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  1. meepinater

    Adding on to the Harry Potter Quidditch Match

    very nice! one thing, I would try to pose the flying figs better... maybe the ones with poseable legs could have the brooms between the legs?
  2. meepinater

    Tutorial How to: DIY decals

    oof... :( oh, well. I can get a laser printer eventually... maybe when they get cheaper... I don't want to spend that much money yet.
  3. meepinater

    LEGO Harry Potter Decals

    nice, nice... I might try to make some sometime... When I am not to busy building Bionicle.
  4. meepinater

    [MOC] SOLO: a Star Wars Story - Mimban

    nice! love the freeform terrain!
  5. These are great, thanks for the review! Now we just have to wait for more sets to come out... and then we can populate them! though, I think that they could/should have included some more teachers. Mcgonagall, Snape, Pomfrey... and some more Weasleys, maybe as well as a generic death eater? ah, well. We'll have to make do.
  6. meepinater

    Review: 7138 Rahkshi

    I love it! the yellow feet are great... I agree with ShadowWolfHount, the staff should have some other blade type thing... Turahk's blades would be better.
  7. Oh yeah, and they're only 6 U.S. dollars.
  8. meepinater

    Ideas for CMFs

    Cool! there are so many ideas for that... star wars, pirates of the Caribbean, you could even do a military series! although i wouldn't mind if that was in yellow...
  9. thanks! My grandpa came home late... so i'll have to do it tomorrow or the next day.
  10. are zombies in medieval outfits ok? I will add some pics as soon as a learn how to use my new camera... my grandpa is working today so he won't be able to teach me until this afternoon.
  11. meepinater

    VHT Vinyl Dye to Re-color LEGO

    useful! it sounds like sealant is not involved, or is that wrong? Personally, i use acrylic paints so that i can manually do the painting and add details if i want, then i spray it with sealer.
  12. meepinater

    Ideas for CMFs

    oooh, yeah! i love that skin tone. the only problem with vitruvius is the fact that his blind eyes look like cucumber slices... :P just an observation!
  13. meepinater

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    wow, this is huge! totally worth the $200+ dollars! My cousin would love this, he is obsessed with voltron!
  14. meepinater

    James Bond 2018

    I don't know. I am just speculating about the gun. I thought it was from james bond, sorry. anyways, i think i'm gonna move on. i've probably contributed to half the comments here, so i will be back over in the mcw if you need me. see ya!
  15. meepinater

    James Bond 2018

    cough cough moneyball. let's get back to james bond...third time around, the golden gun is from this, right? i wonder how lego will reproduce it.