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  1. MrLegoCollector

    Mr Burns Office MOC

    Thanks a lot everyone. I'm really glad everyone's liked it
  2. MrLegoCollector

    Mr Burns Office MOC

    In future I think I'll be adding curtains with a back wall and maybe some walls either side
  3. MrLegoCollector

    [MOC] Batman's Sewer Rat

    This is an awesome vehicle. And fits with the line brilliantly
  4. MrLegoCollector

    Mr Burns Office MOC

    I tried to get this as accurate as possible to the office shown in the show. I'd have loved to have made a trap door but even with the heightened base it wouldn't drop a Minifigure clear. But I put the button on the desk next to the chair to be accurate anyhow. I designed the chair and phone and clock and desk but I think I got the design of the lamp from Lego and tweaked it a bit i didn't intend the power plant style base but the idea hit me when I got the batman movie sets and the curved red pipe piece plus it was a good way to incorporate Blinky the fish which I wanted to do. I think on future I'll add the curtains and some walls to one or both sides.
  5. MrLegoCollector

    [MOC] Mechanic Rhino vs Amazing Spider-Man

    Damn that's awesome, great job. i was always bummed we never got to see the whole fight
  6. MrLegoCollector

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Tombstone I used the arms of Syndrome, only downside is a little silver piping Chameleon Extremis head Onaconda Farr torso (weapons in the above two aren't purist, just the figs) The Riddler Hat was from the dragster riddler with the rest of the figure from fig in a different set and the cane using the piece from the latest Lego Batman Movie set Mr Freeze (Eli Wallach) Added the hairpiece and modified the freeze gun to be more accurate This probably doesn't qualify but... Archangel wings i didn't like the wings that came with this fig so I made some more accurate ones
  7. Really enjoyed making this one. When the mariachi figure was revealed as part of CMF i instantly though of the Amigos
  8. MrLegoCollector

    REVIEW: Short comparison of various sized Antman.

    Nice overview. I wish they hadn't retired the Ant-Man set so quickly
  9. MrLegoCollector

    [MOC] 90s Spider-Man The Animated Series Goblin Gliders

    No, they both come in the web warriors battle set
  10. MrLegoCollector

    LEGO BrickHeadz Wishlist and Ideas

    Wolverine Cyclops Professor X Deadpool Storm Archangel Homer Simpson Bart Simpson Green Goblin Venom
  11. MrLegoCollector


    That's dope. I always loved the Forevor Batmobile. The ribbed look was awesome
  12. MrLegoCollector

    [MOC] -My Custom Big Figs

    Loving that Rhino
  13. So not being satisfied with the Goblin Gliders provided in the Ghost Rider and Bridge Battle sets I made my own, based on the ones used in the 90s Fox Kids cartoon that I grew up with. Enjoy Reference: