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  1. Jimalaya

    Are the mosaics worth the money? ?

    They are not good value as they are not real lego and don't do anything. They are not good value as they are small peices and not interesting to a real lego fan. They should not do more or they should make them cheaper so more people can buy them as they are a lot of money for a set.
  2. Jimalaya

    Sets that makes your highly emotional?

    I am getting the Child A.K.A. Baby Yoda.
  3. Lego does Star Wars but they should they also do Star Trek which has been popular for many people in this whole world too. I would like the mini figures of the Captains Kirk and Captain Picard and The Klingons and the Borg and Wesley Crusher who is Wil Wheeton and Data and all the others. Even if Star Wars is bigger and better I would also like to have Star Trek as I like both. But what do you think. Comment below to have your say this time and make this happen.
  4. 75978 is one of the biggest ever sets made from legos in the world and in the U.S.A. What do you think? Is it worth it for 5544 pieces at the price of $399.99. It is a huge set and one of the biggest ever but is it worth it for that price? You can tell us in the comments and also discuss if Harry Potter is more important to the Lego company than Star Wars is. Star Wars is more important but Harry Potter is also important.
  5. The LEGO officially revealed The Child A.K.A. Baby Yoda lego set number #75138 from The Mandalorian and it is available globally from October 30th. This is the date of Series Number 2. What do you think of this set? Tell us in the comments below. It looks a good build in legos of The Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian.
  6. Lego should do collectible mini figures for Star Wars. They would be great for The Mandalorian or other Star Wars. Do you agree. You can have your say right here.
  7. Lego has released the Child A.K.A. Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian in the Lego format. Is it worth the money for these Legos? Do you want to see more Mandalorian Legos? You tell us in the comments below. Thanks to www.jedinews.com for the news.