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Found 21 results

  1. Angeli

    Faerie Dragon

    Hi guys Mihai Marius Mihu and me met one day on exhibit, and made Draconic Chicken during one day, during exhibit, with spare parts. Year later we met on the same event, and we made our chicken into a real dragon, Faerie Dragon also with scraps, during one day :) Easy to transport, very sturdy, it can fall from 40cm and only few things would break It survived plain ride to Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend :) It is completely Lego, it has lights, and she is a mother, look at the eggs hidden in the grass :)
  2. Please post all your Medieval board game, card game, video game, and movie, custom creations. Anything goes here and let you imaginations run wild. Post you warriors, rangers, paladins, damage dealers, wizards, sorcerers, healers, monks, etc. Monsters are welcome too. You can list a race, class, etc. and bio for your character as well. Rule #1 There are no rules, have fun and keep it clean. I'll start off with a warrior from the Pathfinder game world. This is the Iconic Hero: "Valeros" Hometown: Farmland Continent: Andoran Race: Human Class: Warrior Alignment: Neutral Good Gender: Male
  3. Playing around with pieces and parts and thought about putting this together.
  4. Angeli

    Icewind Dale

    On the distant seas winter comes unannounced, and stays for a long time. It is no wonder that some of the castles look like they have been frozen in an instance This is "all-trans clear-all-original-Lego" moc :) It is a nightmare to move :) if a tree breaks, when you rebuild it, it is never the same :) My favorite details: the swan, the frozen waterfall, the tree, the flying bird You can see more pictures here You can see pictures during construction here Waterdeep Lith My'athar Menzoberranzan Ched Nasad Ust Natha Chaulssin Eryndlyn Maerimydra Twisted Tower of Ashaba Ruined temple of Shar Rilauven outpost Llurth Dreir Mirage Dragon Song of Fire and Ice Elesee Luna Leliana Lena Netheril Baldur's Gate Suldanessellar And everything is nicely indexed in the topic Drow , featuring hundreds of minifigs in one place.
  5. Angeli


    Sshamat is 9m2 big Drow city, well, with a giant whole of empty space in the middle, but ok :) note: this is actual photo, I am sitting on the floor, city behind me on tables, we remowed the background :) It is the first city Drow made when exiled. For more info, I've made some groovy interview with The brothers Brick link with few interesting details ;) I don't want to talk much about it, take a look at pictures: You can find more pictures here Pictures during contruction you can find here Waterdeep Lith My'athar Menzoberranzan Ched Nasad Ust Natha Chaulssin Eryndlyn Maerimydra Twisted Tower of Ashaba Ruined temple of Shar Rilauven outpost Llurth Dreir Mirage Dragon Song of Fire and Ice Elesee Luna Leliana Lena Netheril Baldur's Gate Suldanessellar Icewind Dale And everything is nicely indexed in the topic Drow , featuring hundreds of minifigs in one place.
  6. Angeli


    During their exile, the Drow have established and fortified few cities in unknown and uncharted land over the sea. One of the most prominent was once elvish white city of Suldanessellar The white tower is almost 4m high with table :) It was a lot of fun to put it up on exhibit :) One for scale: On moc you can notice white towers of angels on one side, red Drow towers on the other, and forest with a big Kuldahar type tree house in the middle The details I like: waterfalls from the tree, chicken attack (like in Baldur's Gate:), blacksmith and golden trading street :) The part I enjoyed building the most is the elfish rural village :) I built this in four months of intense building. You can read few more info about the moc on The Brothers Brick few more: Little statistics: the city goes on 12x6 48x48, has around 1000 minifigs on it and needs around 3 days for setting up. Main pictures can be found here Pictures during construction can be found here --- Here you can see some other Drow cities from me: Waterdeep Lith My'athar Menzoberranzan Ched Nasad Ust Natha Chaulssin Eryndlyn Maerimydra Twisted Tower of Ashaba Ruined temple of Shar Rilauven outpost Llurth Dreir Mirage Dragon Song of Fire and Ice Elesee Luna Leliana Lena Netheril Baldur's Gate And everything is nicely indexed in the topic Drow , featuring hundreds of minifigs in one place.
  7. Angeli

    Baldur's Gate

    Hi guys :) After few years in exile, Drow have gathered their strength, made few alliances, learned a trick or two, rebuild the fleet. And now, they are back, invading the country from the sea Drow have a new leader, but more about here later :) First, we are going to establish a foothold in Nocturnus, if the land is called the same. Then, step by step, we are going to take over the region, and then, crush those greenshirt tree-hugging Avalonians, and then - put spider webs all over the world! Drow rule supreme! That being said - hi guys :) At the moment, I am a little off with all the events and books, but let me share with you what I've been doing last three years; first in line - Baldur's Gate :) few more: The thing is really huge, so go trough pictures, notice blacksmith, crystal dragon, zen lake and ton of other stuff :) You can find more pictures here You can find pictures during contruction here --- Here you can see some other Drow cities from me: Waterdeep Lith My'athar Menzoberranzan Ched Nasad Ust Natha Chaulssin Eryndlyn Maerimydra Twisted Tower of Ashaba Ruined temple of Shar Rilauven outpost Llurth Dreir Mirage Dragon Song of Fire and Ice Elesee Luna Leliana Lena Netheril And everything is nicely indexed in the topic Drow , featuring hundreds of minifigs in one place.
  8. Wyndor's Saga: See what happened prior to this: You Need Logs? As soon as they had made it down from the pass, and the border dividing the two guilds, Rothgar and the other dwarves made their way through the forests just below the mountain pass. They traveled due west, following the border of the guilds toward Tradewind Bay. They had to travel mostly at night to avoid Avalonian patrols. The dwarves were worried by the frequency of the patrols. No-one should have known that there were dwarves making their way out of Mitgardia. But the amount of armed men and elves seemed to show that someone had found out about the dwarves’ plan to attack the drow. When they were about a mile from the coast, Rothgar stopped his band of warriors to go over the final aspects of their plan. The dwarves of Dalig Ulv had received word that the drow had been shipping troops and supplies up and down the ill defended coastline. They also had information showing the traveling schedule of a certain drow general who would be accompanying one of the shipments. They decided the best course of action would be to attack the boats from land. After all the details were decided on, Rothgar gave some final words. “Men of the earth!” Rothgar began, getting cheers from his fellow dwarves. “Brothers! We are but a stone’s throw from the border of our lands. But simply because we are dwarves, the ruling council of Mitgardia says we can’t be here! Well, I say we are a free people! I don’t care if a bunch of tight-wearing elves are worried about us befouling their land. We have as much right to travel the land as they do! We won’t let them stop us from attacking the bane of our people! We will pursue these drow to the ends of the world!” The dwarves were really in a frenzy now. They quick marched the rest of the way to the cliff and prepared the ballistas they had been building. The drow ship soon came into view. “Steady brothers!” Rothgar shouted. “Wait until they are within range before you attack!” Telchar, a dark haired dwarf who shaved the sides of his head, ran up to Rothgar and said, “The drow have a captive on the boat. Look!” Rothgar peered out and saw that there was indeed a poor elf chained to the mast. “If we fire on the boat, we are sure to kill the elf as well!” exclaimed Telchar. Rothgar squinted his eyes in deep thought. After a few moments he said, “We cannot let that stop us. Elves still frequent these ruins and our presence will soon be known. We must strike the drow now. Fire!” The drow were armed with short bows crafted from the horns of mountain goats. They were powerful bows when used by someone strong enough to pull them, but they were still no match for the dwarves artillery fire. Two drow fell to the first two bolts fired before Rothgar ordered the next bolts to be set on fire before being launched. The boat soon collapsed from the flames and sunk into the shallow waters with all on board. OoC: Time. I wish I had more of it to give to this contest. I would have built 2 or 3 more MOCs for Cat. C depicting more of this story. I also would have made the boat bigger and put it in more water. As it is, it's kind of scrunched together. I hope you like what I had time to build though. Here are a few more pictures:
  9. Even though the Drow occupy much of Avalonia, and much of the rest is plague-stricken, the resistance movement against the Drow is strong. Many Avalonian spies work to aid the resistance by providing intelligence on Drow movements. Unfortunately, this little build was all I was able to get out for this challenge. Business travel is killing me... I'd like to claim the following for UoP: Architecture - roofing Architecture - wall techniques (Tudor style) Anthropology - life in Avalonia Flickr link to a couple more pics. C&C always appreciated!
