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  1. Classic_Spaceman

    Updating Your Minifigs

    FYI, you can just embed images from another site, like this: I am not sure if this was your intent, but since you have seen the movie and would have needed to look for this picture on Brickset (or another site), your misspelling of the name comes off as intentional and dismissive. It may just be a language issue, though. 😕 I am familiar with the style, but I have typically seen it referred to as a "side-shave", or something of that nature. Also, I am still not sure what "SJW version" means. 😐 OK? It may be another language thing, but you seem rather irritated by this hairstyle - If you dislike it, just style your hair differently. I am not sure why this seems to be an issue for you. 😕 I am not sure what you mean by this: Raya and the Last Dragon is based on various cultures in Southeast Asia, not China, so what similarities there are are fairly superficial. I seriously doubt that we have seen the last of Cara Dune - Just the last of specifically Gina Carano's portrayal of her. She will probably reappear in a book/comic/game/animated series, from which we can get additional Minifigs. Hasbro likely stopped production of their figure of Dune to avoid negative publicity, but they (like LEGO) will probably make figures of her in the future, when she reappears in some other media. What??
  2. Classic_Spaceman

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Also off-topic, but what, exactly, is "the SJW version haircut"??
  3. Classic_Spaceman

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Just because something is not a major part of the game does not mean that you cannot work your ideas into a quest, somehow. For example: "A strange monolith with mysterious healing properties randomly appears on a planet. The Hermetic Society investigates, bringing a team of Heroes with them in case something goes wrong. In the process of extracting material from the monolith for analysis, the structure crumbles and releases a monster that the Heroes must fight. After this incident, similar structures begin appearing on various planets across the Euripides Arm - The Heroes are now tasked with travelling from one system to another, investigating the anomalies to determine their origins, before. . . ???" Something like that could be a good starting-point for a quest. They have been, but between holidays, COVID, communal writers'-block/burnout, etc, it is understandable (and, at least in my case, "looking at what is going on in the world" contributes to the aforementioned writer's-block!). That said, @Lord Duvors's historical/political backdrop is complete, and, though I have been a bit stuck in my own writing, I should have some things completed soon as well. We seem to be moving forward, but I understand that the slow pace can drain some of the enthusiasm for involvement. I think that you may be misreading some of the interactions - I am not under the impression that "everyone is just ticked off" (at least I, personally, am not); we are simply discussing and hashing-out details of the game (which inherently comes with some level of disagreement/non-agreement). I actually like the back-and-forth development of ideas, though, as I find that better ones come about through discussion and mutual revision. Also, with the exception of some core aspects of Blackstar and Blackstar characters that I have worked on, I am fairly flexible when it comes to the finer details of the overall universe.
  4. Classic_Spaceman

    Do you think lego will ever realese another space theme

    Look at @exabrickslegogo's page, specifically the post that shows The Mechanic (from Ninjago) - The image is in that compilation.
  5. Classic_Spaceman

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2021 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    A picture of one of the Minifigs from the Ninjago City Gardens set leaked, and he appears to have an updated version of the Ice Planet torso.
  6. Classic_Spaceman

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Ronin looks basically the same as his existing Possession variant, which is fine, but I would have liked a new dual-moulded hat/hair piece for him. The Mechanic looks good, and I am glad that we are finally getting him, but, as with Ronin, he would benefit greatly from a new moulded headgear piece. Occupation-wise, perhaps, but his torso is an update of the classic Ice Planet one! Additionally, since it looks a bit out-of-place even for Ninjago, it may have been designed for another set, and is simply being reused here (at least, I hope that this is the case).
  7. Classic_Spaceman

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    It seems to be - Even Amazon only has it (priced exorbitantly) from third-party sellers. ? If you want it, I would recommend looking on Bricklink, as the prices seem to be better there. Considering the last scene of Chapter 16 (2x08) of The Mandalorian, I would not be surprised if we get a new Slave I sometime in 2022 (probably 2HY). Brickset lists the duration of sets' availability, and, from what I have seen, the standard run seems to be ~6-12 months. As such, I would recommend getting 75270 as soon as possible (since it has been out for a year, now).
  8. Classic_Spaceman

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Your behaviour seems to indicate otherwise: BTW, rank increases on EB based on your total number of posts, not the length or formatting thereof.
  9. Classic_Spaceman

