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  1. Quadruped Robot with Oblique Swivel Joints + 4 Degrees of Freedom Robot Arm + Oblique Joint + Swivel with Rolling Bearing + 4 Steering Wheel - Spined Quadruped Camellia Nano Controller is not puny. + DC motor + PWM Steering Servo Motor + UART Steering Servo Motor + HMI + LEDs and Pixel + Internet of Things: Access Point and MQTT Footage: Camellia Café - Quadruped Robot with Oblique Swivel Joints
  2. Digital Twin in Web3 by Crypto Accelerator with Oracle for IoT
  3. You are right. However with two dedicated motors and with my own MCU controller with the Internet of Things.
  4. Thanks! I used 2 sets 42110 and 4 motors to make the Defender 110 and trailer.
  5. The Lunar Year of Tiger! The Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 are coming as Electric Vehicle. Don't miss the Footage! Click to Watch With Camellia Mini Controller to control 2 DC motors and 2 Servo Motors. Copyright © Camellia Café 2016-2021 Camellia Café and its LOGO are registered trademarks.
  6. Watch the Footage The Mecanum wheel is an omnidirectional wheel design for a land-based vehicle to move in any direction. The Mecanum Wheel is based on a tireless wheel, with a series of rubberized external rollers obliquely attached to the whole circumference of its rim. These rollers typically have an axis of rotation at 45° to the wheel plane and 45° to the axle line. When spinning generates a propelling force perpendicular to the roller axle, which can be vectored into: + a longitudinal component + a transverse component Minions use Pulse Width Modulation technology to adjust the speed of their vehicles. Minions change the running direction of each wheel or motor with H-bridge technology and control the movement of their vehicles by combining different wheel directions. Camellia Mini could control all motors synchronously, which keeps 4 Mecanum wheels changing direction or speed simultaneously, thus making the vehicle perform perfect omnidirectional running. Copyright © Camellia Café 2016-2021 Camellia Café and its LOGO are registered trademarks.
  7. Dear, this is a tiny MCU which I designed by myself. I also create an ARM controller for 4 servo motors or all types of LEGO motors. I hope to get your suggestion.
  8. Watch the Footage A colourful pixel is two or more tiny LEDs with different colour put very closely. When some LEDs are on, others are off, or all are on, you will see a different colour thinking it is only one pixel. What a romantic time when coming across the colourful pixel in an Ice-cream Van under Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh! Copyright © Camellia Café 2016-2021 Camellia Café and its LOGO are registered trademarks.
  9. Thank you so much! We will be great friends! Maybe making old things resurgent is a way of creation.
  10. Watch Footage With the resurgence of vinyl over the last several years, a whole new generation is getting into turntables. Turntable Cartridge Moving Magnet Moving Coil Moving Iron A look at vinyl record grooves at around 1000x magnification. You can see the waveforms of the music itself… Vinyl Diameter:12”;10”;7”. Rotational Speed:8-1/3 rpm;16-2/3 rpm;33-1/3 rpm;45 rpm;78 rpm. Time Capacity:LP[Long Playing] with 12” and 33-1/3 rpm;SP [Single Play] with 10” and 78 rpm or 7” and 45rpm;EP [Extended Play] with 12” and 33-1/3rpm or 7” and 45rpm. Reproductive Quality or Level of Fidelity:high-fidelity;orthophonic;full-range. The number of Audio Channels:Mono;Stereo;Quad. Internet of Things Controller Music, after all, is something that brings joy to our lives. Vinyl gives us a way to increase the joy factor and explore music in new and exciting ways. That joy is the essence of the vinyl revival. It’s why people are gleefully purchasing records again. Copyright © Camellia Café 2016-2021 Camellia Café and its LOGO are registered trademarks. Please kindly visit Camellia Café
  11. Wonderful! Awesome! Both your idea and art products are interesting to me. Dear, I agree with your idea. The old fashion computer has it's value. It is a fundamental tool for children learning computer knowledge, such as binary and Ascii. Besides, when quantum mechanics computers are coming, old fashion computer will give a transparent compare between classic computers and quantum mechanics computers. What’s incredible is, I have a similar experience with you. Learning and working in both the electricity and the chemical industry. Just do as you wish! You are not old. You have a young spirit and positive thought. You will have great success!
  12. Thanks so much for your encouragement. Besides, it is not based on Arduino. I designed an MCU with lego motor control functions and the Internet Of Things(MQTT) in this model. Let's enjoy LEGO jointly! Bingo! Sannner is also a big screen. Thank you!
  13. Watch Footage ASCII Code Binary Operation We don't fear Coronavirus, We have masks, We have the vaccine, What's more important, We have hope. Happy Chinese OX Years! Copyright © Camellia Café 2016-2021 Camellia Café and its LOGO are registered trademarks. Please kindly visit Camellia Café
  14. Thanks for getting your message. You are right. It is based on Creator. I also put a chip into it. It has functions for Internet of Things. I can drive it from a mobile phone via Wi-Fi or 4G. Thanks for your suggestions.