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    FAPC Voting Thread

    I will submit my votes, but.. I do not remember agreeing on having my 'fast food' image as my main entry? Doesnt matter though, there are too many great entries, for me to win.
  2. Since Disney has bought Lucasfilm, I thought I should create something Lucasfilm/Disney. This is a toy story/starwars creation. So here it is I snuck into the Disney studios and saw that they were already making the new star wars film. So I snapped a few pictures of one of the scenes. Okay, okay, I havent fooled you. Anyways.. Future of Star wars contest entry by TikiMaster21, on Flickr This is a time where rebel scouts have turned evil, and have decided to dress in woody outfits. They now call themselves the Woody Scouts. Woody Scout. by TikiMaster21, on Flickr And the enemy has created new troopers. Buzz troopers. Armed with lasers! That coincidentally don't work.. but, alas, the enemy has not failed and has given these troopers weapons. Buzz Trooper by TikiMaster21, on Flickr Luke, equipped with a pink lightsaber, has stolen a RC11 Hover speeder, and has managed to escape the dreaded, Discus Base (disney+lucas) Serious Situation by TikiMaster21, on Flickr Here is another photo of woody scout. Aim. Fire. Bullseye. by TikiMaster21, on Flickr And another photo of a Buzz Trooper ready for lift-off. Or should I say, fall-off, with style. Take-Off. by TikiMaster21, on Flickr And here is my photoshopped image. The Escape from Discus Base by TikiMaster21, on Flickr And my last picture, is similar to the picture I submitted with my Dino-O Copter entry, for the Forbidden Animal Planet contest. RC11 Escape by TikiMaster21, on Flickr The reference 'Riding Like The Wind' is when Woody tell Bullseye "Ride like the wind bullseye!". Anyways, hope you like it
  3. Hannguard

    The Future of Star Wars Contest

    Heya, so no photoshopping your entry a little ?
  4. Hannguard

    FAPC: Alienator

    Good job
  5. Hannguard

    MSFC: Invasion!

  6. Hannguard

    FAPC: Dine-O Copter

    Any feedback?
  7. Hannguard

    What did you buy today?

    But on new years I stopped by the lego store and picked up a few 'surprise' minifigures in little plastic bags. I got 2 cheerleaders, and a cowgirl. Oh, my luck.
  8. Hannguard

    What did you buy today?

    To answer the question: Ive bought nothing today!
  9. Hannguard

    MOC: The Crystal City

    Great job! I have a few of those transparent antenna stick things
  10. Hannguard

    MSFC Saturn V launch

    Hmm, I have an iphone. No blackberry. Which is a pity, for im pretty hungry right now
  11. Hannguard

    MOC: Steampunk Lightning Cannon

  12. Hannguard

    The Hobbit movies discussion

    No offense taken. I really do have a strange family, and I dont really know how to explain it all.
  13. Hannguard

    Lego Marvel Superheroes Game Announced

    They said that you will be able to unlock 100 characters in the game, so definitely magneto.
  14. Hannguard

    The Hobbit movies discussion

    Well, most of the family found lord of the rings cheesy at most parts. They love the Hobbit books and lotr books, as do I. Im pretty sure they can tell if some movies are awful. Well not all of them disliked it. My sister said she enjoyed it, but also said it wasn't very interesting. She wouldn't mind watching it again.
  15. Hannguard

    What was the last movie you watched?

    In my opinion Wall-E was . The last movie I have seen was... I actually havent seen one in a very long time. Have been busy lately.