  10. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga Chapter 1 Part 1: A Tragic Beginning Part 2: A Rude Awakening Part 2.1: Liam's Shop Part 2.2: Upward Trek Part 2.3: Misty Fight Part 2.4: Arrow Training Part 2.5: Weapon Training Part 2.6: Wind-up and Shoot Part 2.7: Stingy Trainer Part 3 Intro: An Evil Plot Part 3: A Timely Friend Part 4: For Whom the Bells Toll Part 5: Small Help Part 6: The Map Maker Part 7: An Excuse for Dialogue Mile after mile Wyndor continued to woe Lady Valanice. While it had been some time since the three brothers had been together, Natolyth and Chalin were not surprised by his behavior. While Wyndor did not ignore Chalin, it was Natolyth who got him up to speed with what had happened since the ice-dragon accident. Wyndor’s words were mostly spent on Valanice. “Did it hurt?” asked Wydnor. “Did what hurt?” responded Valanice. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” grinned Wyndor. “You’re company is more pleasant when you are less foolish” answered Valanice, but Wyndor noticed that she couldn’t stop from smiling. “I hate to interrupt you two love birds,” piped Chalin, “But how much longer did you say we have until we reach your home, Valanice?” “We should be there by late afternoon” answered Valanice. “I only ask because we have not met many travelers today and the reports I heard at that last village, of Drow movement, make me very nervous” explained Chalin. “While in Kaliphlin I never meet any Drow, but I heard plenty of tales from travelers about the horrors they’ve wreaked throughout Nocturnus. And things have to be pretty bad for reports like those to make it out of Nocturnus.” “I know these are more dangerous times than most for Avalonia,” started Valanice, “But I suspect that your worries are unfounded. Most of these smaller villages thrive on rumors. Anything from Drow attacks, to plagues, to vampire dukes will keep the local’s conversation occupied for days. And besides, we are traveling through Lesser Burrium, one of the best guarded lands in Avalonia.” “With all the talking you and Wyndor have done,” started Natolyth, “shall I quiz him to see if he can spout off facts like that?” “Why Natolyth!” inserted Wyndor, “I shall not have to spout off anything, I will simply recite from my perfect memory of everything Lady Valanice has said about her fair country. We are currently traveling through Lesser Burrium on our way to Woodward which is near the Darkwood Forest next to the Western Grasslands. Woodward is currently ruled by Lord Faustus but we are going to visit Valanice’s uncle who is the Duke of Beleriand.” “You have been listening,” Valanice said, “at least mostly.” “My lady,” implored Wyndor, “you have had my full attention this entire time. Whatever could I have missed?” “Well,” started Valanice, “my Uncle, the Earl of Beleriand, might take offense at you calling him by the wrong title.” “Ah!” cried Wyndor, “Duke, Earl, Lord, High All-Powerful Master; all these titles seem so unnecessary!” In Mitgardia either you are the mayor of the town or you’re not; and either you have authority or you don’t. Though, being mayor and having authority don’t always go hand-in-hand so I guess we do have some of our own complications” Wyndor ended sheepishly. All of a sudden they heard the sound of pounding footsteps and the swish of cloaks to their left. As they turned to look, their horses spooked and threw all four of them to the ground. The pounding and swishing grew louder as Wyndor started to lift himself off the ground. Looking around he saw everyone moving and said, “Is everyone ok?” “I think we are, but I don’t think we will be, look!” shouted Natolyth. He pointed at the group of cloaked figures running through the forest at them. A dark figure with white hair could be seen directing the attackers from the rear. Three assailants leaped over the stream and engaged the travelers in battle. “I told you something didn’t feel right!” shouted Chalin, “I was trained for battles remember? The air always feels different right before an attack!” He was shouting to be heard over the clanging of steel on steel, but other than that noise the battle was fairly quiet. The Drow assailants were attacking without making a sound themselves. “I’ll remember to apologize after we get out of this alive!” answered Valanice as she blocked a blow meant for Wyndor’s head. She found it eerie to be fighting such silent attackers. She had never met a Drow before, let alone fought one, and found the experience to be one she never wanted to repeat. Battles were meant to involve battle-cries and grunts she had learned while watching her Uncle’s men train at the barracks. Even training with her Uncle, who was a lot more sophisticated than the average soldier, involved more noise than these Drow emitted. Natolyth did not find the Drow’s silence unnerving as he had come in contact with many of them while he was brainwashed. In fact, as he shot some thunderbolts at one of the Drow, he thought he could learn a thing or two from their fighting style. Wyndor swung his sword at a Drow wielding two wicked looking blades but was blocked, as every one of his blows had been. “These Drow are very powerful, how are we ever going to get out of this?” Wyndor wondered to himself. His next thought jumped into his mind like a lightning bolt and had many of the same effects, “I’m in love with Valanice!” “Valanice!” shouted Wyndor as he blocked a blow, “I love you!” “Wyndor!” shouted back Valanice, “I love you too!” Wyndor was in rare form now spinning, ducking, and slashing with more grace than he ever had before. He disarmed one opponent and sent another one