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  1. Thanks Deraven for the comment :) I agree the carpet and its design are to be reviewed, I'm thinking about how to make it a more interesting element. Soon, I will add a picture with a finished domino game and for now I want to stay with this "traditional presentation". Otherwise yes, I used a Tile, Modified 2 x 2 Inverted reference 11203 for the underside of the dominoes. :) I don't know Mahjong's game well :) Thanks for the comment. Thanks Vindicare for the comment and good research :)
  2. Let me introduce you to my latest creation. I put it on the Lego Ideas website : Dominoes box Play dominoes and lego at the same time ! This Lego set includes a small storage box and 28 dominoes. The box can be closed completely and the 28 dominoes can be easily stored on three levels, 8 dominoes at the bottom of the box and 10 dominoes on each of the other two levels. A play mat completes the set. This creation allows domino lovers to play and is a beautiful object for lovers of beautiful Lego creations. Thank you for your feedback :) Dominoes box by Galerie d'Antha, sur Flickr
  3. Antha

    15 surprised and 1 pink plant...

    Beautiful interpretation and nice comment, thank you AmperZand
  4. Antha

    Ideas for new Architecture sets

    I like the range of architecture and it might be time to add some monuments from the African continent ? Egyptian monuments, for example, if you look at some of the most famous.
  5. Antha

    15 surprised and 1 pink plant...

    Thank you deraven for your message :) Thank you Littleworlds for your message :)
  6. I don't post often on Eurobricks but I like to walk around this site. My last creation : 15 surprised and 1 pink plant... The newcomer was a very strange being and aroused the interest of all the inhabitants of the area.... 15 surprised and 1 pink plant... by Galerie d’Antha, sur Flickr The idea of the moc came with the discovery of the piece 64296 Bionicle Toa Webbed Fin Armor
  7. Antha

    Back to school - Last flowers

    I hope Jopiek, thank you for your feedback :)
  8. Late summer. A few flowers before going back to school. My latest creation :) Back to school - Last flowers by Galerie d'Antha, sur Flickr
  9. Antha

    Play hopscotch

    Maybe we should have the soundtrack :)
  10. Antha

    My last flowers by Antha

    Thank you very much rodiziorobs, sorry I didn't see your comment
  11. Antha

    Play hopscotch

    Thanks Sunhuntin
  12. Antha

    Play hopscotch

    Hello My last moc : Play hopscotch Play hopscotch by Antha, sur Flickr Play hopscotch by Antha, sur Flickr Play hopscotch by Antha, sur Flickr
  13. Antha

    [MOC] Gunsect: Alien gunslinger

    Excellent, great creative ideas, well done. I'm curious to know how you created the round database, thank you.
  14. Thank you Rockstaremcee :) Thank you leafan :)