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  1. enkeybo

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I searched everywhere for this but can't find anything on a brick built version of Busan. Could you provide a link to some pictures?
  2. enkeybo

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Has anyone tried making a Daredevil figure using the Black Panther ears flipped around to make horns? It would probably look best if it was painted, but I think it's worth a try.
  3. How come we get the new pieces introduced in the Dawn of Justice sets but nothing from the Civil War sets? I need Scarlet Witch's waist cape. We could use another update real soon with some new parts and big fixes.
  4. Mini Lower Part No. 2 works only sometimes. I have a model with a few minifigs using the new legs in it, and about only half of them look right. When I close and reopen LDD and open the same model, the legs that didn't work before work now, and the legs that worked before work no longer.
  5. @ED-209 Also, I had some questions about these Avery Labels. How durable are they, and how well do they stick? Are they thin and bendable enough to fit onto curved surfaces, like heads and arms?
  6. Hi there, I've been looking everywhere for some high quality sticker paper for customizing minifigs. I'm seeing in videos and pictures everywhere that people are using clear sticker paper on minifigs, but they're not waterslide. I've searched all over the place, and I haven't found out anything about it. Not even the Eurobricks search function can shed some light on this! Anyways, I'm hoping to find some that are reasonably priced, high quality, easy to apply, and work with an inkjet printer. I don't really like the idea of waterslide decals because it seems to take a lot of skill and time commitment, both of which I really don't have much of. While white paper seems to do well (especially since you can't print white), but I'd prefer to use transparent (obviously I'd need white paper when I would need to print bright colors also, so yes, I guess I am going to need both white and transparent). I have been hearing a lot more recently about "labels". What are they? Is it just another name for a decal or sticker? Or is it literally using the materials that were originally meant for labeling for minifigure customization? Or is it something different altogether? I've seen professionals online use transparent stickers amazingly. TheCooperWorks and those old BrickForge decals from a few years back have proven that sticker paper is a suitable alternative. So please, if there any reasonably priced, high quality, easy to apply decals that work with an inkjet printer that you know of, I'd love to hear about it.
  7. enkeybo

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Is it just me or does the "bad dude with a helmet" look like a constraction figure?
  8. enkeybo

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Whatever #3 turns out to be, I seriously doubt it being scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. If you look at him in the trailer, he has BROWN legs, a DARK GREEN torso, and a pointy dark brown hat. #3 has ORANGE legs, a WHITE torso, and even some light flesh from the look of it. Whoever it is, it's not Scarecrow.
  9. enkeybo

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    It would be weird for LEGO to have a Chell minifigure in this (where's Atlas and P-Body?) but I've been waiting for LEGO Portal sets for forever. Let's keep our fingers crossed and pray that those CUUSOO projects didn't die in vain. If LEGO does join up with Valve, could we be seeing Half-Life or TF2 products as well? I also really hope that the speculation around Avatar: The Last Airbender (and Legend of Korra) is true. That franchise deserves a lot more than just two measly sets.
  10. enkeybo

    Decal Wish List

    Could someone make me a decal for this ninja's torso from LEGO Universe?
  11. enkeybo

    Decal Wish List

    Could someone please make me face decals of Zuko, Katara, Sokka, and the Fire Nation soldier from the old Avatar theme? *Side note: for Zuko and Sokka I only need the face. Don't worry about the hair.
  12. enkeybo

    Decal Wish List

    Hi everyone, I'm kind of a noob when it comes to decal making but I really want to make some custom figures of Joel and Ellie from the video game The Last of Us. Decal-Makers, your help would be appreciated. The decals I need are: Joel's face decal (a possible way to do this would be to get Jor-El's face and change the hair color from brown to black and grey) Joel's shirt decal without backpack straps (the green one he wears on the box art of the game) FRONT AND BACK TORSO DECALS Joel's shirt decal with backpack straps (front torso decal only) Arm decals for Joel's rolled up sleeves Ellie's face decal Ellie's shirt decal (the red one she wears on the box art) FRONT AND BACK TORSO DECALS Ellie's shirt decal with backpack straps (front torso decal only) Arm decals for the red short sleeves on Ellie's shirt Requirments: The designs should look like what LEGO would do if they made these characters Joel's shrt must be in the Olive Green LEGO color Ellie's shirt must be in LEGO's Red color Ellie's torso decal must have curves similar or identical to what LEGO puts on most of their female characters Both shirts should have wrinkles on them to make them look realistic. there shouldn't be backpacks on the back of the torso decals; I'll add a Brickforge backpack for Joel and the Series 10 Skydiver's backpack for Ellie on the final figures. And now, the reference images: Here's a good image of joel's shirt: Ellie's shirt design: Ellie's face: Joel's face: Sorry for the huge face images. They were the best I could find. So that pretty much wraps it up. Thanks for the help!