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  1. are giving the clone brands ideas!
  2. Just saw a listing for Technic parts that don't officially exist in the colour shown in the ad. What is the legal status of this ?...are people allowed to sell fake/clone Lego, as long as they state it's not an original item ?
  3. Interesting, set 25219 has a large number of Technic parts in Reddish Brown, but what caught my eye was the large Technic steering wheel in White, Part #2741 Check out the part list: 42088 has a lot of parts now in Orange colour: Part 32530 is now available in Yellow I'n set 60222 Wow!....more amazing news!...Part 6538c is finally available in White This means I am officially only using 10 fake/clone parts of my White version of 42056...woo hoo!
  4. Nothing ultra rare...technic pins in Black and White arc.
  5. Woo hoo!... Patience finally pays off. If you guys remember I said that I was building a custom White version of 42056. In order to do so I had to use fake panels, but thankfully Lego have now released said panels as genuine Lego ? Some other cool recolours have also been released in the 2019 sets. Here are the panels in question
  6. YES!... I knew it would happen, now I can finally get rid of my fake panels from my White 42056 and replace them with genuine Lego!
  7. I have black and red ones... Only thing, they are old and scratched to hell.
  8. Got a few more White parts, 8L 6L and total I have 10 of the pins.
  9. Can you try lift the dog with that crane? ?
  10. Just an FYI - there is a Red and Black version of the Bugatti out there now, and the wheel arches in Red and Black. It looks stunning.
  11. I didn't know these parts were out!?.... I bought #32065 in DBG, I believe this 1x7 thin liftarms is new in that colour. I bought a few of #32192 in LBG, an old Racers set had said part years ago. Also I saw prototype parts in Red for #4274 on ebay, €4.99 a pop!... LOL, too rich for my blood. And I spent €2 each on those White #32054 pins.
  12. So I finally settled on DBG for the engine assembly, just to do something a bit different
  13. I am not sourcing, just pointng out stuff exists. And I was forced to use 24 fake White parts, because Lego don't make them.... Yet. The chromed hubs look great in pics. So I just wanna see what they look like IRL.... If I like them and they match my theme I might keep them on the car.
  14. Igor... Just do a search on Google, rather not pm links... As it could be interpreted as promoting fake products, sorry.