pick the right foe, this time. Oleon Admiral He was born to stand above the common soldier, and so he did. The upcoming pirate hunt was his first major command as admiral for glorious Oleon - to make the trade routes safe again, and to prove to the world what true naval power means. Those who had called him spoiled son of la noblesse, unable to command a fleet - they soon would know better. Those who did not yet know his name - they soon would. And the pirate captains who defied him - soon noone would, anymore. It was time to hold a motivational speech to the common footsoldiers, those less gifted than him. Oleon Priest of Zeus There was no room for doubt in a man's life, because belief is what keeps us alive. Too bad that belief had diminished in Eslandola and Corrington over the past centuries, and even worse that in the Colonies where a temple would be of utmost importance to keep hope alive even during the worst times only few seemed to have time to pray. But the rumours about the wild native population of the new islands were far beyond the pale! Praying to parrots, walking over hot stones, or even praying to wild felines - someone needed to tell them the truth. About Zeus, but also about Poseidon and Hades. And thus he boarded a ship. Oleon Artist What would the world be, if we could not preserve it? That's what the earliest men did, when they carve pictures into the walls of caves, and in people like herself that art comes to perfection. Because what she does is more than just paint what is - she adds what could have been, what might be real, and even what will or will not happen. Combining reality and imagination can create true perfection. And while in her youth she had often portraied the noble, and the military leaders, she had turned to something different, something that required her to travel, something that demanded real courage: Portraying the battles at sea, and adding her very own flavour! Garvey Rum Trader Garvey wasn't much of a colonial power - but she couldn't care less. The Rum Isles were a paradise, and planting while planting sugar cane was one thing, and destilling rum was another - she had found that her fortune was in making deals with traders from all nations. She had paired with a rich Eslandolan tradelord from the MCTC - he provided the money, and she operated business on the Rum Isles. Profits were shared, but somehow riches meant little to her compared to the overwhelming feeling of making eyes at a merchant from afar and knowing he would cut every deal she proposed. Sea Rat Captain Last time they got in this horrible storm. The time before there was that thing with the mutinity. Before that they had this unfortunate incident with the Corrish Armada. The captain had not been too lucky, lately. But not this time! The treasure map he stole from the Oleander nobleman would lead him to riches beyond measure. His ship was ready, the path was set - nothing could go wrong this time. Now all he needed was a crew! Sea Rat Adventurer In Nova Terreli they called her pirate, and only through sheer luck could she escape. In Tortuga they'd all know what she means when she says she is an adventurer, but the good thing about Tortuga is that noone asks anyways. She has sailed with many infamous captains, such as the Captain Meloche and even Benjamin Morgan himself. Money is a neccessity to buy some good rum, and rum is important for courage, which you need to earn money. Life is great. Sea Rat Innkeeper Some say he once was a resourceful smuggler. Others rumour he was an infamous priate. Only he knows the truth, but those rumours help in his current job - both to attract guests and to have them respect him. And sure, he runs this inn at Rassilon, and many come to him for a good beer, or for a bed, or for some information. And those who come for some of the more... secret goods... be sure there is a special back room for this kind of business in his inn as well. Tenotaxclan Fisherwoman The strangers brought wonders to her home. They came with giant canoes, which they call ships. Now they build huts of stone, and they cook food inside those huts. They have machines moving of their own. And they carve strange runes on leafs which they call paper, with a liquid they call ink. Oh the wonders! Yet so little do they know about the forests, and the lakes, and the rivers, and the mountains, and the animals. They look for the shiny metal, but noone asks her, but she knows where to find it, she knows. But instead of looking, the strangers prefer to argue about the name of her home: Berreli or Annetta? Why not just call it home? Corrington Governor Born to be a nobleman, grown to be a gentleman, lived as a master strategist. He has served both as General in her majesty's army and later as Admiral in her majesty's navy. He has governed fortresses, towns and territories in royal order. And now he has arrived in the Colonies, on Alicentia, in Mooreton Bay. For three months he had planned his next mission, because thinking ahead is the key to order and success. His fleet is ready and waiting for his order only to leave port and sail south, for the honour of Corrington. Before that, however, it is time for a cup of tea with his daughter and his future son in law - because a gentlemen always takes his time. Corrington Pioneer His regiment had been the first to land on Garma's Key, and to claim the island for her majesty, Queen Anetta. Honour, discipline and loyalty kept men unified in the new world, where to seeked to widen the Empire's borders. A musket was one thing, but sometimes a paddle proved to be far more important. During the past month he had learned a lot he had never imagined before: About plants, animals, how to build a hut with palm leafs, or how to catch fish with an improvised wooden spear. Recently he had bought a small house in Kingston, and soon his wife and sone would follow him into the Colonies. Corrington Scientist The Royal Society of Natural Philosophy - only the most renowned scientists were members of this illustrous society. And soon he would apply as well! But what would he talk about? The essence of sugar cane and lime as a liquid in a bottle, which he had invented? Or the hourglass running exactly ten hours, indicating the end of a shift in the Empire's factories (he was so glad they had unified working times)? Or about his calculations, proving that it was actually impossible to make a ship fly with hot air? Most certainly he would not talk about his idea to make use of hot steam to power machines - because even he knew something like this would never work at all. Mermaid Fiction or Reality? Many a sailor claims to have seen the mermaids, out on the cliffs, tempting them to come and spend the night with them, only to be drawn into the depth, where the mermaid would reveal her true nature, and where even worse creatures may lurke. Like the mysterious Kraken, which drew many ships into the depth. While Oleons Priest see this as a test from the gods, Corrington's scientists already have a scientific explanation and a name for the phenomenon, and Eslandola's merchants seek their chance for raised profits being the only ones to trade on the endangeroured routs - while the bravest captains of the Sea Rats see their chance to... take from the latter. And during all that, the mermaid just sits and waits.
  11. Set number: 71018 Release Date: May 1st. 2017 Color: Light Blue Regular (no themed) series New Price: €3,99 Characters: Corn Cob Guy Rocket Boy Butterfly Girl Hot Dog Vendor Elf Maiden Roman Gladiator Battle Dwarf Circus Strongman Highwayman Verterinarian Dance Instructor Surfer Boy Retro Space Hero Yuppie Gourmet Chef Connoisseur
  12. Itaria No Shintaku


