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  1. Great review. Thank you. I think te weakest one is the Madam Rolanda Hooch here since the set version is very similar to the newest version.
  2. timura


    This built small in size because its is for a contest where the building base is limited to 16x16 baseplate size. Thanks for comments ;)
  3. timura


    A small toystore in the corner. Little girl wants to have the purple doll. Little boy is getting the limited edition golden knight as a present. Top section of the store is removable. Inside the store toys are lightend with spot lights Right wall in the back is hinged and can be opened. The surface of the MOC is built stud-on-side and the sidewalk has a height of half stud.
  4. Today something unbelievable happened to me. I bought today NinjaGO sets 70756 Dojo Showdown together with 70753 Lawa Falls .According to Brickset and many other sources both sets should normally include the same Anacondrai character Sleven. But I realised that the 70756 Dojo Showdown set has pictured other than Sleven which has a torso printing with 2 snakes on it. I searched for the names for the characters and found pictures for the character as seen below. NinjaGO Anacondrai character called Chope which has one large snake symbol on its torso. When you look closely you can see that Chope is pictured on the box of set 70756. Besides the main picture in front of the box, also Chope is pictured on top of the box. I got excited when I found this mistake and opened the box. Than I realised that the Instruction Manual pictured the correct picture of Sleven Then I see that both minifigures are suprisingly included in the box. They both came out from the original part bag. I'm buying and opening LEGO sets for nearly 25 years and I have never seen an extra minifigure in a box. I think that this minifigure is included deliberately because of a possible printing mistake. Either the box or the instructions manual was misprinted and LEGO company decided to include both figure before getting any complaints about the mistake. I searched the internet for this incident and couldn't found any info about it. Either this extra minifigure mistake only happened to me or the early released sets are released with only one minifigure and now they include one extra minifigure.
  5. timura

    GoH Collectible Minifigs Series voting time!

    2. 1 point 13. 2 points
  6. timura

    CSF Contest: The Constructonauts

    Contest is still open anyway. I didn't know that it was not allowed to share a contest in EB.
  7. timura

    Hyperion Tank

    I was exactly inspired by that mega tank :)
  8. Steel Stallions: Steel Stallions is a Galactic marine Faction that controls a star sector and continue its existence as a local government inside the M-Throne Imperial Territory. Steel Stallions is a member state of the intergalactic Marine confederation. All members of the Steel Stallions are peach. They identify their skin color as "holy skin color". According to their religion the human gods who created the LegOre has the same skin color. They are racist on their thoughts but they can not act racist against yellows. because any racist activity is forbidden by the M-Throne Imperial Law. They fought many battles against greens side by side with the M-Throne Imperial Army which mainly consist of yellow people. Space Stallions is a militaristic, semi-democratic faction. The ruler of the faction is called "the first citizen" and it is chosen with elections with open vote method. The first citizen is also the leader of the armed forces which employs nearly %60 of the citizens. Others work mostly in industrial facilities like weapon factories. For more pictures from Steel Stalions you can visit the Flickr album: Steel Stalion Marines: SSV10 "Novo" Dropship SSV50 "Photon" Fighter/Bomber
  9. 5: 3 points 12: 1 point 15: 1 point 20: 1 points
  10. 30: 1 point 31: 1 point 38: 2 points 39: 2 points
  11. timura

    Hyperion Tank

    Here is one of the greatest ground vehicles of the M-Throne Empire. Comparing its size with other tanks, Hyperion Tank is more of a mobile command station than a tank. It is used as a mobile base for the field generals. It is covered with different kinds of weapons including machine guns, flak guns, ion cannons and different types of missiles. Properties: Length: 30" Width: 16" Height: 11" Mass: 8,7 kg Armament: 1 x Dual Barrel Main Ion Cannon 2 x Dual Barrel Ion Cannons 4 x Dual Barrel Ion Cannon Turrets 2 x Dual Barrel AA Flak Guns 8 x Dual Barrel Machine Guns 4 x Single Barrel Machine Guns 24 x Homing AA Missiles 6 x Napalm Missiles 2 x Long Range Napalm Missiles 2 x Long Range OT-Nuclear-Missiles Side View: Top View: Secondary Cannons [Dual Barrel, Size:5''] Side Cannons (Dual Barrel, Size:6'') Machine guns on sides, front and top: AA Homing Missile Racks on sides AA-Guns, Missiles and F-Generator on top of the main turret: Front Top Hatch can open and OT-Nuclear-Missiles are revealed: The control room is under the main turret: Main Control Screen of the tank: Command Crew: Under the comman crew there is a network of 14 super computers. These work as targeting computers. Probe and Repair Droid:
  12. timura

    Fabuland Hobbiton

    This layout is amazing. I like custom build figures and the interior of the buildings the most. The windmill is also looking great. Blogged at tilesorstuds.com: http://www.tilesorstuds.com/2014/02/hobbiton-in-fabuland.html
  13. Really impressive creation: Blogged by tilesorstuds.com:
  14. timura

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    Here is my entry. A shiny ornament made of crystal :)
  15. timura

    The Lost City

    I'm buying parts mostly from Bricklink. Im not keeping my sets built. I use them as spareparts too. Thank you for your comment. I wanted to try something special. So i built a temple that nobody has seen in this shape before but still refers to the original pyramids. Therfor i bent the shape a little and add some small waterfalls around it. After all this pyramid is found in the "Lost City". :)