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  1. droomangroup

    [MOC] Hagrid Brickheadz

    you're not wrong considering thanos and hulk aren't bigger than normal, but for myself it would just be weird to have a hagrid that was the same height as harry and dumbledore. That said I wouldn't be surprised if they made one and it was a touch taller than average, i mean they make shorter ones, why not a one a tiny bit taller?
  2. droomangroup

    [MOC] Hagrid Brickheadz

    Thanks! High praise indeed! Ha, thanks. It was one of the first things I thought of. When i looked at some pics of Hagrid I tried to reduce his look to key elements and the buckle stood out. Then I thought how could I make the buckle and quickly got the idea for the handle, after that I had to finish the design and build it because I really wanted to see the bucket handle belt buckle in action :)
  3. droomangroup

    [MOC] Hagrid Brickheadz

    ha, thanks for the homepage glory! :)
  4. droomangroup

    [MOC] Hagrid Brickheadz

    ha, thx. it's funny you say that about illegal connections and LDD. For the head section I first tried to use the same brackets back to back to swap the stud direction and LDD said it was all well and good, but when i tried it out, it turned out to be clearly not good. It was a shame too, because it was the perfect solution for my problem.
  5. droomangroup

    [MOC] Hagrid Brickheadz

    yeah, i actually started it wider. It was more like Hagrid scale, but I felt it was out of scale for a brickheadz build, know what I mean? I think the end result is a good balance between the two, but yah, it could go either way I suppose. Thanks :) I agree on the nougat and almost went that way as well. I just had more of the dark brown and knew i could get more more easily than the nougat. When I got the idea to do it I knew getting frontal details would be hard since they usually rely on printed bricks. but I wanted to keep it simple. It was fun though as I had never tried that inverted cheese slope trick and even though I found a pic of the basic technique, I had to cook up my own way to attach the hinge plate to something and I'm pretty happy with what I came up with. The other big challenge was getting the middle top hair section attached, but different from the outer bits of hair. I used the 2x2 round tile with a hole in it and the 2x2 jumper to flip stud direction to allow for a bracket to attach to it. the rear bit of hair attaches at the bottom and the blue brick in the cutaway below just fits snug in there by the bracket, but it's not attached there. Still it's very solid once it's together. Here's a cutaway view, showing some of the tricks...
  6. droomangroup

    [MOC] Hagrid Brickheadz

    Got all the Harry Potter Brickheadz and decided I really needed a Hagrid, so I whipped one up. Here's the LDD if anyone is interested... http://odometer.org/misc/hagrid.lxf.zip some of the construction is a bit unconventional due to the limited availability of dark brown parts, but if you use different colors you can change it up a bit. I like the dark brown, but I think the nougat color could work too. Also anything red in the LDD can be any color. -drew
  7. it's a little weird that each place has a guy's name for a business name, but the buildings are fantastic.
  8. droomangroup

    [MOC] 1966 Ford Thunderbird

    solid critique for sure. my main objective was to use this for the thelma and louise photoshoot, so scale wasn't as much as a priority. I was mainly thinking along the lines of the ghostbuster car, but like the smaller wheels on this car more than the ghostbuster car. i actually agree on the windshield and even played with that while designing, but went with what i have mainly because of the hood piece and not wanting too much of a gap between it and the wind shield and it would have cramped everything back from the windshield since structurally i was limited on how far back i could move the back seat.
  9. droomangroup

    [MOC] 1966 Ford Thunderbird

    thanks all, it was a fun build. haven't done many 8wide cars, so it was nice to have a little room to play with.
  10. droomangroup

    SNOT Roads - 45 degree angles

    couldn't you flip the studs the other way on your 45° road (and switch to regular slopes instead of inverted) and fill in those gaps with #92946 "Slope 45 2 x 1 with 2/3 Cutout"?
  11. droomangroup

    [MOC] Ford E-450 US ambulance

    love it, great details.
  12. droomangroup

    [MOC] 1966 Ford Thunderbird

    Here's my stab at a 1966 Ford Thunderbird, aka the car Thelma and Louis drove off a cliff :) I wish there were grilled 1x2 cheese slopes, but for now i went smooth and made a crude thunderbird logo decal. my favorite move on the grill was the used of 1x2 to 1x4 brackets to create the thin grill area under the lights like the real car. my other favorite move is the use of hinges to tilt back the windshield for a more realistic slope... really happy with the tail lights although i had to cheat a bit here and cut that grey bar down a hair since 3m bar was too long and there's no 1x1 round transparent plates w/ holes yet... i originally started out with the same wheels as the ghostbusters car, but realized i wouldn't be about to do side skirts on the rear wheels with those, but it was a good problem because i like these wheels a lot more... view of the inside, pretty simple. the seat backs are clamped onto a 6M bar on the floor... all in all i'm pretty happy with it. I tried using the new pointy tile wedge to give the t-bird hood scoop look, but it was too blocky and the current hood was better for structural integrity anyway. Since the point of this was to make a Thelma and Louise car, i would have rather done it in a lighter blue, but given parts availability i had to stick with straight blue and just lighten it up in my Thelma and Louis photoshoot... The final shot. note, that this is the actual spot that Thelma and Louise drove off into the Colorado river in the movie -- however they were not in the Grand Canyon like they said, they were in Moab, Utah :)
  13. droomangroup

    BrickRock Moab - Jeep Edition

    do tell. some trucks have suspension, but not all.
  14. droomangroup

    [moc] VW T3 "Westfalia"

    NICE! it's tough to pull off things at this scale but it works. I'm currently working on a westy evolution of my earlier model team scale vanagon (http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=131280&hl=) but i love vanagons of all sizes :)
  15. droomangroup

    Hogwarts Castle (Lego Architecture)

    yeah, saw this on reddit, love it!