sprawling who had been attacking Chalin and then asked, “Will you marry me?” Time seemed to stand still as Valanice turned to Wyndor and said, “Yes.” After a few more zaps and parries, all of the Drow turned and ran off into the forest. Chalin looked around and found no sign of the leader on the other side of the stream. “I guess they decided we were more trouble than we were worth” he said. “Nay, my dear brother, it was love that saved the day” responded Wyndor as he and Valanice gazed into each other’s eyes. “Well lover boy, think what you want, but I think we need to get to Beleriand and warn the Earl” retorted Chalin. “It’s going to be a lot longer of a journey now” said Natolyth. “Our horses have run off and I don’t think they have any intentions of returning.” With a long walk ahead of them they set off towards what they hoped would be safety.
  11. Hello all, this is my entry for Challenge II: Avalonian Civil War Category B on Simon's side: Setting an ambush... and the trap is sprung! I try, this time, to write a more complex story to support my MOC, I hope you enjoy it! After recovering all the needed information, the council of Erilea prepared a plan to counter attack the Drow invasion. One of the major group of Drow forces was on route of Hidden Garden and an intervention was needed. a lot of ruins appears in the forest of Erilea and one of these was perfect for an ambush: an ancient gate, a way to control the traffic, was on the assault route of the Drow and it was the perfect location to set an ambush. Alexander Vandangant was tasked to lead the ambush and with the help of others people from hidden garden start preparing the ambush location... "Are you sure this will work?" the question arrives through Lyanna's soft voice in Alexander's mind who is watching the horizon waiting the Drow forces. Under them, they hear Steve the Dwarf's voice who is leading the work; thoughtful, the elven archer turns to her "This is our best opportunity to eliminate as many as possible Drow and most important thing, save Hidden Garden. I'm sure all will give their best and the ambush will work." "I'm happy you are so sure about all, I trust you." Lyanna's smile is so contagious that Alexander find himself smiling; after that Lyanna leaves them to go check on the approach of the Drow. I decided to "remake" the previous MOC, depicting the moment the Avalonian trap was sprung against the Drow. ...and then, after a few hours of waiting, Lyanna is back "They are at like 30 minutes from here." "Well." all the soldiers are already hidden in position and they are only awaiting a single command from Alexander to start the fight. Minutes seems reall long before the first Drow mercenaries appears; Alexander awaits until they come within the reach of bow's arrows and then the the trap is sprung: the Drow are trapped.
  12. I've been down here for thirty seven days. Thirty seven. Do you have any idea how long that is, thirty seven days beneath the earth? Thirty seven days with only the occasional pale, wavering torch? Thirty seven days without seeing anything else alive, except for the drow and their wretched prisoners? Thirty seven days ago, when I set out into that cave, freshly disguised and eager to find this man, whoever he may be, I had no idea how long it would take. Now, I've been down here for over a month, and I still have no clue where he might be. For all I know, the way these tunnels wind around, I could be right above him, mere feet, and I'd never know. I hear someone coming. I must go. Our hero! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whew, here's another build in a long tradition of posting at the last minute! Also, I'd like to apologize for the crappy pictures. My normal camera was unavailable. This was one of those build that you make, forget about, find, realize the deadline is a few days away, and scramble to get done. Thanks for reading, c&c welcome! More pics on flickr:
  13. Here's my Cat. A entry. Sir Brychan Cedry entered the plain chamber of his old friend, Peredur, a highly regarded member in the secretive group know as the Black Guardians. The Black Guardians have been in Avalonia longer than anyone knows, save maybe the elves. They keep to themselves, maintaining a fortress in the mountains near the Mitgardian border, though Brychan managed to gain their help in securing the lands of Ferinwald, and befriended Peredur. Sir Brychan: Peredur, old friend, it's been to long. I hope all has been well with you. You say you have important news regarding the Drow? Peredur: Yes indeed. I will not waste time nor words. I have acquired knowledge that the Drow are planning an attack in Ferinwald before the next new moon. Sir Brychan: The Drow have been raiding our lands for months, this is not new news. We have been working to rid our lands of them. Peredur: These raids, as you call them, are merely the Drow testing us. They are locating our strongholds, so that they will be able to strike us hard and quick when they launch a full-out attack. They have formed alliances with various Orc and Uruk tribes, and have ammassed an army far larger than our own. I have sent messengers to those of my brotherhood in other lands, but we number only a little compared to the forces of the Drow. Sir Brychan: How have you learned of these things? Peredur: We... have our methods. The important thing is that we know of this attack, and are ready for and assault by the Drow! Sir Brychan: Yes, we must be prepared. I will alert the Lords Simon and de Gothia of this, and shall begin strengthening our fortifications, old and new, at once! Overall shot: "We have our methods": I decided to use Yazneg from attack of the wargs as a Drow, rather than just a black head. I think he looks like he could be of a different lighter skinned race of Drow, so I'm using him and others as more of a lesser race of Drow that serve as messengers etc.. Edit: I just realized that I forgot to put Team Simon in the title... Erg.
