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  1. Thank you Rockstaremcee :) Thank you leafan :)
  2. Antha

    Hi everybody ;)

    Want to broaden your horizons ? Welcome to Eurobricks which I have also just joined :)
  3. Antha

    [LEGACY] Samurai Mech

    Excellent :) I greatly appreciate your creations.
  4. Antha

    My last flowers by Antha

    Some of my other recent flowers : Fantasy - A world of aliens Black flowers And some blue flowers :)
  5. Antha

    My last flowers by Antha

    Thank you all. I took a real pleasure in creating this plant but the goal was not to scare or haunt each other's nights :)
  6. Thank you for your feedback ukbajadave
  7. Antha

    My last flowers by Antha

    Thank you for your message. I have an address on Flickr but I couldn't put the link. New test :
  8. Thank you for your welcome :) My latest creation, a new generation of plants: I have created other plants and flowers, a theme that I like very much.
  9. Hello Thank you very much for your welcome :) Here is the link to my flickr gallery : I will create a topic to introduce you to my latest plants.
  10. Hello My name is Antha and I've been making mocs for about two or three years. At the moment I am particularly interested in themes around flowers and plants but I have also made many characters. I published my creations under the name "Galerie d'Antha" on flickr. I have a very poor command of English and admit that I use a translation tool on the net to publish my messages. Thank you for your indulgence. I registered on eurobricks to exchange with moceurs and find new ideas :)