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  1. Bublehead

    Technic Pub

    @brickless_kiwi, yes, I do my own refurbishment to my machines for the same reason, one is I know how, and two, it is way cheaper, and three, there is the tinker factor. But not a lot of people have the room for an arcade machine in the home. I’m lucky I have room for 5 pinball machines. But more than that and I would be sleeping on one.
  2. Bublehead

    Technic Pub

    Not sure if there are any pinheads in here or not, but I just got back from Chicago Pinball Expo 2018. Put my money down on a Monster Bash remake Limited Edition pinball machine from Chicago Gaming Inc. Now the waiting begins.
  3. Bublehead

    Effe's MOC Corner

    A masterpiece of a service truck. Well done. We don’t get to see that many COE vehicles here in the states, especially not twin front axle rigs like this one. The Black Cat Service Truck is pretty much the standard large configuration service trucks we see on the roads. I love Cab Over Engine big rigs, but sadly, they are getting very rare over here. Once they changed total vehicle length limit laws, COE’s all but disappeared.
  4. Bublehead

    [EV3] Slot Machine

    Loved it. Funny.
  5. @jim, This is a fascinating project, it reminds me of the Lego Factory Robots a little, the ones that follow the magnets in the floor, but following magnets is not a hard thing to program... I need to read through a lot of the content here on the new forum, I have recently acquired a used EV3 set and have not got around to doing anything with it yet (seems I have been building amusement rides for some reason ) Is the programming specific to the omnidirectional control, like converting inputs like forward/back/right/left into relative wheel motion based on platform orientation?
  6. Just finished this one. Seems this set was an attempt of giving us the same set as Volvo 42053 without giving us another 42053. Somewhat interesting build, but pretty simple and just only big enough to hide the compressor and battery box inside. I liked the steering mech., and the motion as it goes over rough terrain looks surprising realistic. Would have liked a bigger scale for this machine, and more cutter head functionality.
  7. @Didumos69, the “two boxes, one controller” scenario you are describing more than likely will be similar to having two IR receivers on the same channel. It will control both, but not ensure they are synchronized. So the two motors may work together, but they may become out of sync eventually.
  8. @SNIPE, yes, there are 4 sets of controls on the remote, each controlling a separate output. And yes, I believe you can have multiple remotes , each paired with it’s own BB/receiver, so you could theoretically control 4x4 or 16 outputs with 4 remotes and 4 BB. Dont think they sell remotes separately, but they might sell a “replacement” if you report a defective one. I would try that, and if you pay for it, no harm no foul, you are not trying to get them to replace it for free.
  9. Thanks for the mini review @Jim, still waiting on mine to arrive. Is the case bonded together, or does it come open without damage?
  10. Bublehead

    Generic Contest Discussion

    @Erik Leppen, you don’t need to invent something unknown or new, but innovate a way of doing something with a Technic solution to an existing problem that has never been done before... like maybe a competition to build a working Technic can opener, bottle opener, pencil sharpener. Electric toothbrush... or apple or potato peeler. Don’t think of it as inventing something that doesn’t exist, think of designing an existing device using an innovative Technic solution. Scrambled egg making machine... a machine that loads bread and unloads toast from a toaster... this was the reason I liked coaching a First Lego League team. The kids were given several problems they had to solve by building and programming a single machine to solve multiple complex tasks.
  11. Bublehead

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I liked the format of TC14, and the theme was a good selection. I enjoyed the freedom of creativity. But there was a small chasm between the top 3 entries and the bottom 7 in terms of ambition, design, and execution. And although functional as all the entries where, real innovation in mechanical design was limited to either dealing with size, dealing with motion, or dealing with control, or some combination of the three. What I would like to see is a build competition that would challenge us to innovate interesting things. Solve mechanical problems, design interesting functions never seen before in Technic. We have seen super cars ad nauseam, and the only innovation they usually bring to the table is a new gearbox, a new way to open the boot or bonnet or doors, some form of steering, full independent suspension, or hide away headlamps, and fake working motor and pistons, all of which were on the 8880. Now I enjoy a good supercar build, but as a platform of innovation, the selection of functionality that a designer has to work with when faced with building yet another point A to point B vehicle is very limited. I have to build something new that does essentially what every supercar has done since TLG released the 8880 almost 25 years ago? That’s not innovation, that is stagnation.
  12. Bublehead

    Beamless Chassis Design?

    @Erik Leppen, +1, I agree. Where you have been filling the gaps with custom printed parts is exactly where I think the gaps are in the Technic element catalog. We need more and different frame type constructs to give us more options when framing our MOCs . I use the frames and the panels as structural integrated components, and use connectors to “hang” the fruit of functionality on them. This makes strong but slightly flexible constructs that are then combined to create whatever I want using beams to hold it all together and aligned. This is more like unibody construction in the automotive world, and it can be very advantageous to limit weight while improving rigidity yet allowing for some flexibility that can benefit the drive train by not introducing binding due to misalignment or loading stresses.
  13. I have used the stuff before. The stuff in the tins seems to be the best, you can also heat the tool up in an oven after dipping it to accelerate the cure, and you can dip it multiple times to build up a real thick layer. This stuff is used with a special coin purse shaped metal plug to make those soft rubber oval coin holders. Almost everyone in middle school had to make one back in the ‘70’s here in the US.
  14. Bublehead

    Generic Contest Discussion

    @Seasider, +1 on some limited scope, either by limiting use of third party controllers, or total number of motors, or C model or combo C model format (set A + set B = Model C) where you have a limited (smaller) known piece count and elements to select from. This isn’t a dig at the over the top builds we see in competition, i enjoy them, but the younger members may not have access to the seemingly unlimited resources of some of us older AFOLs. The list of motors from the last winner’s entry alone would bankrupt the average builder. We need either categories or classes to let junior members compete and actually have a chance of winning. I enjoyed the freedom of TC14’s unlimited scope, but I would have liked to have seen more entries. How many members choose to NOT participate in a contest knowing they are going up against some pretty massive private inventories and collections from our master class builders?