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Found 7 results

  1. evancelt

    [MOC] Fourth Moon of Cestus VI

    As the away team maintained their course to the northwest, Commander Riker squinted into the distance. "Mr. Data, do your tricorder readings still suggest the crashed shuttle is over the next ridge?" "They do, sir, but I'm only picking up Romulan life signs." ------------- A quick Star Trek The Next Generation MOC I made in this week while quarantining with COVID. Hoping to get back to physical bricks again soon when I have more energy. Here are some of the Studio part files I created (based on decals from this post by @Hound Knight): TNG Uniform TNG Uniform - Worf Worf Head Data Head
  2. Hello, I recently bought and builded the Liebherr R 9800. And i'm using the Lego Control+ app. The thing i want to achieve is to collect the real-time sensor data from that app and visualize the data on my computer with some program. I haven't found that there are any open API's for the app. But i have found the documentation for LEGO Wireless Protocol 3.0. The step i'm having issues with, is connecting/retreiving that data.. I have read that there are various apps that are compatible with the devices on the Liebherr R 9800. Anybody got some pointers or tips on how to get started? or how to collect the data from the Liebherr R 9800 devices? thanks!
  3. Hey everyone! I've done another deep dive into LEGO set data and would like to share some fun findings. (Side note: I wanted to embed images of some graphs in this post, but I'm only allowed to upload 4kb large files, so you'll have to visit the links below for live updated data ) TL; DR: It was pointed out to me that it's difficult to compare price per part over different LEGO categories, so I attempted to group categories in order to get better comparisons. Here's the result: Price Per Part over the years. Some fun findings: The last couple of years system sets have averaged $0.11 - $0.14 per part And $13.88 - $17.47 per minifig, but there are cheaper categories if you're just interested in the 'figs! Technic parts are roughly the same price as system Longer story: So, the last couple of years I've been doing some deep dives into LEGO set data. It started with me wanting to figure out what sets I should buy, which led me down a small rabbit hole where I began indexing set reviews and tried to figure out the average rating. As part of that I also began calculating Price Per Part, and compared that between sets. However, this is about as easy as you would expect: what happens when you compare a Duplo set to a System set? The system set is, of course, cheaper. Jared from Rebrickable pointed this out, which led me to do another deep dive. I mapped the average price per part of all set categories (as categorised by Brickset), grouped the different categories roughly by part type, and then tracked the average over all years. If you like graphs it's pretty interesting! I created a page detailing the results, and an additional one with the results for each category (as well as the average price per minifig). This is all just for fun and done by a happy amateur, so feel free to point out ways I can improve the data, or ask anything if you want clarifications. It will all be automatically updated whenever new data is found (with imports being done daily).
  4. Hey guys! As part of an experiment I've indexed all reviews from Eurobricks. I wanted to share some fun statistics! Here's what I've done: Gather all reviews For each review: * - Extract set id and map to Bricksets database - Extract a short summary (if possible) - Extract author - If there's an overall score, extract that and normalize it to 1-100 This lets us figure out some fun stuff: I've found a total of 3275 reviews from Eurobricks (whoah!) 74% of these are scored in one way or another (that's 2422 scored and 853 unscored) The average score is 81.83. Calculating standard deviation means a good score for a Eurobricks review is better than 93.11, and a bad score is below 70.55. Everything between those numbers is average, statistically speaking. 627 individual authors have produced these reviews. I've been doing the same to a lot of other reviews as well, and the global average score is 79.67. Eurobricks is pretty darn spot on - not a mean feat! This has been a fun experiment. If you're interested in seeing more you can see the stats for Eurobricks here. That page also lets you find all reviews written by a specific author. The entire experiment can be found on - it's a work in progress, but any feedback you have is appreciated. I'd be happy to try to answer any questions you have about this, or provide the data for you to do your own analysis. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! * Some caveats: I found the reviews by making a site wide search for titles containing the word "review". If a review hasn't followed this convention it is not included. Even then, not all reviews were included. There were a few that mostly consisted of broken images or just links to other sites. These were left out. I thought of it this way: If a random person looking at the review would find it useful, it should be included in the dataset. If not, then it's out. Not always an easy call to make. Cheers! Linus
