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  1. Bublehead

    [MOC] Technic Straddle Carrier

    Yes, it is big... but I have several mottos I adhere to... "Go big or go home" and "Never say Never" and this build falls in both catagories... Yes, the Mack Anthem container was my inspiration for the scale, I figured, why re-invent the wheel, Lego had already built a decent sized container, albeit a bit short, so I lengthened it and started with that as my scale reference. The pic below was my only real working reference while building... Yes, I am going to get some video up soon, waiting on some Porche style hubs to replace the portal hubs I initially used. The portal hubs work for making a steerable driving wheel, but not as good as I wanted, and they still had a lot of slop and flex in them since the wheel was only supported on one side... new design takes a lot of flex out of the whole steering arangement, due mostly to supporting the wheel on both sides, making the driving wheels stationary (unsteered), and going to tow ball and connectors instead of beams and lift arms for the linkage.
  2. Bublehead

    [MOC] Technic Straddle Carrier

    For what its worth, the functions are as follows: Steering: Front Steering (4 forward wheels) driven by PF L Motor Rear Steering (trailing 2 wheels) driven by PF M Motor Drive: Each side has one fixed drive wheel driven by a PF L Motor, but they are on seperate IR towers which are both selected to same channel. This reduced the current load on the IR towers, and is the reason for 5 IR towers in the model Winch/Container Lift: There are 4 winches driven in two pairs by 2 PF M Motors, this gives individual control on the lift between left and right sides allowing you to keep the container level as it asscends or decends. There is one M Motor that controls Container capture and release and also adjusts for different length containers Articulated Cab: The Cab can be extended and rotated to allow the operator a better view of his surroundings and more closely monitor the lift. These functions are driven by two PF M Motors, one for extend/retract the other for rotation.
  3. Bublehead

    [MOC] Technic Straddle Carrier

    @JGW3000, It's kinda hard to take video and operate it at the same time... I have to wait for my videographer (the wife) to get off work
  4. What has 8 wheels, 5 PF IR towers, 9 PF motors, and is taller than almost everything in your Technic collection? Why a Technic Straddle Carrier of course... Check out more pics here... https://flic.kr/s/aHsmPKk6H4
  5. Bublehead

    Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey 42113 Petition

    The whole "Non-military" based toy argument from TLG went out the door when they licensed Star Wars (IMHO) a title that has "WARS" in the name, yet TLG doesn't want to promote military or any "killing" based imagery?!?! This is about how much bad press you are going to recieve from some insignificant "Peace" organization balanced against the amount of lost revenue they expect for not releasing the set. Lego won't embrace "guns" or weapons of violence unless there a part of greedy mass potential market that is poised and ripe for the plucking. Nobody is standing in lines waiting to purchase TLG's next Techinic models, and we have to realize that the majority of TLG business is themed/licenced sets tied into major franchises. Star Wars (AKA Disney) is a big juicy franchise and so "blasters" and "Laser rifles" and fictional killing machines of the future are fair game, but God help them (and us) if they release a set based on a real vehicle/machine used to protect and serve the great nation that designed and built it. If there ever was any clearer representation of a company that "folded" on their belief systems for the love the almighty dollar/euro/pound, this is got to be the one that takes the cake. Peace loving Lego, please... That boat sailed years ago.
  6. Bublehead

    Technic Pub

    @brickless_kiwi, yes, I do my own refurbishment to my machines for the same reason, one is I know how, and two, it is way cheaper, and three, there is the tinker factor. But not a lot of people have the room for an arcade machine in the home. I’m lucky I have room for 5 pinball machines. But more than that and I would be sleeping on one.
  7. Bublehead

    Technic Pub

    Not sure if there are any pinheads in here or not, but I just got back from Chicago Pinball Expo 2018. Put my money down on a Monster Bash remake Limited Edition pinball machine from Chicago Gaming Inc. Now the waiting begins.
  8. Bublehead

    Effe's MOC Corner

    A masterpiece of a service truck. Well done. We don’t get to see that many COE vehicles here in the states, especially not twin front axle rigs like this one. The Black Cat Service Truck is pretty much the standard large configuration service trucks we see on the roads. I love Cab Over Engine big rigs, but sadly, they are getting very rare over here. Once they changed total vehicle length limit laws, COE’s all but disappeared.
  9. Bublehead

    [EV3] Slot Machine

    Loved it. Funny.
  10. @jim, This is a fascinating project, it reminds me of the Lego Factory Robots a little, the ones that follow the magnets in the floor, but following magnets is not a hard thing to program... I need to read through a lot of the content here on the new forum, I have recently acquired a used EV3 set and have not got around to doing anything with it yet (seems I have been building amusement rides for some reason ) Is the programming specific to the omnidirectional control, like converting inputs like forward/back/right/left into relative wheel motion based on platform orientation?
  11. Just finished this one. Seems this set was an attempt of giving us the same set as Volvo 42053 without giving us another 42053. Somewhat interesting build, but pretty simple and just only big enough to hide the compressor and battery box inside. I liked the steering mech., and the motion as it goes over rough terrain looks surprising realistic. Would have liked a bigger scale for this machine, and more cutter head functionality.
  12. @Didumos69, the “two boxes, one controller” scenario you are describing more than likely will be similar to having two IR receivers on the same channel. It will control both, but not ensure they are synchronized. So the two motors may work together, but they may become out of sync eventually.
  13. @SNIPE, yes, there are 4 sets of controls on the remote, each controlling a separate output. And yes, I believe you can have multiple remotes , each paired with it’s own BB/receiver, so you could theoretically control 4x4 or 16 outputs with 4 remotes and 4 BB. Dont think they sell remotes separately, but they might sell a “replacement” if you report a defective one. I would try that, and if you pay for it, no harm no foul, you are not trying to get them to replace it for free.
  14. Thanks for the mini review @Jim, still waiting on mine to arrive. Is the case bonded together, or does it come open without damage?