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  1. legostarwars1425


    So, to add to this, I also ended up with some transparent 2 x 4 parts from the early sixties that were in better condition. With the old logo and everything. When you compare the two of the same piece ... ouch. I have much work ahead of me.
  2. legostarwars1425

    Need help removing sharpie/marker from minifigs

    Ok, so I have made the same mistake from my younger self, and rubbing alcohol didn't do the trick. It sure seemed like it, but it left a faded mess. I also tried a magic eraser thingy, which did the trick. If that doesn't work, try mint toothpaste. If THAT doesn't work, use some hairspray. They smell after, but it is worth a shot. Hope this helps you! -Legostarwars1425
  3. legostarwars1425

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    Ok. So I admit, I do call them LEGOs from time to time, because I grew up saying LEGOs. It doesn't bother me too much now. The part number thing gets under my skin SO much. I wouldn't go on a rant or anything, but it bothers me. Another is when someone calls something like Mega Bloks LEGO. A fourth is when I am displaying something, and someone will say "Is that a kit?" or "Is that for sale?" It just bothers me. I guess it is a pride thing. So those are a few things that bother me. -Legostarwars1425
  4. legostarwars1425


    Thanks you so much! I'll try one side at a time. Thanks for the extra advice!
  5. Okay, so if you have ever looked up "Custom LEGO pieces" you find some cool parts. I was wondering if anyone has tried making their own, and out of what material? Does PVC release bad chemicals? Was it hard or time consuming? And most importantly, what are your opinions on third party pieces like brickarms, brickforge, brickmania, Crazy bricks arms and cactuses, etcetera? I have not tried too many custom pieces so far. So, that being said, I am interested in your responses. I did another one, like this, so here is the link to the original: Thanks in advance, Legostarwars1425
  6. legostarwars1425


    Yes, the cloudiness is only in the transparent parts, and I'll make sure to try the Pledge Multi-surface Wax. Thank you so much!
  7. legostarwars1425

    21314 - LEGO® TRON: Legacy

    Awesome! Will be looking into this set!
  8. legostarwars1425


    Ok, I need some help with my yellowing problem. I got a bunch of old LEGO Bricks second hand, and a whole bunch were yellowed. So what I did, was take them and put them in a bin for around a month. When I finally got to fixing them, I used 3% hydrogen peroxide and set them out for around 3 - 4 hours. The whites did perfect. The transparents did not. They had a very orange tint to them, and still do at the writing of this. So if anyone can help me figure out this issue, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! -legostarwars1425 P.S. Some of the parts are cloudy too. If you can help with that, that also would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!
  9. legostarwars1425

    What is the story behind your profile picture?

    My Profile pic is my SigFig. It appears in most of my MOCs. None posted yet. It is the minifigure in the orange sweatshirt from set 60057. I just added Loki's staff with a trans-light blue diamond.
  10. legostarwars1425

    PFx Bricks

    May I just say, Oh My Brick. This is so cool! I have hoped that lego themselves, would make a sound brick that you could put your own sound into. Thanks to the geniuses at PFx Bricks, you can!
  11. Love your profile picture!

  12. I was just curious, after I beat the levels in dimensions, I went back to look at them. There is a mystery dimension. I beat that too. There are still question marks which mean that I have not beat the certain level. Any clues as to what this means?
  13. legostarwars1425

    (Poll) do you have a buggy motor??

    I wish I had some. The shape would seem a bit hard to hide though. As far as the question, I have none. I do want one though.
  14. legostarwars1425

    I can't figure out how to post my MOCs

    Thank you!