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  1. Are the roles the same each game? or is the host allowed to change them
  2. yes sing me up, however I didn't really complete mafia school
  3. Foreman

    Ideas for CMFs

    Still want a Tan Army man
  4. Foreman

    Ideas for CMFs

    is the toy based one a tan army man?
  5. Why is this and is there any other minifigures that have this I think Slizer might have it too but I can't remember. It was the Chima figures that have double faces, not Slizer, well he might, I don't have him
  6. Foreman

    Ideas for CMFs

    there's a young version with normal eyes
  7. Foreman

    Ideas for CMFs

    umm... actually Vitruvius form the lego movie was non-licensed but he got a flesh tone
  8. Foreman

    Is using SBrick cheating?

    I wouldn't use it Myself, but I wouldn't hire Ninja Pirates or Pirate Ninjas over it.
  9. @Bob I want to be in your Mafia game
  10. Are there lego sets with both system and duplo bricks? I ask because I think the Lego Movie 2 will have System and Duplo because it is about Duplo attacking a System town
  11. when is the next Mafia school?
  12. too late, the mods will see this post, should have PMed
  13. Ender Gaiman is based on a redshirt from starterk
  14. Doctor Wen is based on Doctor who Hannah Ford is just a female Han Solo Seamus Aaron is a male Samus Aran but I'm guessing from how easy they were they probably been guessed by now .Wen and Seamus I've guessed by the name alone Bock Pathos is based on Startrek and more specifically Mr. Spock and Klingons
  15. are Pliskeen from Arcturius?