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Found 18 results

  1. What are some of your unpopular or niche opinions related to LSW? I'll start off with a few: - The 2009 AT-OT/dropship set is overrated - it's not a bad set but hasn't aged nearly as well as other sets from around that time, and parts of the AT-OT look like a MOC rather than a collectors' set. It could definitely use a remake. - I don't know why Lego makes Obi-Wan ginger - in 2005 they had less colours to choose from so it made more sense, but now it seems odd that every prequel Obi-Wan is ginger and Anakin is either dark or normal brown when they have a very similar hair colour in the film and honestly reddish brown would probably work for both. Similarly, I'm not sure why Luke's hair changes from tan to dark tan depending on which set he's in when the darker colour is clearly more accurate. - Assault on Hoth would be a good set if it were just the main gate, maybe with a Tauntaun bay and a few other parts for £90. - Midi-scale sets were a real missed opportunity and should make a comeback with figures to add more value. - More sets should include obscure characters - when I was a kid there were a lot of obscure characters in action figure form and I'd love to see more in Lego sets - the Neimodian warrior and Colonel Cracken from 2014 were great inclusions and I'd love to see a D2C Jabba's palace with some obscure characters in that. - In addition to that, a lot of people think Lego won't make another Slave Leia or Oola figure, but I think this is possible but probably only in a D2C barge or palace. Add your's below!
  2. If Lego were to bring back the monorail as a new system, what would like to see from it? What features should it have? Also, what would it take to make a successful Lego monorail Ideas project? Two features I'd like to see which would work hand in hand, would be that the monorail could actually grab onto the track, that way allowing the system to work as a suspended monorail, all while using the same system. I forget who said it, but I remember hearing somewhere that Lego designers tested a monorail system idea with kids, but their reaction wasn't the highest on the "this is awesome!" scale. Whether or not the designers had a physical concept system or just drawings and concept art, it would be interesting to know what they may have had in mind for a new monorail system.
  3. G'day folks. I have a query maybe someone can help me with. Why Do i see very little in the realm of MOC builders that actually build capital ships as play scale instead of just UCS or micro? example: first order star destroyer 79150 There are so many capital ships that could be created for those talented individuals that create these other mocs. Sometimes i see people voicing questions as to why we have so few large ship sets. ive seen some takes on the sphyrna corvettes. and we got a really large CR-70 corvette. i would like to see something smaller. maybe by half. i know the dreadnoughts are buildable. My some love the combat frigate. they have the awing and xwings from polybags and they go up against their imperial star destroyer with polybag tie fighters. i've been considering getting them micro fighters so they can have more. Thanks for letting me have the floor.
  4. Hi all, i'm wondering what is your opinion about the most ingenious solution in an official lego technic set a Technic Lego set or MOC? I will start with one: The nifty door opening/locking-solution of the 4x4 off-roader 8466 is IMHO truely ingenious - i mean the meachnism which is based on pushing/releasing this cute little part: which in turn locks or releases the car-door... With one word: astonishing - the designer should be proud of this solution.
  5. Mine is the collectible Minifigures, but if you want a theme with real set then I pick Space Police III and hope I can get all the space police sets
  6. Peppermint_M

