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  1. Very cool and funny video review...;-)
  2. Semi dump truck

    I just day: Each MOC from you would be and would deserve to be an official set of TLG... the crane truck, the rubbish truck, this little and cute one - just awesome and fascinating building skills
  3. Semi dump truck

    I just day: Each MOC from you would be and would deserve to be an official set of TLG... the crane truck, the rubbish truck, this little and cute one - just awesome and fascinating building skills
  4. It is a Problem because the crane can not slew properly... here is the solution: Have applied some other fixes to the BI ... but Overall this is an awesome model- highly recommended
  5. 17101 Boost Video Review

    No, not for this particular video - but here is one in english which demonstrates ALL 5 models of this set:
  6. the 360-viewer works very well for me - Firefox on Windows 7... Excellent review, many thanks for your effort, Jim! Cool model, very well done by Milan.... if it would have a gearbox - even if a "simple" standard one - then it would be a real and true successor of good old 8466... Unimog wheels with yellow rims IMHO work best - a great alternative to the tracked stock version... I probably will get this set - but it's not a must NOW have so probabaly not now but sometimes later on when good discount is available - or even second hand used in very good condition...
  7. Yes, it is the combination of accessibilty and easyness of usage. If this combination is reasonable then all is fine and no need for HoG - agreed... but in each case i like to have a working usable console shifter rsp paddle-shifter - the HoG is then a nice to have or ev necessary add on for better playability if the Accessibility/usage is limited... but i do not want to occupy the thread about Pauls great and incredible well designed car with this discussion about the need or not need of console/HoG-shifters... pauls intention was to do something new and he has done this very well... so all is fine because a designer should always build what HE want and not what "Never satisfied" people like me want to have ;-)
  8. Hmm, i do not understand the final remark ("would not even bother including a HoG shifter if..."): why do people include HoG-steering-wheels? because the allow more easy accessible operation - same holds for gear shifting: regardless of having a console shifter it will always be a pain for a adults hand to operate gear shifting - at least for a non open-topped car - in case of a convertible i agree with you - no need for HoG-stuff neither steering nor shifting... but with current supercars with often closed roofs and small windscreens i really vote for HoG-stuff, even if there is a full working console-shifter... of course you have packad in quite enough ;-) - i already said (multiple times): awesome supercar And my remark about a console shifter has nothing to do with typical "never good enough"-complainings - it was more about wondering why to leave out one of the most important and realistic operation-levers a car could - or should i say "should"? - have... or with other words: if your model would also have a console-shifter than i would say it's the most awesome supercar ever born... but on the other side you and meatman are right: maybe we should stop always searching for the MOST awesome this-and-that - being awesome is really enough - and your car is really really awesome, period. PS: well, here comes a "never good enough"-thing: ...and Ackermann...
  9. thanks for fast reply Paul - maybe i have not expressed good enough what i had in mind... for me the best would be to have a working gearstick for switching gears + a DNR-shifter (maybe combined into one stick) PLUS a nifty HoG-shifter ... so the same principle as for steering: working "inhouse" operating stuff (the steering wheel rsp gearstickl) plus the HoG stuff...
  10. well i know one, exactly one - but i have to admit, that Pauls new Outlaw could be on par with the following one concerning modularity, something i thought it would never happen ... ;-) But IMHO it is a honor for each lego builder building something on par with one of the most talented ever (IMHO), N. Kuipers... therefore kudos Paul, awesome model your Outlaw. But may i express one criticism? Yout HoG shifter is pretty cool but i'm a little disappointed that there is no gear-stick between the seats - the current one is just a DNR switcher - but how should the driver switch the forward gears from the natural place for this job, the driver seat? Well, your HoG steering is also just an ADDITION to the working steering wheel inside the car - so where is the gearstick inside the car? Or should the whole concept simulate a full automatic gearbox? But apart from that: awesome supercar!
  11. From what i can see until now - based on the short vid: probably the new bar for supercars - kudos! The BI will be a must buy for me...