  14. This was a quick freebuild (it takes only two days of work) which was initially conceived as an entry for Challenge II: Avalonian Civil War but in 16x16 the idea was wasted and in 32x32 was too big, so I made of it a freebuild: Tracking the Drow's forces. Part of Erilea was invaded by the Drow forces at the start of the invasion and the council of Erilea, helped by Alexander Vandangant, decided to make a move: to prepare a decisive series of strike against the invaders, there is the need to gather information on their movements and for this, several men was sent to track the Drow's forces. As a part of the University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica program, I'd like to claim a credit for Landscape design: studs up rocks and cliffs. Enjoy!
  15. After many days and nights of trekking through Mitgardia's wilderness, Berelan Gryffen finally reached Avalonia. With a sigh, he stepped over the border into his homeland. His companion and close friend, Crynis Elchafron, followed, looking over her shoulder in case of a surprise attack by the Drow. Their task was simple: capture one of the Drow and learn of the enemy's plans. From the little he knew of the dark elves, they tended to favour vantage points from which to be alerted of an incoming attack. Looking ahead, he saw a hillock rising above the wooded glens, the crumbling ruins of a watchtower atop it. A perfect vantage point. Motioning to Crynis, he drew his sword and quietly began to scale the small hill. Sure enough, the dark shape of a Drow scout was visible behind the wall. The two adventurers took the soldier completely by surprise. As they rushed him he hastily grabbed his spear and leveled it at Berelan's head; just in time the warrior ducked. Knocking the spear out of the scout's hands, Berelan jumped on him and set his sword against the Drow's throat, "Surrender or die." Unbeknownst to them, a pair of Avalonian Elite Rangers silently watched and waited from the nearby undergrowth. They recognised the bearded Mitgardian instantly. An ally- or a mortal foe? Figless: Enjoy
  16. The drow have set up many army camps in the Wither Wood. Sir Jontry of the Eagle-men has scouts all over the Wither, so whenever one finds a camp, they report back and Sir Jontry himself attacks the camp. This time he asked me to come along and attack. We hid for a long time watching them do whatever a drow normally does. as it was late afternoon, we found it fit to reveal ourselves. "Damn drow!" Sir Jontry yelled, and with that we attacked. It was over before it had begun. They fought well, but were clumsy in the way of weapons. My first for the civil war challenge in Avalonia. C&C welcome, and I hope ya like it! EDIT: Can a mod change the title to say "Catagorie A"?
  17. Here's my last minute entry to the dark times prologue challenge. The house is not so good, because I ran out of time, and it kept collapsing (which I suppose is what's supposed to happen...) Grand Lords De Gothia and Simon, I have urgent news regarding the drow in Avalonia. Raids in my lands of Ferinwald and other surrounding provinces have been increasing. Their tactic has been to tunnel under villages and houses, and then cave the tunnel in so the houses collapse. Once collapsed, drow come pouring out like ants. My people are in constant fear of an attack, and there is much unrest, and even talk of taking matters into their own hands. I have doubled the patrol of my lands, but the drow strike too quickly and to often for me to stop them all. Based on information my scouts and contacts have brought to light, It is my belief that they are planning to open up a full out war soon. I strongly urge a purging of the drow from our lands, before they grow too strong. Your loyal servant, Sir Brychan Cedry
  18. Trickery Xaris Flamesword has never played by the rules. A former Avalonian who framed his brother for a murder he himself had committed, Xaris abandoned Avalonia at Lord Ravaage's call. A mercenary at heart, Xaris has gathered a band of other bandits and sellswords, 'the Order of the Dragon' and a Drow noble and his entourage, Lord Ravenshelm of Myreglen, to assist him. While travelling to rendezvous with his paymaster at the Obsidian Spike, his band were attacked by a huge tribe of Cyclopes. Knowing they could never defeat the Cyclopes in open combat, Xaris challenged Chieftan Kareketr to a duel to the death. If he won, the Cyclopes would retreat. Never being one to win by fair methods, Xaris concealed a number of Drow warriors, including Lord Ravenshelm, an expert shot, in an abandoned former outpost just south of the duel area. As Kareketr engaged the leader of the Order of the Dragons in battle, Ravenshelm loaded his crossbow, aimed...and fired. Part B coming!
  19. NiL_FisK_Urd

