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Found 11 results

  1. Please post all your Medieval board game, card game, video game, and movie, custom creations. Anything goes here and let you imaginations run wild. Post you warriors, rangers, paladins, damage dealers, wizards, sorcerers, healers, monks, etc. Monsters are welcome too. You can list a race, class, etc. and bio for your character as well. Rule #1 There are no rules, have fun and keep it clean. I'll start off with a warrior from the Pathfinder game world. This is the Iconic Hero: "Valeros" Hometown: Farmland Continent: Andoran Race: Human Class: Warrior Alignment: Neutral Good Gender: Male
  2. The Maestro

    A Morning stroll

    An Avalonian ranger strolls through the forest, hunting his elusive prey. Just a small build while I wait for inspiration for category B. It was nice to experiment with some tree styles, which are mainly based of SK's. Also my first build in ages that is 360 view able Hope you enjoy.
  3. Here are some pictures of my favorite set, along with custom and figbarf minifigs Thanks for looking,
  4. droomangroup

    MOC: Park Ranger Crew Cab Truck

    i'm working on a series of photos of trucks and other various Lego vehicles around my hometown of Moab UT. Since Moab is home to two national parks, one state park, one BLM park and endless BLM land, park rangers are a common site. in fact two of my neighbors are rangers. so naturally i needed a ranger truck. the truck is pretty basic, i just wanted to make a crew cab sized truck with a green stripe. since i have my own vinyl cutter and had some scrap gold vinyl i made a NPS sticker for the doors. i'm pretty happy with how the decals turned out. unfortunately it's hard to cut really small so cutting out words like RANGER would be impossible at that size. of course i needed some rangers to go with it. the sherif torso is good enough, the hats and smiling faces help it out. really i think it would be a fun line of City sets. i'm a bit tired of the Police sets and I think a Park Ranger line could be a cool alternative. you'd get the same vehicles, boats, helicopters, trucks, etc, but instead of chasing bad guys they could be helping animals, rescuing hikers, or guiding park visitors.
  5. I was given the Lone Ranger train for Christmas, and I am looking to see if Lego has made any passenger cars for the same time period? I want to use this great looking loco to pull an equally great looking passenger train. If TLG hasn't done any can anyone recommend some reference material that I can attempt to MOC?
  6. General Magma

    [MOC] Ithilien Ranger Ambush

    I'd like to present to you my newest creation, based on the scene from TTT where Faramir's Rangers of Ithilien ambush the forthcoming Men of Harad, as Frodo, Sam and Gollum are watching from a distance. (The latter three not included in the scene) "In order to protect the road from Minas Morgul to Osgiliath from possible attacks, Faramir has sent his Rangers of Ithilien to await the forthcoming Haradrim on the road to ambush them as soon as they are in sight. The fist group of Men of Harad is coming closer and closer, and as they approach the rangers, the first strike is received by the enemy..." __________________________________________________________________________________ This MOC can also be found on Flickr and MOCpages. Enjoy, C&C is welcome as always. It would also help me if you could tell me which of the versions of these pictures you like best, the one with a solid white background or the one with the map of Middle-Earth - this will help me pick a definite picture for Flickr.
  7. After building the SRV-1 and Imperial Troop Transport, I wanted to keep going and decided to start building the Kenner Mini-Rigs from the 80's. There were 9 of these total. This one and the Desert Sail Skiff didn't have numbers. The other 7 were numbered 2-8. For some reason, 1 was missing. HJR, do you know why?! The Endor Forest Ranger is cool little speeder. It featured an enclosed gyroscopic cockpit and 2 large blaster cannons. It has a very militaristic vibe to it, it looks mean, like something out of a Stormtroopers worst nightmare. Anyways, this is my take on it, it can hold a figure in the cockpit and the gyroscopic cockpit does turn. There is an axel running through the middle of the model. The hockey puck shape of the front was a pain to build. I had to try to make it hold a figure, but, small enough that it kept feel of the original. After building that, the rest was easy, but, it determined the "scale" for the model. Yes, I know the color is off, but, it is cheaper to build in grays. Plus there are more pieces/ parts available in grays than reddish browns and greens. There are 237 pieces in this model. The .lxf file is my Brickshelf folder. Hope you like, more to come tomorrow, Jamie
  8. ThePlasticWerks

