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  1. Antha

    The man with a shoulder-yoke

    Thanks Jerry McGlade for you comment, the length of the hose was just right to balance the fish baskets and helped this carrier to support its load.
  2. Antha

    The man with a shoulder-yoke

    Thank you Eurobricks for featuring me :)
  3. Antha

    The man with a shoulder-yoke

    Thanks a lot carebear for your comment :)
  4. My last creation. Built for french BrickPirate's june challenge about Asia.
  5. Antha

    Snowy Fir Trees

    Thank Pdaitabird :)
  6. Antha

    Snowy Fir Trees

    My last creation : Snowy Fir Trees Winter is far away but a few fir trees are already covered with snow ...
  7. Antha

    Speeder by Antha

    Thanks a lot GeoBrick for your nice comment, I'd like to make a fourth transformation, I have no leads at the moment :) I like small constructions, they are no less difficult. I take your comment as an encouragement, thank you Peppermint_M :)
  8. Antha

    Speeder by Antha

    For a small challenge organized by Alego Alego on the French forum Brickpirate, I created a series of speeder, the constraint was minimal, it was necessary to use some parts, mainly the pale 62743. I created a first one quite classical and then I diverted the idea. Here are my speeders : Speeder by Galerie d'Antha, sur Flickr Speeder bird by Galerie d'Antha, sur Flickr Speeder dragon by Galerie d'Antha, sur Flickr
  9. Antha

    [MOC] Stag in the shadows

    Excellent creation, congratulations
  10. It was a real pleasure to collaborate with Hispabrick Magazine, a beautiful window to show my creations, I am very touched by the publication. :)
  11. Here is a picture where you can finally see all the dominoes in my box. My project is still running on the Lego Ideas website :) Une
  12. Thanks Deraven for the comment :) I agree the carpet and its design are to be reviewed, I'm thinking about how to make it a more interesting element. Soon, I will add a picture with a finished domino game and for now I want to stay with this "traditional presentation". Otherwise yes, I used a Tile, Modified 2 x 2 Inverted reference 11203 for the underside of the dominoes. :) I don't know Mahjong's game well :) Thanks for the comment. Thanks Vindicare for the comment and good research :)
  13. Let me introduce you to my latest creation. I put it on the Lego Ideas website : Dominoes box Play dominoes and lego at the same time ! This Lego set includes a small storage box and 28 dominoes. The box can be closed completely and the 28 dominoes can be easily stored on three levels, 8 dominoes at the bottom of the box and 10 dominoes on each of the other two levels. A play mat completes the set. This creation allows domino lovers to play and is a beautiful object for lovers of beautiful Lego creations. Thank you for your feedback :) Dominoes box by Galerie d'Antha, sur Flickr
  14. Antha

    15 surprised and 1 pink plant...

    Beautiful interpretation and nice comment, thank you AmperZand