  5. Hello Ya'll. So I put everything into a spreadsheet to figure things out. This is all the data. I calculated everything assuming your freebee doesn't pay upkeep on runs, which may be wrong, and drag you into more debt. Here's all the data. Name Ships Score Ships total Upkeep Profit Total Extra Ayrlego 10 2 122 230 108 Bastion 4 1 5 18 13 BlackDeathGR 8 3 55 273 218 Bodi 9 3 55 40 -15 Captured Ship! Bregir 34 9 712 308 -404 Lost a Class 4 Breshaun 5 1 5 109 104 Brickwolf 2 1 0 30 30 Capt Wolf 15 3 310 845 535 Captain Genaro 9 2 75 108 33 Charlatan Bay 4 1 0 13 13 Dukesc 41 10 1637 834 -803 Lost 2 class 7, class 2 Elyzabethtowne 0 1 0 22 22 ETTC 17 4 320 211 -109 Lost Class 3 Faladrin 5 2 0 35 35 Flavius Gratian 2 1 0 0 0 Sank Garmadon 5 2 0 230 230 gedryn_y 7 2 5 117 112 gulagurag 6 2 0 27 27 Lost Class 4 Kai NRG 8 2 40 192 152 Kaiju 7 2 5 83 78 Kings Harbour 2 2 0 14 14 Captured Ship! KolonialBeamter 40 6 1850 1439 -411 Lost Class 7 Kot_Z 7 2 5 25 20 Lost Class 5 Kwatchi 8 2 35 40 5 Captured 2 Ships! Legostone 29 4 360 1035 675 MAESTRO 8 2 50 461 411 Maxim I 9 3 25 439 414 MCTC 14 3 242 725 483 Lost Class 6 Mesabi 10 2 122 180 58 Is Awesome Mike S 9 2 90 116 26 MKJoshA 26 4 662 18 -644 Lost Class 7, 2 Phred 31 10 905 686 -219 Lost Class 6 Pombe 4 1 0 0 0 Lost Professor Thaum 6 2 0 81 81 Lost Class 4 Puvel 5 2 0 216 216 Rassilion 4 1 0 37 37 RNTC 14 3 227 338 111 Sebeus I 2 1 0 0 0 Sank SilentWolf 21 5 220 428 208 Lost Class 3 Sir Stig 7 2 5 35 30 Spud the Viking 2 1 0 34 34 Umbra Mantis 7 2 5 439 434 Link to my data Couple thoughts on the data. Again, not clear on the whole freebee upkeep costs. Second, losing a ship adds a lot of loss. And a lot of people lost ships... Finally, I didn't do data for the factions. Searats were the only faction with trade ships, but they certainly lost a lot as well. Here's a scatterplot. Notice how scores decrease as ship levels rise.... Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.38.47 AM by North White, on Flickr The highest profit by anyone was @Legostone, who did it with 29 ship levels. The Second and third place came from MCTC at 14 levels, and @Capt Wolf at 15. Additionally, MCTC lost a class 6 ship! The Secret? I'll get to that... Ship cost versus levels Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.39.02 AM by North White, on Flickr Look how exponentially expensive having a large fleet is! So, thoughts. Earlier tonight I mentioned a strategy of having 2 class "2s" and a class 4. I'll refer you back to the first graph. Check out the three dots above the main pack. Those dots each made almost the same amount as adding another class 4 would. Thus, I give you the sweetspot. Any combination of ships that has an upkeep score of less than 125 before being calculated, should make a profit. I would propose 2 class 2s (one free!) and a class 4 to defend them. This gives you a score of 105 (Again, assuming no upkeep on one of them) which only takes 5 Dbs out of your profit. These can be supplemented with a few class "0s" or "1s" which could hold extra cargo points and perhaps generate more revenue. addtitionally, more ships means a less likely chance of losing your entire investment. The ships in the sweet spot I mentioned? @Maxim I: 4, 2 (free), 3. Total Upkeep? 25 Dbs MAESTRO: 4, 4 Total Upkeep? 50 Dbs @Umbra-Manis: 3, 4: Total Upkeep? 25 Dbs Obviously, we can't control external factors such as pirates, but we can control how we go to ports. And right now? Fleets of three are in. Additionally, the whole five or more rule prevents larger fleets without having to pay more. To have a group of five or more costs another 100 Dbs. I already mentioned this, but I think that operating large ships shouldn't be so prohibitively expensive, especially as they're currently functionally useless in a TMCRA. I mean with a one in seven loss rate, I can't afford to send out a big fat ship with high cargo stats. And, as anything above a "5" starts getting really expensive, I just can't seem to find a good way to get it to work. Maybe @Legostone has a trick... I might analyze the data further more to take into account for ports, but this is just going over costs for ships and whatnot. Please correct me if I screwed up. It's 2AM and I should sleep. Finally, Please note that this isn't me complaining or praising the game mechanics. This is just me plugging values into a sheet, and telling you what I make of them.
  6. Just noticed that Brickshelf is migrating data to a new server station. It has hosted a 'countless' amount of files since it first launched in 1998.
  7. Hi All. I shared this in the Rebrickable forums the other day, but didn't get much of a response. I'm new to the forums here, but I wanted to share a project I've been working on. I'm a computer science student at the UofA. Me and a friend have been working on a data-vis project using the rebrickable set database for one of our classes. Here's the link: Since you are all obviously passionate about LEGOs, I figured this would be a great group to get feedback from and suggestions for improvement. The UI is a bit slow, but hopefully that will be worked out soon. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know! I'm always looking for ways to make it better.