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  1. Bublehead

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    @emielroumen, I was looking at that space as well, but not sure what to do there. Didn’t want to add another motor but some kind of use of the space. Was also looking at the space in the superstructure on the right side to see if I could add a tilting cab mechanism with a lockable drivetrain to synchronize movement with the boom tilt. So it is either moved independently with a manual knob, or if switched to “synchronized” it moves with the boom tilt. I think that is very doable. As a matter of fact, that is what I am going to do tonight and see how far I can get with it.
  2. Bublehead

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I have an amusement ride that dwarfs them all...
  3. Bublehead

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    @Ngoc Nguyen, they didn’t have to upsell me, more like downsell... I just finished my build of RTC, now do I want any other 2H2018 sets? Probably. I first need to pay off the second mortgage I took out on my house to buy the Chiron and this crane though. My take overall is I liked it. And if you compare to the 42070, I liked the RTC a LOT more. Once you get past the carrier symmetry, the superstructure build and crane arm were pretty fun. I agree with most about the outriggers not actually stabilizing, and I felt this was an issue they could have addressed. What I really liked was that there were some nice sub module constructs. I really enjoy non symmetrical adaptations and skinning the superstructure was an exercise in how do you make it look symmetrical on the outside when what’s underneath isn’t. Although you can’t help but judge new sets by the standards of older models, on the whole, and as a stand alone model, (other than the kind of lame B model), I like this set a LOT. It has some flaws, but as a model of an RTC, it hits all the right notes for a flagship Technic model: Outriggers- check PF- check String and winch- check Fake engine and pistons- check 4x4 drive train- check At least 4 monster tires and rims- check HOG steering- check Multi-function gear box(es)- check $hitload of stickers- check Cost > your budget- check It’s BIG- check Large(st) piece count- check Throws you shelf space deficit into true perspective- check So what’s not to like? Ok, the rubber band gee-gaw to fill the gap on the top, yeah, didn’t like that.
  4. Isn’t the red curved 7x3x2 panel a part in a new color for this set? I was only pretty aware since I had to use black ones in my MOC. These are the first ones I knew to be available.
  5. Bublehead

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Just finished book 1 in my build of it... ok I understand all the comments about repetitiveness due to symmetry, and yeah, it does get a little boring doing all “x2’s” . Overall, I like the lower carrier, but the open engine compartment is very unrealistic in my view, but then you wouldn’t see the pistons working otherwise, but that didn’t stop them from putting the engine of the 42030 behind panels, did it?
  6. Bublehead

    [WIP] Trabant Amusement Ride

    @Magical Duck Yes, that is the ride. Other names of the Wipeout/Trabant are: the Mexican Hat, Hully Gully, Sombrero, Wagon Wheel, Casino, Razzle Dazzle, Super Satellite, Roulette Wheel... I think it is #9 on the White Trash Carny Favorites list... http://thedod3.com/whitetrashcarnierides/trabant/
  7. Ok, So I am in the midst of building the Rough Terrain Crane (RTC) and just got done building the mega turntable with roller bearings. I don’t think I will be entering the TC14 contest, but my mind will not let go of how easy a Trabant ride would be to build using this mega turntable as the platform for the undercarriage. The parts for the RTC lend themselves to building the lift mechanism, and If I can do it with a single L motor driving the whole contraption, I think it would be a decent entry. Just don’t know if I will have the time to get it done for the contest and focus on making it fit the rules, or just build it like I did my Twirl and Hurl, as a flagship MOC. Either way, it will be my next MOC and this thread will be where I post my updates. Stay tuned for more amusement ride fun...
  8. Just watched your reviews... made me lol. Who will not like this set? Buyers who value their money... Made me almost spit take my beer. Thanks for the reviews. In the middle of the RTC build right now. Enjoying it, but it makes me want to MOC something better.
  9. Bublehead

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I agree, the stacked frames make me wonder if this is just a solution that was looking for a problem, instead of a problem with a good solution? The gearbox for the turntable slew was a better piece of engineering. I enjoy the rigidity of frames, and they do solve a lot of structural integrity issues when used, but stacking three just to make a differential housing was like over-overkill.
  10. Bublehead