    Round 2 is over and won by the WIZARD that had 40% of the votes. Now on to round 3. Rules are simple: pick your favourite minifigure among the one you see. This is round 3, we'll go through many rounds before stating the best collectible minifigure ever... but I believe it will be funny! Notes: minifigures are selected randomly. Only one minifigure goes to the next stage. All 384 collectibles released so far are present. 384 / 6 = 64, only 64 will survive the first round. I will tell the winner when going with round 4 and so on.
  13. Itaria No Shintaku


    Round 1 is over and won by the PIG SUIT GUY that overwhelmed the opponents. Now on to round 2. Rules are simple: pick your favourite minifigure among the one you see. This is round 2, we'll go through many rounds before stating the best collectible minifigure ever... but I believe it will be funny! Notes: minifigures are selected randomly. Only one minifigure goes to the next stage. All 384 collectibles released so far are present. 384 / 6 = 64, only 64 will survive the first round. I will tell the winner when going with round 3 and so on.
  14. Itaria No Shintaku


    Hello everybody! As I already told you, I was planning a new, BIG game for your fun! And now I am ready! Are you ready for THE GREATEST MINIFIGURES GAME ? Rules are simple: pick your favourite minifigure among the one you see. This is round 1, we'll go through many rounds before stating the best collectible minifigure ever... but I believe it will be funny! Notes: minifigures are selected randomly. Only one minifigure goes to the next stage. All 384 collectibles released so far are present. 384 / 6 = 64, only 64 will survive the first round. I will tell the winner when going with round 2 and so on. And now vote!
  15. Lord-Vorahk

    Is a Star Wars CMF line viable?