    Essential LEGO Books

    As I look at my Library, made up of many (many) books I have found that 20 of them are LEGO books, official and fan driven. I know for a fact, that there is now a new edition of The LEGO Book, but I already have the first two editions. I have Great Lego Sets and a number of the Minifigure guides. So, would anyone who has the latest edition of The LEGO Book be able to say if it is essential? Are there any books you highly recommend I get? (Or check if I do have. I know my book catalogue app has some entries missing, I have more than 666 books listed in it). Are there any fan driven books that people can recommend? What LEGO books are your favourite?
  7. So, what are your thoughts and feelings about these guys' prevalence in more recent Collectable Minifigure Series as of late?
  8. Ok, after reading many threads and many posts in this forum, I finally figured out what is missing from around here. And don't get me wrong, its not something you can attribute or pin down to any individual or groups thereof. I'm going to call it "Childish Wonderment". And I am going to give you a definition of it that most will understand. Konajra's ship models. They are truly amazing builds. They are somehow magical in their presentation, the details, the skill. You look at them and are caught in a moment of "Childish Wonderment". That is the element on the periodic table of elements labeled Cw and has an atomic weight of fairies wings and gnome dust. What I think has happened is we have been so saturated by this element from all the amazing creators out there that we become immune to its affects and so we have become hyper critical of every MOC that comes along. I remember when people got excited when TLG's Technic models where displayed and brought to brick fairs and gatherings, and now they tell you, don't even think about displaying them or bringing them... they are no longer considered "cool enough" for all the AFOLs who go to these things. And I think that is evident even here. I've seen some pretty impressive MOCs and the comments can come off like the Russian judge at the Olympics...(no disrespect to Russians, but here in the States, the Russian judge was always seen as the most critical). I get constructive criticism, which is funny when you think about the fact we play with a "construction" toy. But this is where we seem to have gotten so quick to judge and discount all the hard work that goes into these creations. Has it gotten so bad that we need to justify every "gear click", tire rubbing sound, motor groan, or surface gap that you see in our videos? What has happened to the Childish Wonderment of a new MOC? And why the ban on self promotion in our own threads? Why is there an aversion for somebody tooting their own horn? In other forums I have been involved in, things never seemed so serious, and so stifling to creativity. I understand people get tired of dealing with bravado and inflated claims, but I feel that my gaff when starting my MOC thread has really soured this community towards me and my skills. When will people go back to just being amazed at the MOCs and exhibit that childish wonderment once again? Just some food for thought... BH
  9. Ok, what is everyone's take on non-Lego items used in a model? A) Never B) Only if it would be something TLG would possibly do for a specific set/model C) Ok, as long as it was cool D) I mix my Megablox and Lego together
  10. I've become quite a fan of the new Shoretroopers from Rogue one and look forward to obtaining them in Lego form, there is 3 varieties of Shoretrooper; Soldier, Squad Leader and Captain, so far we've had Captain ( and Soldier ( do you think we'll get a Squad Leader figure, possibly with dual-moulded arms and a skirt piece? what are your thoughts?
  11. legostarwars1425

    Special Pieces - Your Opinion

    Ok if you look up "Custom LEGO pieces" you come to find a couple of things. Do any of you out there use the pieces in MOCS? Have you ever tried making your own? I have used them, like Brickarms, Brickforge, and Brickmania for my war models. What do you think about these or any other type?
  12. So I was talking to some friends about minifigures or sets where the original or an older variant looks better than the new ones. For example we came up with the original Maul (The new mauls smile ruins it), the Spiderman 2 Spiderman fig, and the original Destroyer Droids. What do you guys think?
  13. watching Sariel's video of him talking with Technic designers it seems obvious they read the forums here, know exactly what people think and want from sets etc. they even mentioned colour vomit and address why the Red and Yellow axles were we speculated it was to give kids an easier time to find the parts when they dump hundreads of pieces onto the floor or into a box etc. one must also assume that the new axles colurs give designers more choice, colour co-ordination etc. - but the complaints here seem rather silly, in that it is very easy for us guys to simply swap out coloured axles for whatever colour you think is right. i have Black 3L and 5L axles and often use them to colour co-ordinated certain sections when i am building a set, in fact i have many parts in many rare colours to do just this, most Technic parts exist in multiple colours outside of Red, Black, Yellow and i think the complaints about colour vomit are null and void... IMO.
  14. Reply with your answers to these questions, please use a 1 to 10 scale. Set design: Minifigures: TV show: Story: Characters: Animation quality: I'll post my opinions after a few people have replied, hopefully :(
  15. Hello! I don't make things very often (I haven't touched LDD or bricks for at least 4 months) and my activity on the forum comes and goes, but I've been thinking about how people present their MOCs. What makes a good presentation? Some people put lots of backstory with their MOCs, and others make videos. Perhaps it's just me, but I lack the patience to read lots of text or watch a video to see content that could have been summarized in just a few photos. I know what I like: a few photos of the MOC with a reference picture if necessary. That's how I tend to post the things that I make, too. When you see a MOC, what are you interested in? A few photographs of the whole MOC, or many photos of all the details? Do you like to see videos? Do you like to read a story that tells the history of the building or scene you built? Are there things you particularly like or particularly don't like? Is there anything I should change in the way I present my MOCs on the occasion I do build? Is there anything you would change about the way you present your MOCs?
  16. I found this at the LEGO Store today. It's the sequel to the critically acclaimed Wedding Decoration set. That Clown figure... I absolutely positively regret being a completionist and skipping on this set today to buy a completely awful Speedorz set. What do y'all think about this set?
  17. Hannguard

    What do you guys think?

    I created a Lego animation for Saruman from Lotr. Im wondering what you guys think
  18. We made a short survey, to see what you think of the "LDD and other digital tools" forum and the LDD and LDraw set indexes. We hope to see which things are good and which things can be better. You can fill in this little survey by clicking on this link. The survey is completely anonymous. The closing date is 11 december We hope many people will fill in the survey Thank you in advance for participating!