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Ok, been working on this thing this evening. My first impressions so far- Ok, the density of the model is pretty high, and there are some interesting build techniques but it did let me know one thing personally- my own skills as a designer/engineer are not shabby when I compare this model to my own MOCs. Now before people start ragging on me for this observation, let me just add, I am not tooting my own horn here, I only state this because I found a lot of similarities in the constructs of this model and how I design. The drive train to slew the turntable is a interesting built-up gear box that seems to be a mechcanincs 101 primer on how to minimize the number of journal bearings and still produce a high torque output to move the upper superstructure. I was faced with similar challenges and the solution was a built up gearbox nightmare similar to the one under the turntable. So far, I am enjoying the build, way better than the BWE and even better than the Chiron, which was an interesting model, but lacked a lot of functionality other than the shifter mechanism and gearbox. At least here we are faced with more power delivery/routing and it’s all mechanical not just threading 15 PF wires through the superstructure and plugging them into hubs or controllers.
  11. Bublehead

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    @nerdsforprez, ok, then here is a little more to convince you... in my best Palpatine voice- “You want this, don’t you? Buy it! Take this model to the checkout line and buy it now and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!” I think this is a great parts pack, and a C model dream for the gifted designers amongst us. Black curved gear racks... what’s not to like to like there. Lots of red and black...red 3x11 panels that don’t cost a fortune. Some nice old school 16L Technic beams. The parts list is extensive. Can’t say how I like the build, I haven’t popped the seals yet, going to build it this weekend.
  12. My wishlist is pretty short- make more medium sized high function count models. Like the cargo plane, or service truck, or heavy lift helicopter. Every set that has any decent functionality doesn’t have to be a 4000 piece monster that does no more than the models of the past have. For 4000 pieces a set should be able to build itself and take out the trash and wash the dishes.
  13. Bublehead

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    @mortenm, why do heroin addicts buy the drugs that kill them? I buy the sets for the build and for the parts. For $300 I get 1.25 new models to build (yeah the B model is not their best effort) and I get black banana gears. Worth it? Eh...
  14. Bublehead

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Sorry @nerdsforprez, didn’t mean to waste your time. Why is RTC not worth $300? Well I paid $130 dollars for a 8880 new and at ~1343 pieces and got just as much joy and satisfaction back then as the RTC will give me now at $300. I think the part counts per set have risen, but functionality has not. For 4000 pieces, this thing should make me breakfast in the mornings. I just don’t think the ballooning of piece count and price has done anyone any favors except make us expect the next set to be even larger than the last. Being biggest does not make you especially any better. At 1600 pieces for $250, the 42030 was the pinnacle of what I was willing to part with for the playability of a great functioning set. Then the 42070 came along and made us rethink what we were willing to pay for what we get. Now we get a crane. Nothing really new, just bigger. 4000 pieces for $300, a bargain, right? In the past, with 4000 parts you could make 3 models at ~1300 pieces. Three 8880 for $300?, sign me up! One model of a crane for $300? Not that thrilled.
  15. Bublehead

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Brought this bad boy home tonight... haven’t gone through my ritual yet. Just been looking at the box. Not sure it was worth $299 US though. You start taking that $299 and spend it elsewhere in your head and suddenly all that cheddar sitting on your shelves jumps out at you and says things like “You could have bought a nice used car with all this money dude.” and “Really dude? A Housing complex for dust mites? What were you thinking?” So one has to savor the build ritual and drag it out as long as possible, because the wife gets a little edgy when you spend money at the rate I have been lately within the last year. I mean, I went from 5 UCS Star Wars sets in June of 2017 (I had given my older Lego to my brother, some $8000 to $10000 worth from 1977 to 2008 and that is an underestimate I am sure, since that is an original costs estimate based on buying it on sale and discounted usually and the fact I would buy multiple copies of flagship sets to build both A and B models and a third set to put in the parts bins.) to now I have over 50 models worth in the collection again after tracking down most of the flagship sets I had missed and buying everything Technic that comes across the local Craigslist.