    I've taken to displaying some of my Star Wars minifigs with bases from the Collectible MInifigure line, particularly Darth Vader, ROTS Obi-Wan, Commander Neyo, and the Imperial Shock Trooper, and it got me wondering if it would be possible for Lego to produce an official CMF line for the franchise. We've got one licensed CMF line on shelves already, with a second apparently on the way, and TLG can clearly produce Star Wars figures, on account of the battle figures line. SO why not a Star Wars one? First off, there would obviously be a bit of a conflict of interest: TLG aren't going to want to put in minifigs that are similar to those in sets that are still on shelves. After all, plenty of people buy a set for the figs over the build, especially if the build is of a ship they've already got (I'm not about to buy another A-Wing unless it comes with figures I want, because I already have the most recent one). However, there are plenty of characters that don't appear in sets, often because their scenes in a movie would be rather unpopular due to a lack of action: The Senate scenes in TPM are a good example: Chancellor Valorum, TPM-era Palpatine, and a variant of Queen Amidala aren't going to get a set because the Senate scenes are fairly boring, but it would be nice to have those characters. A more recent example would be the final scene of TFA: Rey's variant costume and Very Lonely Luke don't have figures, and aren't likely to get them until Episode VIII's first wave, and the latter is a pretty glaring omission (Why we couldn't have Luke instead of a slightly different Stormtrooper for May 4th is a rather good question). They could also be used to supplement existing sets: The discussions over the most recent UCS set, Assault on Hoth, have often focused on a lack of Bacta Tank Luke, Hoth Leia, blue coat!Han, a medical droid, more Snowtroopers, and, most interestingly to me, a Chewbacca with snow dotted onto him. Well, how about having those figures available separately. Darth Vader would be a no-go because 75093 is still on shelves, and perhaps "Luke, mostly naked and comatose" would be a hard sell, but the others could definitely be done Then there's characters or variants of said characters that just aren't going to get a release in sets, who would fit right in. ROTS Padme's not going to be in a set because her most action-y scene is the one where Anakin strangles her. Mas Amedda, Shmi Skywalker, most members of the Separatist Council, most members of the Jedi Council, Lama Su and Taun We, etc. Being a fan of Clones, I'd quite like to see ARC Trooper Fives, Gregor in his COmmando armour, Phase II Cody, and even just another shot at a standard white Phase II trooper, but obviously I imagine a few people are pretty sick of Clone Troopers. Going for the ever-more tempting OT angle, Captain Antilles, Aunt Beru, Wuher, Biggs, Long Snoot, Admiral Piett, Nein Numb, Crix Madine, Mon Mothma (Though we might get her in Rogue One sets), Jan Dodonna, General Rieekan, etcetera. Then there are the characters that we have, but don't have in certain variants, like Palpatine in his full red robes, Leia in her Cloud City and Boussh designs, as well as her outfit from the end of TFA, Luke in his trooper disguise, his training gear, his Bespin fatigues, and with his tunic open from the end of RoTJ, Han in his trooper disguise, a new Old Ben Kenobi, "Mustafar Obi-Wan", with burn marks on his clothing and a second Lightsaber hilt, Cloud City Lando, General Lando, etcetera once again. So, what do you think? Would you like the idea, and if so, what characters would you like to see?
  16. Pop Star c o

