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  1. Foreman

    Ideas for CMFs

    I really wished you gone with tan for series D army man, maybe you can make a tan general minifigure
  2. Agent trey Swift just looks like Agent Swipe, but he has Agent Swift's last name, could he be the son of those 2 Agents?
  3. Well Business was a neglectful father, so wouldn't bother to raise him, also we don't know the breeding rules for that world, for all we know a minifigure and a Bin of Storage produceing either a minifigure or a minidoll could be perfectly normal in that world, also there's the possibility that Emmett and Mayhem could be half siblings
  4. Lord Business is clearly Finn's father, I've been thinking "gee, which character fits Finn" which for a long time I've thought it as either Emmett, or Vitruvius, which after watching the Lego Movie 2, I've felt it more to be Emmett as a better fit because he was the one Finn was playing with, and it was Emmett to break the cake, something Finn did, also it was Emmett who said what Phil said to Business, so if Emmett is Finn and Lord Business is (Finn's) father than it makes sense for Lord Business to be Emmett which (if General Sweet Mayhem is Bianca) would explain why he didn't want to be involved with the duplo Aliens, because he knows his wife lives in the same star system and doesn't want to fight with her
  5. Foreman

    What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    All themes are in the same universe
  6. Foreman

    Ideas for CMFs

    what will you call your series after you deplete the alphabet?
  7. still think it looks more like Emmet's outfit
  8. I think I'm done with form mafia, I prefer 30 minute games with all Power roles
  9. where would you put it? Also did you noticed Dangervest and Emmett lack eyeshines
  10. I you look at his outfit it's exactly the same as Emmett's, except blue Sorry about the pics not being the same size
  11. Foreman

    Ideas for CMFs

    yes it's fixed
  12. is it posable you can rename day 5 thread to say it's day five?
  13. Foreman

    Ideas for CMFs

    I can't see some of your pictures