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  1. 8295 was a disaster when implementing this design.
  2. General Part Discussion

    I looked for that today, and the new recolours from sign of them yet on Toypro. Some had issues, I personally did not, some got an extra 32L axle. I ended up with an extra 16L axle...which have increased in price a lot. It was 25 cent, new...just to have in the part collection :-) I have a few of those second hand, and the #2 connector in DBG, used in 8416 and 8435.
  3. General Part Discussion

    Just bought some interesting parts via ToyPro....i got two of Part #55013 in Black Bought a couple more of this part in Pearl Dark Gray, they look superb in that colour! Got four of Part #33299 in the new Red colour: Got this weird part for cheap, no idea what to do with it...has anyone EVER found a use for this in a Technic set?? And finally i got four of the new White colour of Part #18654
  4. General Part Discussion

    WOW!...loads of new and interesting recolours in that set, incl. a 1x5 liftarm in Tan and Reddish Brown, part list is deffo worth a look over:
  5. General Part Discussion

  6. General Part Discussion

    Does any have, or have seen, pics etc. - part #6558 in White? Btw...Part #32333 in talked about above, i got brand new in the rare Trans Clear colour, its in a few old Technic sets.
  7. General Part Discussion

    Only available in one set, and has a bunch of other parts unique to the set...colour wise: #32054 is ultra rare in White as well:
  8. General Part Discussion

    They are usually €3 or more each! I got #62462 in PDG: I got #2825 in White brand new: I got #6857 in the ultra rare White colour, second hand....for very cheap, got 10 of them :-) I got #32333 brand new + several other parts used in 8461
  9. IMO....the best of the new sets, love the design and the fact its a fire/rescue vehicle. Very few of those in the Technic line...i wonder why it was cancelled last year? Yes you could build it from parts, that is if you have a supply of those Red panels, which i dont...ergo i will deffo buy this set!
  10. This is a much better set then 42070, better funcrions and much better value for money. But i still will only buy the airport rescue vehicle. @Sariel....will you be doing the B model of 42068? Personally....i would have liked the same parts/method used in the doors of 8297, the dampened shock absorbers....also would be nice to get that part back into production.
  11. General Part Discussion

    Lots of new recolours in 42070, the differential and dogbone in Red is great, also....the Red #3 connector is back in production!!! Anyone spot anything else?
  12. General Part Discussion

    Yes, i belive i commented on, and pointed out said part several pages back. But i said it was LGB. It is still a new mold design internally. Um...note to TLG....can we PLEASE just get this part in Black ffs!...thanks.
  13. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Looks great with the Red rims.
  14. Could we see a future recolour of this upcoming real life car in Metallic Silver?
  15. General Part Discussion

    I also recently bought some ribbed hoses in 14L length in Black, there was a Star Wars set from 2016 that had them.....some old Technic sets such as 8285 used them, so if you want brand new parts or replacements they are available now: Exactly....they should have used Red or LBG.....WTH would they used Brown for a Technic part?