    [MOC/MOD/LDD] 60068 Forest Ranger SUV

    I think the Swamp Police SUV in 60068 is one of the best out-of-the-box minifig scale offroad vehicles Lego has ever designed, looks-wise. It's a marriage of a Land Rover Defender and Dodge Ram with a lifted Jeep's proportions. I took the design and pushed it just a little more. I was inspired by the US Forest Service's and Border Patrol's paint schemes, as well as then open-sides look of the Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Concept: My mod is probably 95% similar to the original model. The front end has been played with, giving it a contemporary LED-style light bar in place of the original model's four round lights, and a winch in place of the original bumper's tow hook. The headlights and grille are more generic (or perhaps closer to classic Nissan/Suzuki shapes). Aside from the obvious replacement of the rear windows, the rear is identical to the original build. The roof rack was an interesting sketch that plays out beautifully. I will be making this for real at some point soon, I have near total confidence that all the dark green elements exist. I'm torn on which windshield to use though. Any thoughts?
  9. Part I Meanwhile in the South of Graystar, Leon was finishing his patrol of the forest when he stepped out in to the clearing near his camp. Now Leon's camp wasn't much, just an old ruin that failed to stand the test of time, located near the border to Avalonia on top of a rocky outlook. It was hidden and secure so it suited him. As Leon was making his way across, his finally tuned hearing picked up the faint clanging of armour and footsteps. "Could I make the clearing and the climb before they see me" he thought to himself. But with no further hesitation he made a dash for the nearest bush to hind behind. Now a bush aint much but the green cloak all Graystar rangers wear blended him in better than just standing in the open. He just about made it as the clanging became louder, almost as if it was on top of him. he took a cautious peek. "Orcs!" He noticed something strange that he didn't noticed at first. Now feral Orcs are not exactly know for wearing armour or being very organised. But these Orcs had a strange armour the likes of which Leon never seen before. As the Orcs passed Leon stayed carefully still biding his time. Once there was no longer noise, Leon stepped out from his cover. and muttered to himself "I must report my findings to my Lord, but I must know where they are heading." Knowing he had no time to collect his things from the lookout, he started down the road in the direction the Orcs went... to be continued... This is my part two of the story I wanted to introduce a new character so thats why this one centered around Leon. Unfortunately I dont have the parts to the story I wanted to do for part II so hopefully my bricklink arrives soon I also didnt have enough parts for a border so please ignore that fact All C&C welcome
  10. INTRO I was at Toys R Us looking for the new The Hobbit polybag, but ended up getting a couple of these instead since only they were available. I like the parts which will be useful in my medieval and LotR blocks. SET INFORMATION LEGO, The Lone Ranger Series, 30261 Tonto's Campfire, polybag 20 pieces $4.99 retail High resolution Flickr photos Front Back THE PARTS Has some useful pieces like the tomahawk, wood spinner, bird. Instructions were lackluster Back of the instructions is just an advertisement, no alternate sets FINAL PRODUCT Alternate minifigure face Some extra parts IMPRESSIONS - Has some useful parts for a $5 polybag - The set is a bit on the bad side due to lack of alternate models / builds - Overall mediocre to average, even for a polybag RATING Playability/Reusability: 7/10 Appearance: 6/10 Value for cost: 7/10 Overall: 6.7/10
  11. Chro


    ^ Click the photo above to view the flickr photo set. ^ This is Vander, Toa of the Green. A week or so ago, I built a generic silver and black MOC, then decided to use a color for accents that I wouldn't be able to use as the main color of a MOC. Sand green was the color that I chose, as you can see. Vander is maybe some sort of ninja or ranger character, I'm not really sure what he is exactly. He wields an axe, but also fights hand-to-hand when necessary. His Kanohi, though Tryna-shaped, is actually a Huna. Feedback on the MOC is appreciated.