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  1. What is the story behind your profile picture?

    My Profile pic is my SigFig. It appears in most of my MOCs. None posted yet. It is the minifigure in the orange sweatshirt from set 60057. I just added Loki's staff with a trans-light blue diamond.
  2. PFx Bricks

    May I just say Oh My Brick. This is so cool! I have hoped that lego themselves, would make a sound brick that you would be able to put your own sound into-if that makes any sense-which now is possible. Thank you geniuses!
  3. Love your profile picture!

  4. I was just curious, after I beat the levels in dimensions, I went back to look at them. There is a mystery dimension. I beat that too. There are still question marks which mean that I have not beat the certain level. Any clues as to what this means?
  5. (Poll) do you have a buggy motor??

    I wish I had some. The shape would seem a bit hard to hide though. As far as the question, I have none. I do want one though.
  6. Help me! I can't post my MOCs!

    Thank you!
  7. Please let me know how I would get my MOC photos down to 10.24 KB. I can't seem to find a way to do this. I have seen awesome people post their MOCS here. I can't seem to get it to the file size. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
  8. I hit "YES" in hopes of there being a better variety of mid-evil pieces being created. I like doing castle related MOCs so that's why I hit yes. Now it is a theme for kids, and that is what they go by. Meaning if the kids like it, they produce more. So I think kids very much like it, hence they keep making more. So... they probably will keep Nexo-knights and ditch castle. Now I am not saying they won't create more like castle in the future, but for now, they will keep making Nexo-Knights.
  9. Special Pieces - Your Opinion

    I can see why you say that... I personally would buy ABS pieces or a type that would not leech chemicals. That is a good thing to consider when purchasing.
  10. Special Pieces - Your Opinion

    Ok if you look up "Custom LEGO pieces" you come to find a couple of things. Do any of you out there use the pieces in MOCS? Have you ever tried making your own? I have used them, like Brickarms, Brickforge, and Brickmania for my war models. What do you think about these or any other type?
  11. Have you tried Brickarms?

    The parts are very good. Try it. I suggest it.
  12. Whats your opinion?

    Ok the ones that I saw that you guys wanted to know about are Galidor Znap Jack Stone Starting with Galidor the sets are good if you want action figures. As lego, the joints connect with technic pins and sockets and as far as I have, some come with staffs and shooters. They do shoot regular modern rubber tipped thingys. As far as Znap, some are able to be connected with technic, but it reminds me of Knex. Jack stone is a bunch of non customizable figures with vehicles made out of bigger parts or unusual builds. None are VERY bad but have advantages and disadvantages.
  13. Ok I was browsing around and found a small amount of "Minifigures" and found a text that said " Any LEGO character that doesn't include at least two of those parts doesn't get to call itself a minifigure." The three parts are a head, torso, and legs of a standard figure. I found 6 minifigures that I question. The figures are: E.T. Martin (Simpsons) Kapau'raii Gizmo Sonic Stripe
  14. [MOC] The same for me!

    Cool! Nice use of the pen. Great detail that you made sure the ninjas all were from the first wave.