  12. Thanks for your distinguished reply - Well, it's your model and of course you should always build what YOU like... and you are right, improving the front and - if possible - the rear wheel well would already help a lot.... i'm sure a talented builder like you will find solutions... ;-)
  13. of course judging a car design is often a matter of personal style - but my i bring in some critics to the table, even harsh sounding critics? If you call this car a gorgeous looking car: how do you call cars like e.g. The Icarus by Madocca, The Predator by N. Kuipers, the DTM-cars by brunoji, Lipcos supercar, the 42056 Porsche - just mentioning some examples, there are some more) - do you then call them "super hyper gorgeous awesome"? ;-) well, i'm not a native speaker but AFAIK "gorgeous" is already one of the strongest terms you can use for the look of something, isn't it? And do you really say, that this car by Eric looks as gorgeous as some of the examples i mentioned above? If yes, well, than this is your personal taste and of course i respect it - but am i allowed to say, that i can not understand it? Eric, i really like your building style and a lot of your models (e.g. the mid scale tow truck and a lot of models more) and i like also the mechanics of this supercar, really well done! But i'm sorry, for this supercar i have to say, the exterior fails IMHO more or less completely (of course its IMHO): - the tumbler tires do not really fit to a supercar - the bonnet and actually the whole front looks really really ugly (judged on base of the second pic of your latest posting) - the rear wheel well looks like a mess - especially the two white Panel Fairing # 5 Long Smooth on top - the side skirt in combination with the door look very blocky and ithe panneling has a no flow... - The color combo does not really work in my eyes, but i admit, this probably just my own personal taste... Eric, pleae do not misunderstand me, nothing is more far away from me than offending you! Please read my posting in the sense of a honest opinion to THIS bodywork because i know from your previous models that you can do it much better... but maybe the current looks are exactly what you wanted to achieve, who knows - then i have to say: not my taste ;-) BTW: of course i for myself could never design a supercar from scratch, so i admire all of you who are able to do this - but nevertheless i have long time experience in building others creations and MODing them so i have allowed myself to write this honest opinion...
  14. Thanks a lot! Cool improvement of the lockable door design of el squatter - IMHO this lockable doors are now by far the best implementation: robust, no rubber bands, and get rid of the tiles which makes the door inside slight smaller... nevertheless it remains very hard for a males hand to switch gears with closed drivers door - i still open the door for switching gears... Personally i like the reverse gear blocker of daywalker a lot but i can understand your decision and preference: it is not such an essential feature like the gear indicator, agreed. And the reverse blocker is still quite easy to integrate into your 1.2 version of your Porsche MOD-package - now even easier than with V1.1... Overall your current V1.2 package is a near perfect Porsche GT3RS MOD of 42056 - thanks a lot - now i can recommend everyone who wants to build the Porsche just following your BI 1.2 and bob will be their uncle - and i'm sure: If TLG would have been released this Porsche as 42056 no one would have complained but most of the people would have praised TLG for a great supercar model.... just my 2ct...
  15. Please feel not offended by me because this was in no way my intention! i completely see your point and concerning "seeing and feeling how things work" i completely agree with you - but here we come very fast into a real dilemma if we want at the same time real looking and therefore panneled car-bodies.... therefore i'm really a fan of the removeable body approach - BTW: especially with the latest revision of @jb70 s package (where even the seats are only mounted onto the body) the removing is done within seconds, max 1 minute: just pull out 11 red pins with bush and the HoG-gear (same vice versa) - and thanks to your work enhancing the rigidity of the chassis, the chassis alone runs very smoothly without bending... and then all bells and whistles can be viewed well... and let us be honest: the pure Porsche chassis stand very well into the tradition of good old 853, 8860.... ;-) but of course there are different building styles out there and often it is just a matter of personal taste, agreed... But especially the Porsche 42056 needs a differentiated judgement - it neither deserves praising into heaven nor it deserves to damn it into hell - the truth is somewhere in between - as often in all aspects of life ;-)