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Found 5 results

  1. Classic_Spaceman

    2023 Majisto GWP

    A GWP for later this year has been announced on r/LegoLeak, and I was able to find out a bit more information about it from u/FluffySky6. Based on the description, it sounds like a remake of 6048. Discussion of this set:
  2. After a failed experiment, Majisto had to rebuild his workshop. On this occasion, he made many improvements. Today I want to share with you my first alternate build for set 40601: Majisto's Alchemy Workshop! I wanted to create a home that is appropriate for Majisto, the master of magic and started with the interieur details. It should include a desk, an alchemy table, a bed and an armor stand, as well as a teasure chest that actually contains a treasure! At first, I tested different designs for the alchemy table: it needed to fit into the limited space but also look interesting. I noticed that I could create a full process of making a potion: Green ingredients are heated in a pot over a flame. A duct above the pot is connected to a pipe that emmits blue vapors. At the end of the pipe, there is a tap that can be lifted to fit a glass below. Since the blue components have evaporated, the resulting potion is yellow! As you can see in the image, the fire place is no longer split when hinging the house open. Since I'm not a big fan of the shoulder armor and the silver color does not do the Dragon Knights justice, I created a armor display stand. The idea is that Majisto uses his magic to make the armor more resistant. Wielded by the right knight, the double bladed battle axe is a powerful weapon. You probably already spotted the working door. Even with his hat on, Majisto can enter his lovely home. But what does the treasure chest contain? It is a yellow crystal, full of magic energy. Just in case you where wondering: the black flag ontop of the tower is a sign of grief over the lost raven, a loyal friend of Majisto. Climbing up the ladder that connects the three floors of the house, we find a bed for the wizard. My daughter convinced me that the pillow shouldn't be black, and I think she was right. The only place that is still missing is the study room in the tower. It contains a desk with a magic formula, a feather and ink. The window can be opened to let light inside and two spears decorate the walls. Just for the sake of completeness, here's a picture showing all the interieur at once. But of course, I also wanted to have a great exterieur. In this case, the pictures certainly speak for themselves. I'm very happy with how finished it looks. Especially with the way I was able to complete the tower using SNOT technique. I also think that the roof with the romantic window is a highlight. Finally, the small conifer must not go unmentioned. What do you think of my version of Majisto's workshop? If you have set 40601 you can build it yourself using my instructions on rebrickable. You don't need any extra pieces for this 😊
  3. Majisto's Tower Reimagined Majisto’s Tower Reimagined I reimagined Majisto’s Tower #1906 for the CCC’s Return of the GOAT contest. Dragon Masters has always been my favorite LEGO theme (and favorite castle faction). Initially, I planned to re-do Majisto’s Magical Workshop #6048, after building a micro version. But others have created their renditions of it and Majisto’s Tower seemed more fitting for a castle contest. Original Majisto’s Tower; Set #1906 Released in 1994, Majisto’s Tower, set #1906, was sold only in (North?) America. I came with many terrific parts (190 pieces total) for the price ($20), including: Printed wall panel and 8-wide arch pieces Dragon Masters Flag & Shield Spiral Staircase Tower roof Two BURPs Several castle wall/corner panels Horse 3 figs Castle-printed box with play features Castle on the Back and Side of the Original Box That last one, the custom printed box, has some awesome castle designs, which I incorporated into my build. The color scheme of the paved ground came from this depiction while the foliage covered ground came from the green baseplate of the original set. Sadly, I do not have the box anymore (or cannot find it). Comparison of the original set and my reimagined MOC My recreation is approximately twice the size of the original in each dimension. The building portion is about 60% bigger; I expanded the ground and landscaping to fill up the rest. I kept the prominent features: the two towers and gateway as they were in the original and the rocks are in approximately the same place as the BURPs. Comparison of the back side I imagined this tower being built at the top of a hill with a cliff drop-off to the left and behind. For this reason, I built the rockwork along the whole back side without a proper wall, true to the original. Spiral Stairs A key element from the set is the spiral staircase up to Majisto’s tower. I built mine in the reverse direction as exiting the stairs off the model seemed strange. But to make it fit, I added a balcony off the back of the tower. Workshop I added some potions, candles and a bookshelf to the expanded tower. Like the official set, I kept this room open. This makes it both easy to see the magical equipment and keep the play features from the original set. Bookshelf Gold Dragons Above the Gate As a kid, my eye was quickly drawn to the printed dragons over the entry arch and tower window. Rather than reuse the printed pieces, I brick-built them. Gold Dragons around the Tower Window Stable Another change I made was to add some space for a stable under the tower for the horse - complete with a manger. Chariot And speaking of the horse, I scaled down the chariot while still keeping its flamboyant wings. The chariot design was inspired by GJC15344. The Front Door Besides the chariot, there are two other movable pieces in the original set: the front doors and the secret passage. While the front doors do open and close, they are a bit stiff and fragile. Secret Exit on the Right Side The secret exit of the set opened with a horizontal hinge. I used a vertical one (using a Mixel joint). This allowed me to blend in the hidden door fairly well. Guard Tower’s Inner Door Another change I made was to the front guard tower. I decided to enclose it. There are three non-functional doors: one at the base of the tower, one leading out to the parapet over the gate and a trap door to the top of the tower. Parapet over the Gate I had planned to build the tower with the corner wall panels, but I didn’t have enough pieces for a 1x4 panel technique and the large corner panel this achieved the look I wanted while staying true to the original set. Guard Tower I hope you enjoyed my reimagined Majisto’s Tower creation! Back Side View Barred Window Front Door - Perspective Majisto in the Guard Tower Right Side Tower from Below Tower Roof
  4. Majisto's Magical Micro Workshop Set #6048 Majisto’s Magical Workshop was one of my favorite sets as a kid. So when LEGO announced their 90th Anniversary Micro-Scale contest, this set was at the top of my list. Click here for the link to my entry. I included as many features of the original set as I could at this scale. The building opens on a hinge. Both figures, Majisto and a Dragon Knight, are present. There is a table (unpictured), treasure chest, skillet on the fire and a ladder upstairs. I used the original 53° 3x1x3 1/3 slope to get the angle right on the roof. I also submitted this to the Summer Joust’s 12x12 Vignette category. If you enjoyed this creation, check out TomSkippy’s Dragon Masters Micro layout featuring all the Dragon Master sets in micro scale. Dragon Masters Background I created a simplified version of the Dragon Masters background to use for this. You are free to use them in your creations too. .png 5200 x 3250 (6MB) .svg source
  5. It had tried Majisto's patience for months, the attitude of the young wizard recently taken under the protection of the Black Knights. The new mage was constantly boasting to any tavern wench or random farm hand about how he could summon an army of demons from an unnamed void that would be stronger than any dragon the Dragon Masters could raise. Well, it was time to teach this kid a lesson--for the soul of a dragon set loose in its pure form of fire and rage is a very nasty opponent and Majisto had figured out long ago how to bind many of them to a specially enchanted lantern... My entry for the CCC XIX "Battle" category. More pics in the Album. C&C Appreciated!