    Fortress Illing'vress'ive

    In a huge cavern below the rakath mountains, across the lava sea with lava falls, lies the ancient home home of the house Baen'und - fortress "Illing'vress'ive". Due to it's unique location it was never conquered, and it is very unlikely that it will ever be attacked.
  20. Deep down below nocturnus, in the vast caverns, lies the realm of the house Baen'und. From time to time, they send their war parties to get wealth, slaves and glory. The torsos and faces are made with waterslide decals. The faces are based on original work from: "thepyromaster" (flickr), "redbean" (MCN) and "Capt. 5p8c3" (flickr), the torsos are various official parts recombined. The spider necklace is from redbean on MCN.
  21. Dr Rod knew of an ancient Drow chamber, deep underneath his tower in the Rakath mountains; some Nocturnus refugees seek shelter there after the elementals were let loose across Historica. The chamber holds an ancient Drow altar and was once the site of ritual Drow sacrifices. The refugees have set up home in the upper level of the cavern, and brought along some tasty animals and barrels of foodstuff. Lord Mocka the cat is very curious about the goings on below. Members of Dr Rod's castle guard and some orc fighters keep an eye out for troops of the corrupt hand. Zynthane the Orc witch has been studying some ancient tomes that deal with elemental destruction and protection spells. She has been busy reinforcing the ancient arcane magic that surrounds the Drow altar and chamber, ensuring that no elementals are able to enter the cavern. The ancient Drow altar has once again tasted blood, this time it is the blood of some corrupt hand troops. Captured troops meet their fate at the hands of two drow executioners, eager to take the blood and other body parts back into their tunnels below. This guy is about to join his comrades in the tubs. One final darker overview of the scene. I enjoyed this challenge!! Dr Rod