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  1. thank you very much.... if i understand you right, you have used @jb70 's BI und added your mods, right? i have already built the 1.1 Pimp up your Lambo so now i would be very convenient, which steps have to be changed - so for example i'm wondering if you have changed anything in book1 because all changes to the exterior are in book2...? so: is there a chance easily finding the changes between the 1.1 Pimp Lambo and your MODs? again thanks a lot!
  2. well, maybe a little OT here, but lets talk about the gearbox of the Sian, because it is a good example for what i want to say: TLG often compromises a design for the sake being as easy as possible to build. i have build the Lambo Sian out of the box as guided by the official TLG instructions and i have build it a second time with the wonderful enhancements of @jb70 and @Didumos69 - of course the resulting gearbox of the "pimp up my Lambo", designed by @jb70and @Didumos69, is way better than the one designed by TLG: less friction, less gear mesh, more compact - BUT: the design of TLG is without any doubt easier to build without bad performance - not so well working as @jb70's one but still a reasonable performance - i for myself like the little challenges of designs like that one of @jb70, but i'm sure a lot of people out there, the key customers of the Sian, prefer the easier build - and the experts of a forum like EB are NOT the key customers of a model like the Sian... so my conclusion: The requirement specification for the TLG designers contain some goals which have nothing to do with the plain functions or looks of a model.... just my 2 cts
  3. god, i love this - such a leap forward in playability... well, old style dispatcher gearboxes save space but are mostly much worse to use: you need always two hands, one on the battery switch for changing direction (with the additional pain sliding unintentionally over neutral position), one on the function-switcher...
  4. @jb70: your 1.1 pimp up your Lambo is a pure pleasure to build - not so babylike as the standard lego BI but with a little challenge... the only feature i have rolled back is the added friction for the rear spoiler --> this prevents the spoiler using the full travelpath - but apart from this: my hat to you, sir jb70 ;-) surely one of the best and most elaborated supercars out there and by far the best of your three pimped cars - the packed drivetrains are a pure pleasure... some steps have to build with a slighly differing part sequence but overall the BI is absolutely satisfying! Thanks a lot for offering for free!!
  5. Hi, first of all thanks a lot for this beautiful and nifty MOC! But i have a question about the rear steering.... when built as shown in the BI then there is more or less no steering lock an the rear wheels cuase of s lot of backlash and restitance of the rear axle steering arms/mechanism I suppose the performance of the rear steering depends strongly on the resistance of the combination of the 57515 dark bluish gray steering arms and the x873c01 Technic 4 Ball Joint Steering Arm With 3 Pin Base - if both were too strong then the rear steering performance is quite low... if you find a pair with a not too strong connection then it works great... therefore my question: anybody out there with the same finding and how to change the linkage resulting in bigger rear steering lock?
  6. one of the most sophisticated replys i have seen here....well spoken. And: cleverly constructed and designed (meant in the sense like e.g. N. Kuipers designs and uses parts: which is the best part in a certain situation and always with the goal in mind to make a rigid and suitable construction) i see really no problems to produce a very playable model from a set of about 4000 parts - even more with quite direct drive trains as with the case of 7 motors some counterexamples like the bugatti doesn't be playable cause of having too many parts or weight but only (and really ONLY) cause of the lack of a proper design...
  7. @NKubate: i also appreciate a lot your write ups - please go on... thanks a lot
  8. Eric, very interesting reading material... i fully agree with you concerning the "over-designed" bugatti... but i'm quite sure there are some constraints for the TLG designers imposed by Bugatti... i'm very sure that your suspension geometry would have been never rubberstamped by Bugatti because the real suspension layout is completely different... same for the closed underbottom... Nevertheless eager awaiting further progress and maybe BI for "your" incarnation of the Chiron !
  9. i can confirm, that there is a huge difference between the out-of-the-box suspension and the MODed one by Didomous/jb70: the former one doesn't react the latter one performs very well... or with other words: the former one is a complete misdesign... IMHO the Retail bugatti is a full pitfall cause of its 0% playability cause of the actually not working suspension and the in fact unsteerabilty - even the padels for the gearbox are quite unaccessible for mens hands --> so i can not praise enough the "pimp my bugatti" package of @jb70, because it preserves 100% the design and looks but adds 1000% usability cause of its working suspension and its two HoGs, one for steering, one for gear-switching (the latter one AKA as gear-indicator) - without these MODs the bugatti is just a pretty bunch of well packed bricks, panels and beams, nothing more - just useful for a showcase or as parts pack... just my 2 ct
  10. @jb70: Just building your pimped bugatti (now already with box 6): its a real pleasure to build this improved version - works like a charm and especially these mods are IMHO essential fixes: - suspension: now working on both axles - HoG steering: the most MUST of all - HoG gear-switching AKA as gear-indicator: also very useful - Your door mechanism and especially the "locking" is quite genius - kudos! so in your incarnation the Bugatti ranks easily within the best supercars out there... thanks a lot for compiling the BIs! @nerdsforprez: have included your small fix for the air-brake - very good finding, works well now.... thanks a lot too!
  11. Thanks a lot - this is a real supercar as in the good old days of lego where form follows function and not vice versa ;-) BI looks very good.... can't wait building it - kudos to all participants
  12. @jb70: Great to see the pimped bugatti is makeing good progress: 8<-->1 gear box working smoothly, very well done gear indicator/HoG-gear-switch (BTW: great! ), HoG-steering, working front-suspension - IMHO all essentials are dealed with these mods... thank you very much (and also too these who have contributed their ideas)... one remark to the gear-indicator: Could a thin 1x2 black liftarm even be more nice? Not sure if there is a possibility to prevent the vertical axle from peeking out?
  13. Are there possibilities to add a gear-indicator? Something like that what have been added to the Porsche? i had the hope that this could even be easier as with the Porsche....
  14. well, in this case i admit i does not really matter - but imagine a quote where the original post is far away then you have only a quote in french and the english answer but you can maybe not understand the correlation between the quote and the answer... anyway: IMHO all contributions incl. quotes should be in english here - but i'm not a Mod so just take this as a friendly hint and nothing else ;-)
  15. @chox: May i ask you preventing your browser from translating all quotes to french? This is an english forum