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  1. im__hungry

    Mariokart 8 vehicles

    I love these. they look great
  2. im__hungry

    MOC SpaceX Falcon 9 Complete Set

    What SpaceX is doing is amazing, the rate and speed that they are launching these prototypes is amazing. The genius of the Falcon 9 and the successes of it as the first real reusable rocket has also left everything before it well behind. I cant wait until the day I can sit with my boys and watch the SpaceX lunar ship return people to the moon and then the Starship to Mars.
  3. im__hungry

    MOC SpaceX Falcon 9 Complete Set

    Hey all Me and my 4 and 5 year old boys share a love for Lego and space, we have taken a particular liking to watching all the SpaceX falcon 9 and Starship prototype launches, the launches are amazing, if you haven't watched the SN8-12 Starship test flights, I highly recommend you do. Being in Australia and waking the younglings up at 4-5am in the morning to watch the launches definitely has caused some interesting discussions with the wife......Anyway this love of Lego and space has naturally led to a lot of rocket building and a realisation that I would really love Lego to release a spaceX rocket build. This led to me designing a Falcon 9 rocket and submitting it onto Lego Ideas for the chance of Lego potentially taking my design and turning it into the next Rocket Set. Which would be a dream come true really. If you want to support and help this dream become a reality then please follow this link and hit support. It would take you 5mins and mean a lot to me. If not then that's ok, I am just as happy to discuss and show off my Lego creation with all of you and hear your thoughts and comments. It definitely had a few challenges so was a fun design to do. the folding legs and fitting the minifigures into the Dragon Capsule was probably the most challenging. Let me know what you think. Thank you New front Pic by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 2 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 6 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 7 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 9 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 3 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 4 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 5 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 10 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 11 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 12 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 13 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 14 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 8 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr Thank you for looking :)
  4. im__hungry

    MechWarrior Madcat and Mechbay

    Hello One of my favourite games growing up was Mechwarrior, so my new found passion for Lego designing was always going to incorporate a mechwarrior design at some point. One of my favourite mechs was the Mad cat or Timberwolf, so that is what I tried to recreate in this Lego design. But like most things I design that I plan on building, it must be playable, it has to be something my 4 and 5 year old would love to play with(destroy), so I added the mechbay with lots of playable features, it has sliding doors, a fully functional sliding crane and hoist system as well a few minifigures to refit and repair the mech. I do intend to actually build this one once I finish my build of the Klingon bird of prey that I have shared on this forum. If you are interested, I have added this model to Lego ideas and it is currently in the support stage, so if you think it would make a great set for Lego to officially build then any support given would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what you think, any feedback would be great. Link to the lego Ideas page. MadCat_37 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr MadCat_35 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr MadCat_32676 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr MadCat_332 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr MadCat_34 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr MadCat_33 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr MadCat_32 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr MadCat_31 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr MadCat_30 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr MadCat_3547451 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr MadCat_3256657 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr MadCat_347696 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr
  5. im__hungry

    Star Trek The Next Generation Lego Riker and Data Beaming in

    Love it, anything star trek Lego will get my support.
  6. im__hungry

    Star Trek - Klingon Bird of Prey

    Thank you everyone for the comments. I have now completed the wing and cockpit in real Lego form. It all went together as designed and my instructions seemed to work well. My klingon minifigure also arrived so I have included him in the photos. 20210319_203825 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 20210319_203806 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 20210319_204135 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr 20210319_203900 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr Thanks for viewing, its going to be a while until I order the next pieces as the final cost of this design is higher than I originally anticipated , but I am determined to finish it. The wing to my surprise held in its various different positions so have confidence that the body will hold under the weight of the wings pulling on it from either side but we will see. Hope you guys enjoy, I will try and post more progressive photos of the next sections so you get a better idea of the design. Once I complete the build myself, I am more than happy to share my instructions with anyone if they are interested. :)
  7. im__hungry

    Star Trek - Klingon Bird of Prey

    Thanks for the comments, I will update the post as I go, still waiting on the pieces for the wing/disruptor to arrive. Unfortunately, I cant submit this as a Lego idea, Kreo own the rights to Star Trek so Lego cant release anything Star trek related. Its a shame as Kreo haven't made any decent sets and by the looks aren't making anymore.
  8. im__hungry

    Star Trek - Klingon Bird of Prey

    Thanks for the reply and the advice. I tried to do it in green at first but the lack of parts made it very hard. So I decided with the dark red and black. I was planning on doing a cargo bay in the back or an engineering bay, but I had to use the space to reinforce the structure between the wings.
  9. im__hungry

    Star Trek - Klingon Bird of Prey

    BOP Complete_After Update_8 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr BOP Complete_After Update_7 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr BOP Complete_After Update_6 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr BOP Complete_After Update_5 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr BOP Complete_After Update_4 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr BOP Complete_After Update_3 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr BOP Complete_After Update_2 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr BOP Complete_After Update by Im__Hungry, on Flickr Front wings up by Im__Hungry, on Flickr
  10. im__hungry

    Star Trek - Klingon Bird of Prey

    Hello I guess as my first ever post on this forum, not 100% sure this is the right spot for this kind of post, but I should introduce myself, I am a 34 year old from Australia, who has always had a passion for Lego but could never really afford it when I was a kid. But now having a 3 and 4 year old boy of my own who are completely obsessed with Lego, i have recently rediscovered my love of this simple toy. I have gone from building mostly sets, to creating my own designs. My aim is to make every design I do as something that my boys would love to play with so playability to me is everything. Anyway that's enough of that, I am wanting to show off one of my first designs, I really enjoy a challenge and I definitely had one with this project. I am a Sci-fi nerd and love Star Trek, in particular everything Klingon so I was very disappointed that Lego never got the star trek licence. I am currently working on building this Bird of Prey, at this stage I have only made the cockpit and neck, but have the parts for the wing and disruptor ordered. I am really looking forward to seeing how this design that I have spent so many hours on turn into a real product. My main concerns for the build is how strong the wing hinge attachment is as there is quite a lot of weight on them. But I will find out in the next week or so when all my parts arrive and I can trial it. Hope you all find it interesting, I believe it turned out pretty good, with a few play features included, such as the dining hall, opening cockpit, adjustable wings and shooting disruptors. Model Details (according to 4335 pieces 74cm wide, 68cm long. 4.3kg I wanted to add more pics but it seems I can only upload 1 due to the size. See if I can work around this. Also if you are interested, I currently have a Lego Ideas set in the support stage. Its a minifigure scale SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket, again showing my love for all things space related. any support will be greatly appreciated. I am very interested to hear what you all have to say about my Bird of Prey, any issues you see or possible problems I will have turning this into a real model. Thank you very much for reading this. :) Any ideas on how to post more pictures? I am not that tech savy. Thanks Ok I made a Flickr account to show some of the other photos. I have also ordered custom Klingon minifigures and Batleths to hang in the dining hall.