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Found 8 results

  1. Just played around with some ideas for a new hexagonal part you could use for tabletop-games like "Settlers of Catan" etc. By the way: Please support my "Life-Sized Human Skull" project on LEGO Ideas (if you haven't done jet)! :-) Thanks! --- UPDATE 01 --- Some more experiments with my hexagonal building bricks... @DraikNova: As you see above you can easily extend the distance between the "bases" by inserting plates or bricks inbetween them (so you could easily place a 4x4 round plate or brick on top of them). By using bricks with side-studs (as the green one in the bottom-left corner) you could also add extra playfields you could step or build on. The spacing betwen the hexagonal bricks would also allow to make "impassable gaps" (as you can see at the blue brick on the right side). --- UPDATE 02 --- Slightly updated my design by "drilling" holes in the side-studs and changing the connection on top of the brick (1 stud instead of 4, so the 2x2 round plates can rotate freely). As Eurobricks-user Philo mentioned there might be a little problem in connectiong the pieces directly, but if you build "bridges" between them, the connection should work just fine - and you can also place different bricks on the inside of the triangular spaces (in this example a 2x2 round brick with plate on top).
  2. Please post all your Medieval board game, card game, video game, and movie, custom creations. Anything goes here and let you imaginations run wild. Post you warriors, rangers, paladins, damage dealers, wizards, sorcerers, healers, monks, etc. Monsters are welcome too. You can list a race, class, etc. and bio for your character as well. Rule #1 There are no rules, have fun and keep it clean. I'll start off with a warrior from the Pathfinder game world. This is the Iconic Hero: "Valeros" Hometown: Farmland Continent: Andoran Race: Human Class: Warrior Alignment: Neutral Good Gender: Male
  3. Hello friends, i've been playing Overwatch since November 2017 and for that i made this topic. Anyone of all the Overwatch heroes maybe like us for personal, or competitive reasons. And here goes my personal favorites. Mercy - Her angelic look alike suit, appearance and moral purpose of saving everyone (Including reviving you, nerfed or not), makes her one of my favorite heroes of all the game. D.Va - The gamer mecha pilot with famous quotes like "NERF THIS" or "DVA ONLINE" makes her my favorite and a good tank hero due to her abilities (Even i will buy her cosplay) . Sorry if i only add the Mercy image, it's due to the image capacity limitation. And that's all, reply on this post your favorite Overwatch heroes. I hope you like it, see you later and. . . NERF THIS
  4. Uchewber

    LEGO Builds on Youtube

    Hi there, I just want to introduce myself. My name is Uchewber and I am passionate about my LEGO builds. So much so, I have created a Youtube channel and have all my LEGO builds included on it. Please check out some of my videos and like and subscribe if this is your thing too. Belwo is one of my latest videos. It is a sawn off double barrel shotgun. I would welcome any comments and suggestions and I am excited to be a part of this community. Best regards Uchewber!!
  5. Cecilie

    MOC: StarCraft Zerg Ultralisk

    I made this Ultralisk as a Christmas present for my brother, who's an avid StarCraft fan. He loves playing Zerg, and a year ago he jokingly asked me to build him a huge Ultralisk out of Lego. It may not be huge, but he had totally forgotten he had asked me for that anyway. Team color is lime green. I chose that because green is my brother's favourite color, and I thought the lime green popped well with the brown (besides, I seemed to have a decent amount of lime green in useful pieces for this). More pictures on Flickr
  6. Hi all! There is only a week left to get in on some really neat rewards. https://www.kickstar...x-minifig-stand The Hexibrix is a new brick accessory that can be used for displaying minifigs, MOCs or setting up a gameboard for wargaming or questing (Settlers of Catan). They are compatible with all sorts of bricks, plates & baseplates; can stack on top of themselves and link to each other side-by-side. Minifigs can swivel to face any direction and the topside connections can be used to store extra elments. Backers have their choice of several reward tiers, including discontinued and exclusive products. Check it out now!
  7. It's been almost a year now since I did this. Harimau is the team I've been playing the most in WipEout HD, so it was about time I built that one too. Actually, it's been sitting half-finished on my shelf since November... So it was about time I finished it Harimau - WipEout HD version by cecilihf, on Flickr Harimau - WipEout HD version by cecilihf, on Flickr
  8. This is a set of customs I've been working on over the past week, They include some video game characters, a TV character, a webcomic character, a tabletop game character, and two other original customs. This is my Warhammer 40000 Commissar, he is armed with a brickarms apoc SMG and a brickarms chainblade. The coat is from a castle set and the hat is a badly customised police cap. This is my Duke Nukem fig, ironically, he took the least time to make, unlike his latest game. This is my Gordon Freeman fig, equipped with a gravity gun and wearing a HEV suit. This is my commander William Riker fig. the torso is custo, with black sharpie (hence the lack of quality) This is Death of insanely overpowered fireballs, from Irregular Webcomic, I will say that I copied exactly the authors design, and that this fig is entirely unoriginal. This is my 1920s gangster, equipped with a Brickarms Thompson M1928 SMG, he's about to fit some chumps for some concrete shoes. This is a Mannequin, and probably my laziest Custom minifig. Please give Comments and Criticism. I hope you enjoyed these.