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  1. What's up with the ridiculous pricing of the viking on BL? It can't be that rare already, can it, it only just released and it's already selling for the price of some retired CMFs, makes it difficult to gather even more than a few of them
  2. General Magma

    King Kahuka and Islanders

    Thank ya!
  3. General Magma

    King Kahuka and Islanders

    ____________ King Kahuka with a group of islanders, gathered near a stone idol statue.
  4. General Magma

    Captain Redbeard and the Pirates of the Black Seas Barracuda

    Thank you, guys! Glad to hear you like 'em, there's more on the way soon particularly involving islanders...
  5. Captain Redbeard and the Pirates of the Black Seas Barracuda _____________________________________________ The legendary Captain Redbeard himself, alongside his crew 'The Pirates of the Black Seas Barracuda', featuring improved figures from 21322, along with some additions to the crew inspired by classic figures that came with some of Captain Redbeard's ships, all ready to keep conquering the Seven Seas and find great treasure...
  6. General Magma

    [MOC/Figures] Captain Ironhook

    Cheers, and thank you for the feedback. Will keep that in mind and for now I've made some Photoshop edits, I actually had a flashlight facing the figures in the initial shot but I've found something that may be a fair bit better.
  7. General Magma

    [MOC/Figures] Captain Ironhook

    Thank you both, guys! Appreciate the kind words, glad I could capture what I was going for here. As for the peg leg, pretty sure he has it in most sets he appears in. Definitely the sets with the Islanders (of which I have made some modernizations in one of my previous threads, but more is on the way... along with a croc, of course, but something special involving them is on the way so stay tuned for that), so it could be that he got it at one point though I do not recall the figure not having a peg leg.
  8. General Magma

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    My modernized version of Captain Ironhook and a part of his crew, most of which were inspired by figures that appeared alongside this captain in sets.
  9. General Magma

    [MOC/Figures] Captain Ironhook

    Captain Ironhook "Captain Ironhook and his crew find themselves on a mysterious island, with stone statues looming over palm trees and huts in red and black standing among hills of rocks. The treasure was supposedly near at hand, and in rowboats, they went forth to collect it, but then, as they approached the cave entrance, the bushes began rustling and figures started to appear atop the roof of rock and stone above them..." _______________________ Captain Ironhook and a part of his crew, modernized. Most of these are based on figures that appeared alongside the character in sets, although the tricorne-wearing ones only loosely.
  10. General Magma

    Which is your preferred skull & bones emblem?

    Mostly because this one is very similar to the one in the middle here. The third one is really cool but it's not the same emblem, since that one has cutlasses.
  11. General Magma

    Which is your preferred skull & bones emblem?

    Disagree. The square head does not resemble a regular stud head nor does it resemble anything like this: I had the same idea in mind before but, the more you look at it, the more you realize the discrepancy and that the original simply works better in general.
  12. General Magma

    [MOD] Monkey's Revenge

    Fantastic, he is avenged!
  13. That's a really good one, thanks for the link - gonna see how I can integrate this for sure. However one thing I also gotta keep in consideration is displayability, there has to be a way to make the edges/sides align more with what's on top instead of having holes and random brick colours.