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    OK - That works. ? The Kimerans would be the main, overarching, species of Chima-head creatures, with the feline subspecies being called ‘Xenyr’. This actually works well with some of the ideas that I had in mind. Falco Gray (the character in question) is a master of disguise, so perhaps he developed his skills in order to pass as members of other species (so as to avoid discrimination). In that case, vampire heads can be used for a species called the ‘Valtar’: The Valtar species evolved on Valtar VII - the only moon of an outer rim gas giant to have a naturally-occurring ecosystem. The Valtar are a reptilian race known for their pale, scaly, skin and venomous fangs (though they are not snakes, nor related to any serpentine species). Yasha Rehji (co-founder of Blackguard Security and director of Blackstar’s Operations division) is a member of the Valtar. These look good. ? Would the rock monsters from Rock Raiders, Power Miners, Nexo Knights, etc come from this planet? Perhaps the settlements on these planets could be constructed entirely underwater, as anything built on the surfaces would be destroyed by the tidal forces of the planets’ orbits. Additionally, navigating the system could be difficult, due to its gravitational conditions, and the only ways to enter the system would be via jump gate or sublight propulsion (a ship that enters the system at FTL would run the risk of hitting a gravity distortion and being destroyed). This looks very interesting - How do you plan to depict the inhabitants? Is this Arcadia, and would it also be the Human homeworld? MagneTronics Engineering’s headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities would be located on this planet. This also sounds particularly interesting. ? @samurai-turtle: Do you have any plans for the War Bots/War Bot Network (from Mission Zero)? I ask, because I have some vague ideas for how to incorporate them into some future quest plots, but I wanted to make sure that you were not using them before I developed my ideas any further.
  10. Classic_Spaceman

    LEGO Star Wars 2021 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    To save others the trouble of searching: The post confirming that 75299 is not the only Mandalorian set coming in 2021 is on Page 24 of this thread.
  11. Classic_Spaceman

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2021 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    A clear picture of the Space Mining Mech has been released (via Brickset): I am not sure why the arm with the saw is orange, since the rest of the mech is white with a bit of red and dark blue. Unlike the drone, this set is not perfect - The shoulders are rather blocky and the arm-joints protrude too much (though both of these issues should be easy to modify). Additionally, after the excellent Minifigs from the rover and the drone, the absence of one in this set is glaring - Particularly since the mech shares the rover's colour-scheme, so an astronaut from that faction would fit nicely and tie the sets together. That said, the cockpit does look like it can be modified to fit a Minifig, which I like.
  12. Classic_Spaceman

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    @Lord Duvors @Waterbrick Down What, if any, names have you thought of for major planets in the League (aside from Arcadia)? (I ask, because I am writing the Director of Blackstar's research division as coming from a prominent League planet).
  13. Classic_Spaceman

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    OK - I was simply wondering if there were a connection between the two, and if you planned to develop them any more. BTW, I have actually never seen Babylon 5, so any similarities between it and my ideas were purely coincidental! Good. ? Here are a few writeups that I have finished: MagneTronics Engineering (MTE): A fixture in the galactic corporate landscape for over two hundred years, MagneTronics Engineering is the premier manufacturer of heavy machinery in the Euripides Arm. Taking both civilian and military contracts, MagneTronics' proprietary technology can be found anywhere from mining and manufacturing equipment to advanced weapons systems and maglev transit networks. In their capacity as the primary donor to the Nendara Relief Foundation, MagneTronics Engineering has begun to expand their philanthropic work - A move that many see as simply an attempt to improve their public image in the post-War era. Ocquos-Tanaxxis Energy Consortium (OTEC): The Ocquos Mining company was founded roughly one-hundred-fifty years ago from the unification of various smaller mining operations in League territory, but their rise to their current status as a major corporate power would come decades later, following a merger with an older cabal of Pluravvian fuel-merchants called the Tanaxxis Guild. In the wake of the so-called "Elevation of the Merchants" within the Pluravvian Empire, dealings with the Pluravvian merchant class became acceptable, despite the lingering perceptions of criminality. Now called the Ocquos-Tanaxxis Energy Consortium, often stylised as 'Oc\Tan', they are known as an immensely-powerful energy conglomerate that holds a near-monopoly on fuel production and distribution throughout the Euripides Arm. Pharsus ("FARCE-us") and Nendara factor into the backstories of a few of the characters that I am working on, and FreeSpace, IRIS, and Blackguard Security are connected to Blackstar. I will have those writeups (along with backstories for Blackstar Triad personnel and assets) completed soon. Ah, OK. ? @Lord Duvors
  14. Classic_Spaceman

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2021 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    A clearer look at the Space Police officer and the alien, from this thread: The Space Police officer is a direct update of the original (even the torso under the armour has the classic SP1/Futuron Black design!), which gives me hope for updates of other factions (M:Tron, Ice Planet, etc) in future series. I am not entirely certain that the alien is a criminal, though. Despite the crowbar and the orange jumpsuit, there is nothing that suggests that he(?) is a prisoner (e.g. a number badge). Combined with the breathing apparatus, the jumpsuit actually looks more like a miner's coveralls. Also, do we know if the head is dual-moulded or two separate pieces? It looks like it could be either. ?
  15. Classic_Spaceman

