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  1. meepinater

    REVIEW: 41775 Unikitty Series 1

    Although I don't know much about the show, these look worth getting just for those fun expressions... There are so many things you can do with them! Like a really detailed stop motion, for example.
  2. meepinater

    [Review] 40358: Bean There, Donut That

    I feel like this is Lego's attempt at a joke set... At least that's what I'm getting from the title. The actual set looks pretty cool. I'd get it for the bike... and those donut printed tiles. So that's my two cents.
  3. meepinater

    [MOC] The Golden Hall of Meduseld

    good job! this is excellent! the size is great, the detailing is SUPERB, and the overall shape and how it looks is astounding. the minifigures add something, too.
  4. This would be worth getting for those dark red bricks and that firetruck build... I'm also seeing some nice little details here and there that are really neat. That sled for example, and the frozen fountain.
  5. meepinater

    [MOC] Respectable Dragon

    good job! I love the... mustache? and the suit, hat, and wings are just awesome as well.
  6. looks pretty good, although there could be a few more details...
  7. money doesn't grow on trees... but it is made from trees! at least, American money. harry potter looks super cool, I still need to get some of those new medium legs.
  8. nailed it... captain marvel will be pretty good. there was a set... I think it was released last year? that had her in it...any chance that's the one from the movie, or is it just something lego did for fun?
  9. meepinater

    Avengers/Stark Tower

    you need a lot of trans medium blue (or light blue... the color of Iron man's blasts.) and light grey. use the set for inspiration!
  10. looks good, but I have no idea what those barbell things are... are they like webby handcuffs? the captain marvel sets will be coming in 2019, correct?
  11. meepinater

    [MOC] The Ministry of Brick (picture heavy)

    this is beautiful! good job! I love the different little sections, it adds a nice touch. and the fact that it all connects to be one uniform building that looks remarkable on the outside? amazing. hope you do more of this kind of thing... you sure seem good at it.
  12. meepinater

    Guard House

    looks good! the mailbox really catches my eye, good job!
  13. meepinater

    Troll Castle

    looks great, the color blocking everywhere is magnificent. good job!
  14. meepinater

    Book III - Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild

    just out of curiosity, where do we post this stuff?
  15. love it! this is great... good job!