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  1. IenjoyLego89

    [MOC] The Lone Chieftain

    Great build. The cactus is very well built :)
  2. IenjoyLego89

    The Algus Saga: Warning Nordheim

    Great build. I like how the gate is constructed :)
  3. Absolutely amazing! Love every little detail :)
  4. IenjoyLego89

    AoM: House Phase 1

    Thanks everybody for the comments :) @mrcp6d: yeah, never noticed that plant was in the way, I have to start taking that sort of thing into consideration when taking photos.
  5. IenjoyLego89

    Season of Destruction

    Nice build :) love the base design
  6. IenjoyLego89

    Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Would you mind adding me to the pm? :)
  7. IenjoyLego89

    Eyes in the Forest

    Nice build. Camouflage was well done, it's very hard to spot him in the first pic. :)
  8. IenjoyLego89

    The Algus Saga: Algor Keep

    Awesome build
  9. IenjoyLego89

    Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    First build up since November AoM: House Phase 1 Question: where did you guys get the fire.jpeg for beacon maps? I want to make a beacon but would like to use the same icons...
  10. IenjoyLego89

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    AoM: House Phase I
  11. AoM: House Phase I / IenjoyLego89 / Mitgardia
  12. IenjoyLego89

    AoM: House Phase 1

    A typical house in Volhaal. With the situation in the north many of the 1st sons have been called upon. It's great to be back This is my first build in a long time. I'm happy with how it turned out. Will have to try and put more detail and techniques into the next build All C&C welcome of course
  13. IenjoyLego89

    Old Bagshaw's Residence

    The floor design is great. So is the story :)
  14. IenjoyLego89

    The Algus Saga: Another beacon is lit

    nice little build minfig is cool
  15. IenjoyLego89

    The Algus Saga: The Beacon of Thorshaven

    Cool beacon! The minifig facial expression really adds to the scene