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    [REVIEW] 42056 - Porsche 911 GT3 RS

    Apparently I'm really late to respond to this review, which I enjoyed reading! The major spotlight of this set, to me, is how it stands up as an expensive "premium" product. There doesn't seem to be an official definition of what this is, and a further general discussion warrants its own thread, but about this model I can say this: - At my local Lego store, they had just finished building it. It looks great on the outside, but it is still "Arctic Tracker" orange - I like the actual "lava orange" color much better. Put this model next to any other red or orange Technic model and it runs the risk of looking worse than if displayed by itself. - The store still had one boxed copy on the shelf at night on the day of release. The box had dings in the MIDDLE of the front paper cover, which clearly exposed the white paper stock. Not sure who would be willing to buy this copy without even a tiny discount. As a premium product, it is still placed on the same shelves as every non-premium product, which means it is subject to all the same handling as any "ordinary" set: all the dropping, dinging, sneezing, nose-wiping, and mouthing that children (of all ages, frankly) can muster. - I haven't seen wheels packaged so well in any set since 2000's 8458 Silver Champion. That is a long time. And yet other sets which might be considered special (Architecture, Ideas), but far lower in price, have more sturdy packaging overall. The Maze I just got for Father's Day is wonderfully packaged. - After many years of having set 4502 (X-wing with white elastic bands) on an exposed shelf, the elastic bands work just as well today as they did when the set was built. Despite this being a premium product, some of the dissatisfaction presented in this thread is of the "ordinary" variety (build instruction steps and pin colors vs. color-blind and lower dexterity build accessibility, the "wrong" gears in the "wrong" place, missing/incomplete "real-world" features, packaging, sticker shelf life) that often accompanies sets priced much lower than this one. And yet in this same thread, the essence of Lego being a platform open for modification has been upheld in premium fashion, particularly motivated in this instance by the gap in personal expectations leading up to the release of this set. So "premium" is still a work in progress.
  2. plethorabricks

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    If this was an ordinary Technic release, someone would be halfway to having this built in red and yellow by now. Does anyone dare make the attempt on this one? (I'm not even close to being that great of a designer/builder)
  3. plethorabricks

    42055 - Bucket Wheel Excavator

    You could take a Robotics Instruction Set 2.0 set from the early 2000s and build something similar to this, with far fewer pieces and at a smaller scale (think of a candy/piece sorter on treads). But it's the largess of this set, coupled with the way the functions are routed from one motor, that makes it its selling point.
  4. plethorabricks

    42055 - Bucket Wheel Excavator

    Ok...but do you have an opinion on the bucket wheel excavator? :) This thing belongs in the center of a large GBC sequence. They could easily re-color/re-brand this into a GBC line of Technic products.
  5. plethorabricks

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    Caution, speculation ahead: The rubber bands might suggest a "bi-state switch" operation, or perhaps even friction forces like the Lego X-Wings have used for years. Curious. Edit: Or perhaps an auto-centering mechanism for the steering.
  6. plethorabricks

    42054 - Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC

    Best tractor since 8284. Tires are great. Seems to have lots of manual knobs, so playability should be high. Why is the (5L?) tan axle in the front sticking out?
  7. plethorabricks

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    The pre-sale "camo" version would make a great contest or prize giveaway. The "which set should I buy" thread is going to explode this year.
  8. plethorabricks

    42055 - Bucket Wheel Excavator

    Yikes, this is huge. What could the B-model possibly be?
  9. plethorabricks

    [REVIEW] 75139 Battle on Takodana

    Thanks for the review, Poe. But I'm still upset that you became so popular that you're part of the reason the next movie is delayed! :P Oh well, I'll get over it. :) Built and in person, this set is pretty good. You just have to accept that this is one of those sets that, like most set-piece style Lego sets, swallows up quite a few pieces just to assemble even a small area. The minifigs are a huge draw, particularly if you are not so thrilled with Kylo Ren's shuttle but still want a Kylo Ren minifig, and/or if you're not quite ready to own the TFA Falcon yet - this set + Rey's Speeder set will save you some money.
  10. Yeah, especially with the great packaging, a small series of sets would have looked good on the shelf. But, we don't know the terms of the licensing deal, they may have been allowed to make only one classic TV series Batman set. Still, it would have been nice to see a "stealth" theme of licensed Hollywood automobiles take shape at around the $50 price point (Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters reboot, batmobiles/tumblers/copters, KITT, Spaceballs Winnebago, Mad Max Interceptor, etc.) But don't get me wrong, I am very impressed overall that this set made it to reality.
  11. plethorabricks

    [WIP - LDD - MOC] 16x32 "Affordable" Ghostbusters HQ

    This looks pretty good. How much do you expect to "save" in terms of pieces? Is it half the piece count of the retail set?
  12. plethorabricks

    Build for the LEGO Dimensions toypad and all the sets. WIP

    This is so great! My kid would go bonkers over this. If I tell him about this he'll want me to build one with/for him, and then I'll be in trouble!
  13. plethorabricks

    New Simpsons set in 2016?

    I was kind of hoping that this year would be the year of double comic-book stores (comic book guy and stuart's), but Simpsons and Big Bang Theory sets never seem to go out of stock, so I'm not sure the demand is all there. But the biggest disappointment of all might be that we never get that "YVAN EHT NIOJ" printed piece.
  14. plethorabricks

    75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Discussion

    The Dimensions pack is pretty cool - not only do you get PV with the "new" Bill Murray-like hair and printed arms, but you get a cool Ecto-1 build unique in its own right. This Ecto-1 WILL fit in the firehouse no problem! I started playing the new "level" and it looks like it parallels the movie's story, so far so good. The movie audio transfer is very good, much better than the Jurassic Park audio transfer in the Lego Jurassic World game. The movie music is all there, just like it was in the 2009 Ghostbusters video game. The portal "open world" area lets you drive around NYC, and upon quick inspection has more references to Ghostbusters 2 than you were probably prepared for, but this is a good thing, right? So what does this have to do with 75827? Well, the firehouse in these levels is real-world-built, not brick-built - so the firehouse-as-bricks is not in the game - but all the minifigs are! So, every time I drive around the corner to the firehouse or pass Dana in the hallway of a building it makes me want this set more and more.
  15. I just built the B-model of this set after the instructions were finally made available - WOW!!! Not only does it have its own A-model-worthy gearbox, but it uses up all of the set's panels and all of the set's beams except for one 6L 0.5W beam. And does it sensibly. Stickers are not required for this model to look good, but are not out of place if they have been applied. The model is large and hefty, but the weight balance is good through the model's length. On the ground, the wheels move and steer just as well as the A-model. The hoist arm and rear cargo door are manually operated (which is actually better for playability). And this may not sit well with some, but the front of the model works well if you are still young (or old?) enough to actually play with this model, using minifigs or Friends-style figs or your own action figures to sit in and fly the helicopter. This model was clearly designed to be played with. This is easily one of the best official B-models out there.