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  1. Thanks! ^_.^ Hi, Thanks for the comments! The lever cannot be shifted manually, as the gear shifter (35188) is used. Its main function is to indicate the gear position and make the interior looks more realistic. Yes, this set is very good for mod-ing. I enjoy it very much and a bunch of ideas come after the other when I mod the chassis.
  2. This is my MOD chassis for the LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender 42110 with motorization using PF motors. Features: - fully RC for driving, steering and gear selection - working V8 fake engine - driving by 2 PF L-motors - steering by PF servo motor - 2-speed gearbox (LO/HI), controlled by PF M-motor - AWD with a centre differential, including differential lock - the centre differential lock is auto engaged by the LO gear I hope you enjoy the video :-.)