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  1. @jb70: Great to see the pimped bugatti is makeing good progress: 8<-->1 gear box working smoothly, very well done gear indicator/HoG-gear-switch (BTW: great! ), HoG-steering, working front-suspension - IMHO all essentials are dealed with these mods... thank you very much (and also too these who have contributed their ideas)... one remark to the gear-indicator: Could a thin 1x2 black liftarm even be more nice? Not sure if there is a possibility to prevent the vertical axle from peeking out?
  2. Are there possibilities to add a gear-indicator? Something like that what have been added to the Porsche? i had the hope that this could even be easier as with the Porsche....
  3. well, in this case i admit i does not really matter - but imagine a quote where the original post is far away then you have only a quote in french and the english answer but you can maybe not understand the correlation between the quote and the answer... anyway: IMHO all contributions incl. quotes should be in english here - but i'm not a Mod so just take this as a friendly hint and nothing else ;-)
  4. @chox: May i ask you preventing your browser from translating all quotes to french? This is an english forum
  5. @jb70 If you really give consideration to such a pimp-package for the bugatti (as with the Porsche) then i have a plea: Please wait some time because i'm sure there will come up some other MODs here, at least for the Front axle (e.g. Didumous69 one or also DugaldC approach with torsion bars)... Didumous gearbox mode for a 8<-->1 box is also great... anyway: a pimp would be great, thanks already in advance ;-)
  6. Indeed Thank you for sharing - now one of the two major flaws is fixed - Now if we would get a better front suspension too the model would be already really good and quite useable...
  7. Kumbbl

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    indeed - not the best angle... ;-)
  8. Kumbbl

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    strange argumentation... if they knew the problem then it would have been their job to fix it - and tell me not, that full time designers at TLG are not able to find a fix - @Didumos69 has postet a fix (even if unproven) after about a week after the release, just based onto pics.... how much better are the conditions for a TLG-designer?! - hey, we are not talking about a not perfectly closed gap in the bonnet but we are talking about the most basic function of this model (together with steering): If this function fails the model can more or less not be used - unless for being displayed but nothing else... This attitude to rush out the high prize model despite knowing serious faults does not match with the communicated quality standards of TLG - and an answer of AR in the interview like "Everything has to be right. It’s a Bugatti. Everything has to reach the top level, both when it comes to authenticity and functionality. Nothing is left to chance." is then just a joke, a bad joke....
  9. Kumbbl

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    100% agree. As I already said - the more or less unsteerabilty and the failing front suspension are the main faults of this product - all other stuff is at least ok or even very well done and pleasing but these two are unacceptable - at least IMHO...
  10. Kumbbl

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    yes, do so! The latest incarnation of @jb70 Pimp up my Porsche model is highly recommended - IMHO one of the best supercars out there... enjoy!
  11. @Didumos69: you are really a gearbox wizard ;-) - kudos
  12. Kumbbl

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    @Appie, let us agree that we agree that the Chiron is a step forward compared to the porsche, or maybe two steps ;-) The Porsche fails not only in the gearbox (here multiple) but also in a too weak front suspension (yes i know, also with the Porsche there are your three groups ;-).... so, yes, you are right. And i'm far from ranting about the complete set - i have already said, that it has wonderful genes and is IMHO worth a buying - at least for me who can fix some things for myself. Yes, the Chiron has two inacceptable pit-falls but it has also some really positive aspects: gearbox, the new parts here, awesome looks, clever spoiler kinematic (despite this poor key-driven solution) and and and... but: nevertheless these serious pit-falls can not be whitewashed.. ;-)
  13. Kumbbl

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    no, you haven't done any errors - this comes from the huge amount of driving rings and clutch gears involved in all forward speeds - and this is cumulated to quite an amount of backlash (each driving-ring/clutch adds a quarter of a turn) - and because the reverse gear is omitting all these clutches/driving rings the engine reacts immediatelly... so, no worries, all is fine ;-)
  14. Kumbbl

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    yes, this Pimped Porsche is great - i have build it (even contributed some small details ;-) - perfect supercar and model. But such a perfection is IMHO not necessary, because this Porsche version is the full fletched incarnation where more or less all fixes and all great additional features of our community have been compiled in. I would also be very satiesfied if TLG would release a well working model, well working at least in its basic functions. As others already said: It's part of the fun to improved a model even more by some moding. But - at least not for me - it is NOT part of the fun (and in no way for some 10 years old children) to invest 10h building and then getting a model scratching the ground and not being able to be pushed along cause of the inaccessibility of the steering wheel - this is part of frustration nothing else.
  15. Kumbbl

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    In real life in automotive industry parts have an exact specification so all instances of such a parts behave exactly equal, so all screws shocks etc are well specified so all resulting cars behaves more or less equally... In contrary to that lego parts like the spring or pins are not so precise, means there is a small tolerances concerning the force of the springs and also concerning the friction force of pins. So for me this explain easily why there are these three groups whcih you have correctly mentioned, @Appie. It is really simple, some are lucky and got a set with spring and pin parts which have exactly the right amount of force rsp. friction so the suspension works, at least NOW (group 1). Others are not so lucky (group 2) and some of us have really bad luck (group 3)... But for me this is a design fault, if such a basic and most important feature as the front-suspension relys onto such fragile stuff! A well done front axle has a geometry which equals such tolerances (which results in slightly differing part-behavior) - and therefore works always! Therefore: Yes, this is really so: The front suspension does not work as it should, period, no wait, exclamation mark! ;-) as @aol000xw said above: " now I try to picture myself at 6 again, building the Chiron with great effort and almost can feel the sadness wondering what did I do wrong.Now show your shiny Chiron to someone not into Lego and rationalize, justify and explain why it behaves like a stone in a pond where it should be a working marvel of Technic" - very well spoken THAT MUST NOT HAPPEN for a company with such a high quality claim as with TLG, again period!