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  1. What are people's stances on the black trees? I like the throwback to the classic ones although I'm considering attempting to make them dark brown if that works
  2. Wow. Best set of all time. Gonna require an army of those figures as well... I would like it if the Forest Hideout made a return for this so I can get a second one of those, a solid worldbuilding piece for a modern classic castle landscape, add this to the equation, and you're golden... Quite a price tag but it's not 450 and very acceptable for what you get. Super nice. Did anyone else notice that the trees here also have black branches? It fits exactly with the Forest Hideout, I just noticed, and that's super cool.
  3. General Magma

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    With a black treehouse and a blue roof on the treehouse, right? That seems solid.
  4. General Magma

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    There is a good chance that they will come with the classic faces as it's basically part of their uniform at this point.
  5. The lion king, a man on a hobby horse? They sure had to do some budget cuts to afford a sizable castle by the sound of it
  6. General Magma

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    Maybe there aren't just gold coins in that barrel...
  7. Perhaps it was quite a lot to expect a throwback series but this is going to be a wallet saver... Will get the knight and the pirate but that's it for this one really
  8. General Magma

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    Is there a list of suitable medieval civilian parts anywhere?
  9. I get that this will be the coveted 90th anniversary set and the first real castle set in years, otherwise I'd have said, stick to thy guns... and yet I'll still say it, as never have I spent that much on a single set before, $350 was to be the peak, $450 is too steep.
  10. The one potential saving grace for me is that the piece count is around 4500 but that's still too steep, especially knowing it was originally going to cost far less, so yeah, I'd prefer to wait for a discount, but who knows when or if that might happen. I think this move is gonna make them miss out on a whole lot of monetary gain, LEGO is expensive enough as is and the costs of living are only going up, in these times luxury goods aren't going to get the highest priority. Maybe quickly snatch up the medieval blacksmith at the very least in the next few weeks, and hope for a price slash for the castle within a year or so.
  11. If the castle ends up going from $350 to $450 then that might actually have me hold off from buying it for at least a while, despite looking forward to it quite a bit. Either that or I miss out on the Medieval Blacksmith along with the Forestmen GWP... definitely was getting them all at first, confusing move of them to do this right when their 90th anniversary sets are slated for release.
  12. I definitely still predict throwbacks to classic characters and a bag packaging to fit the aesthetic of the yellow classic boxes they also use for the modern classic theme sets.
  13. Yellow, also the colour of the classic style boxes...
  14. A revised version of the idea list to include figures from more recent eras as well (this would be way easier if there were still 16 figure runs, but, let's assume it'll be 12 as is usual nowadays). For the few figures that were originally either BIONICLE or minidolls, I would imagine a minifigure version of each of them. 1. Gold Classic Spaceman (Classic Space) 2. Classic Knight (Classic Castle) 3. Lion King (Castle Lion Knights) 4. King Kahuka / Admiral Woodhouse (Pirates) 5. Achu / Pharaoh Hotep (Adventurers) 6. Alpha Draconis (UFO) 7. Toa Tahu (Bionicle) 8. Pepper Roni (Island Xtreme Stunts) 9. Vladek (Knights Kingdom 2) 10. Squidman (Space Police 3) 11. Fuchsia Ninja / First Spinjitzu Master (Ninjago) 12. Azari Firedancer (Elves)
  15. Perhaps, but I still hope they'll do it