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    I knew that they were a different species, but I wondered if they were perhaps engaged in some kind of conflict with the Ancient Empire (or what is left of it). For example: The Benefactors and the Ancient Empire grew into galaxy-spanning civilisations with powerful weaponry, so any direct conflict between them would result in mutually-assured destruction. Thus, they fight each other by starting proxy wars between "lesser" civilisations (of which the Five-Year War is one). Since the Ancient Empire originated in the Euripides Arm, the Benefactors chose to elevate the Ytaxxi with the intention of their eventually coming into conflict with the Ancient Empire's descendants (or something of that nature). BTW, how are you pronouncing "Pluravvian" and "Ytaxxi"? I say "plure-AVIAN" and "yih-TAXI". That is what I had suspected, but I wanted to be sure. OK. How does this look, as a rough general timeline? Pre-War History Pharsian Unification: ~300 Years ago. Calaxxian Reformation (Pluravvian Empire): ~200-300 Years ago. MagneTronics Engineering (MTE) Founded: ~200-250 Years ago. Pharsian Plague Emerges: ~250 Years ago. League of Independent Planets Formed: ~200 Years ago. Tanaxxis Guild Founded: ~200 Years ago. Ocquos Mining Founded:~150-200 Years ago. Elevation of the Merchents (Pluravvian Empire): ~100-150 Years ago. Ocquos Mining and Tanaxxis Guild Merger: ~100-150 Years ago. FreeSpace Founded: ~30 Years ago. Blackguard Security Founded: ~28 Years ago. Five-Year War War Begins: ~25 Years ago. Official Duration: 5 Years (Ending ~20 Years ago). Blackstar Triad Formed: ~23 Years ago. Nendara Gate Collapse: ~3-4 Years after the start of the War (~21-22 Years ago). Ceasefire (Drandora Accords) Signed: ~3-4 Years after the start of the War (~21-22 Years ago). Colonial Secession (League of Independent Planets): ~3-4 Years after the start of the War (~21-22 Years ago). Pluravvian Civil War Begins: ~3-4 Years after the start of the War (~21-22 Years ago) Puravvian Civil War Duration (Official): ~2-3 Years (Ending ~19 Years ago). When was the ITA/Space Police established? BTW, if you can come up with a better name for the precursor to the IRIS Data Network than "FreeSpace", let me know - It was all that I could think of, but I want something better. ? What terminology are you considering? @Lord Duvors I am using the heads only, and they are not really "my" race - I only have one character in-mind who is a member of this species, and his being a Xenyr would not factor into the backstory (in earlier drafts, I just listed his species as "Space-Cat"). I simply wanted to know if they had a canon name. While I like the name "Xenyr" for this species, I am not sure what to call their homeworld (I am not fond of "Xenyr Prime"). Would you prefer to use the mask pieces for the Kimerans and have the Xenyr (and other Chima-head creatures) as a different species, or to have the Xenyr, et al as subspecies of Kimeran? I am using this head. While I am definitely developing them as a "giant shadow corporation that influences everything", they are not quite at that point yet (in-universe). I am trying to stay clear of their being overly involved in having shaped the galactic political and corporate landscape, by having them be founded a few years into the War (thus keeping them from ending up being behind the War itself). One comment after Mission Zero that stood out to me, was that my attempts at worldbuilding and giving Yelana some background often made the quest feel like it was taking place in "Yelana's world", for some players. Despite the fact that I am helping to develop 2.0, I do not want players and QMs to feel that my main faction determines the course of the entire game. Additionally, my goal is for Blackstar to be a usable faction for players and QMs (rather than just background, like the League and Empire), so I am mainly focused on laying groundwork and writing backstories for a few NPCs and the members of the Quorum, but still leaving things open-ended (I do not have a specific arc in-mind for either Blackstar or Yelana, as I want them to be developed by the course of the game). My strategy thus far has been to write Blackstar's actions "between the lines" of existing material (For example: The FreeSpace network (the precursor to IRIS) facilitated the simultaneous rebellions in both the League and the Empire, because it allowed for a means of communicating and coordinating that was not monitored/controlled by the respective governments (Additionally, I believe that Blackstar used the FreeSpace network to help incite these rebellions (possibly in order to put a stop to the War), since I find the coincidental timing of multiple insurrections on both sides of the conflict to be improbable, barring outside interference). Blackstar smuggled weapons and supplies to rebels from both factions, Blackguard Security operated prominently during the War and rose to ubiquity after (as both League and Imperial militaries have been depleted to the point that outlying systems (and even some inner ones) are left unprotected), etc). I am not experienced enough (yet) to run a quest, but I do actually have some ideas for one in-mind, for when I am ready. I am not familiar with the Syndicate/Proggs storyline from 1.0, so I am not sure if the comparison is apt. ? @Waterbrick Down I am not sure what you are asking - Are you referring to the Pluravvian Empire taking significant influence from historical Europe? ?