    Doctor Who Minifigure Series

    There's a rumors about new Minifigure Series based on Doctor Who TV Series in future. I think it will be released at May 2017 or 2018.
  17. I went looking for the Registry to print off a certificate for my kid today and I saw that Lego pulled the site. What a bummer! I went back and looked at what I saved from the site and I had enough to recreate the registry if you are interested. I put what figures were found in what countries. Again, what a bummer. I would have thought that they would have kept that up forever.
  18. Hello everyone, thanks to WhiteFang I can proceed announcing the victors of the guessing game. First of all I want to congratulate everyone for joining, even the ones that did 0 points suggested some very interesting potential minifigures. I introduced a 0,5 point rule in which I award half point to ones that nearly guessed right. I hope that this doesn't create problems, since I ackowledge it is a little arbitrary decision. So let's start. Alas robert8, Cy_Bored1337, Dredgen, dyntar, Thetford, negativesleep and mmcclelland scored 0 points. I however thank you very much for joining this game. Alfadas, Dorayaki and Kintobor were pretty close, so they have been awarded 0,5 points Gedren_Y and Eikichi both reached 1 point. Jared, Amperzand, The Brick Rat, Chimp and me 1,5 points (this is the first time I score points!) THIRD PLACE EX-AEQUO: with 2 points each Cagast and Aland1916 SECOND PLACE: though he had insight, Tragic Banjo scores 3 points FIRST PLACE: Borex got 25% scoring 4 points. This is the best result ever, nobody was able to guess 4 out of 16 minifigures. CONGRATULATIONS And now some statistics: A lot of votes were casted for a new alien minifigure, in fact 7 people guessed it (but nobody perfectly) 3 people also guessed that a new space male minifigure would have been launched, as much as 3 guessed for a Disco Diva and Goblin. 2 guessed right the snake charmer and the egyptian warrior was also foretold 2 times (even if one time as a general egyptian) 1 guess for carpenter, hot dot suit guy and unicorn girl by Tragic Banjo (but he already knew about the last two ones) and 1 guess for evil wizard and paleontologyst by Borex, but he missed the sex in both cases. 1 guess for the fencer by Jared who also guessed a female Ninja/oriental figure so he was awarded a 0,5 point for the female samurai Nobody was able to foresee the king, the sheriff and the female cyclops. King and Sheriff could actually have been foreseen in my hopinion since they are very iconic characters, the female cyclops was more hazardous but since I guessed a female swamp creature I believe that someone with more fantasy could get it. So now we're done again. Since in may we will have Simpsons Series 2 we will continue later on, if you liked the game. Thanks everybody.
  19. Often it can be difficult to decide what I want to build. The Collectible Minifigures theme has brought many interesting historical minifigures. Last year I have built a large Greek layout for the Spartan from series 2: http://www.eurobrick...89#entry1533491 After I had finished the Greek layout I thought a lot about what I should build next. Should I build a Roman layout for the Roman minifigures? Or should build an Egyptian layout for the pharaoh? Or a 1700's layout with a lot of minifigures with white wigs? I would like to build it all. That's how I got the idea to build this MOC: Ancient Egypt: Ancient Greece: Ancient Rome: In the background: Colosseum The Viking Age The Middle Ages: The Renaissance In the background: St. Peter's Basilica in Rome: The Late Renaissance: In the background: Rosenborg Castle: The Age of Enlightenment In the background: Fredensborg Palace: The Industrial Revolution In the background: Westminster Palace: Modern Time: The back of the MOC is a world map:
  20. Hi fellow fans! I have collected the CMF's, and I quit after four complete series. I luckily got some extra Zombies, Spartans, Elves and Hazmat's. Now my question to you is, what would these complete series be worth? Not just the BL price, but the price people would actually pay. And would it be wiser to sell them as a lot, or loose? I'm worried that I won't get rid of them all if I sell them loose And finaly, would any of you be interested in those figures? Thanks and have a good day!
  21. I really like the CMF and honestly find them much better than the usual "City" minifigures these days. (It's just my opinion and I bet there are others but that's not the point here) I tried to find something like this in the past years already, but didn't really come across it, so the question is = Are there any Town layouts that are primarily populated by the CMF instead of the normal "City" figures? I know that some MOC'ers use fleshy and customized figures, but I would love to see any layout or bigger scene with the CMF (customized or original doesn't matter), as the detail on the figures is just a little better (no judgement here) than the average City figure, and I would love to see them in action! Any pics or links welcome and if a topic like this exists already, please excuse!