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  1. My participation to the contest organized by Brickcentral on Instagram. I must admit I didn't understand anything about the organisation of the contest, the votes, the winners... The main thing is not there, it was necessary to make a tree and I am very happy to have taken an old moc to achieve this : 8-headed tree with spiders and a bird. Find the bird !
  2. Antha


    My creation for the september Bricknerd contest "Cube your enthusiasm". Well, I didn't win but I enjoyed the contest and I'm not unhappy that I got out of the usual designs. Here is my landscape :)
  3. Antha

    Two Men episode 2

    The Two Men are still running on Lego Ideas, have been noticed by the Staff Pick and are getting one or two votes a day. It's a nice adventure with lots of exchanges and nice feedback. I'd like it to continue and I thank you for your support
  4. Nice comment, thanks :) The balloon pieces are from the Raya heart palace set and the dolphin is from the Belville line (1998 ! ). Many thanks :) Nice comment, thanks :) Many thanks :)
  5. Here is my entry for the contest organized by Lego Ideas "YOUR CREATIONS IN THE WORLD-FAMOUS LEGO HOUSE !". I chose the theme of nature and I made a sea creature. I called it Rayi because the main pieces are from the Raya range :) Rayi, another amazing sea creature... by Galerie d'Antha, sur Flickr
  6. Antha

    [MOC] Pumpkin-shaped parade float

    A performance and a beautiful construction, bravo
  7. Antha

    Mini bonsai with a green frog

    Thank you for your nice comment, the answer in picture :)
  8. Antha

    Mini bonsai with a green frog

    My mini bonsai on the Lego Ideas website, thanks for your comment :)
  9. Once again I created a bonsai, this time for the Mini Bonsai activity on the Lego Ideas website. The creation must not contain more than 15 parts. Here it is : Mini bonsai with a green frog
  10. Antha

    Bonsaï - Diving board

    Thank you for your comment :) I am very sensitive to colours and cannot create a creation if the colours don't suit me. I took the photo in the evening to try to get that bluish atmosphere as well.
  11. Antha

    Bonsaï - Diving board

    Nice compliment, thank you, it's encouraging.
  12. Antha

    Bonsaï - Diving board

    Thank you for your comment and so much the better if you enjoy watching this bonsai :)
  13. Antha

    Bonsaï - Diving board

    Nice comment, thank you very much :) Thank you for your nice comment, I too was surprised not to find many bonsai trees.
  14. My creation from the official Lego bonsai for the competition organised by Brickset.