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Found 2 results

  1. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Eurasian Magpie

    Hello, this is my latest creation. It´s a lifesize european magpie. The head is turnable. I hope you like it! P.S.: Please support the "Guinea Pig" in Lego Ideas.
  2. The spring evening was warm and inviting to most of the citizens of Eubric. Chasing away the winter's cold, it was a welcome change to the frosty cold nights of the months prior. Without the weather to stop them, many ships were taking on bigger cargoes to get in a few precious journeys between the biting cold and the agonizing heat the ocean offered. One of these such voyages was the one this group of heroes was meant to protect. A voyage undertaken by a ship known to a few of them. A voyage that would alter the fortunes of more people than was expected. With luck, these heroes would be prepared to face it. Party Hybros (JimButcher) 54-year-old male imp Alchemist *Permanently Hastened* *Immune to Cursed, Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, Weakened, Poisoned, Bleeding* *Immune to all elements* *Intimidation* *Party Leader* Level 35.25 Power Bonus: 3 Defense: 0 Health: 54/54 Gold: 410 Equipment: Zoot's Reaper (WP:15, permanently deals Cursed and Poisoned:7; scythe, suitable to Hybros), Golden Armor (user is permanently Hastened and Cursed, fire-, water-, earth-, wind-, ice-, lightning-, wood-, darkness-, light-elemental, immune to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, and Weakened; bodywear), The Black Hat (grants Intimidation, immune to darkness and Cursed; headwear), Sterile Gloves (immune to Poisoned and Bleeding handwear), Alchemist's Cheatsheet (1/3 chance to make two of the same Mixture on rolls of Shield, accessory, suitable to Alchemists) Inventory (228): • Justice (WP:8, causes blinded-effect; light-elemental dagger), Twin Kunai (WP:6, dual strike; darkness-elemental daggers), Hollow Dagger (WP:6, hollow [Phoenix Incense]; dagger), Sword of Ancestral Hatred (WP:45.25, gains 1/4 WP every kill made with it; longsword), Clock Cog (WP:14; throwing weapon), Banana Bladerang (WP:9, damage all; throwing weapon), Spinning Bolas (WP: 5 deals the Slowed effect, but the effect is removed when retrieved; throwing weapon), Skirmisher's Shield (SP:10; shield), • Sticky Gloves (gains 50% more gold, suitable for Rogues, handwear), Metal Claw (Unarmed attacks drain health from the enemy equal to 50% of the strength of the attack (rounded up); handwear), Baron's Epaulets (Suitable for short heroes, grants Command over short NPCs), Cloak of the Blue Assassin (SP:1, suitable to Rogues; backwear), Cloak of the Red Assassin (Chance of Assassination is 1/3, suitable for Assassins; backwear), Fighting Boots (Power +5 on the front row; suitable to barbarians, knights, rogues, beast warriors, chi monks, dragoons, harlots, infiltrators, marauders, skirmishers, regulators and winged warriors), Pugilist's Gloves (Power +2, protects from Weakened-effect; handwear) • Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Opal, Scroll of Luck (grants Lucky-effect for one battle, costs 10 ether) • 62 Potions, 13 Grand Potions, 16 Health Cores, Diluted Arc Potion, 9 Remedies, 2 Neutralizers, 3 Elixirs, Diluted Arc Tonic, 2 Grand Tonics, Soma, 2 Feathers of White, 4 Phoenix Essences, 3 Phoenix Incenses, Fenghuang Essence (After being consumed, automatically revives the target with full health once when knocked out; cannot revive targets that are already knocked out), 50 Venoms, 2 Deadly Venoms, Wyvern's Breath, 5 Nostrums, Minimizing Dust, 4 Smoke Bombs, 3 Holy Bombs, Baldur Bomb (100 light-elemental damage), Demeter Bomb (100 wood-elemental damage), Rudra Bomb (100 lightning-elemental damage), Pumpkin Bomb (causes stunned-, poisoned-, asleep-, blinded-, sealed- and confused-effects to all opponents when used), 2 Gold Rings (Worth 15 gold; can be given to someone to make them enamored with the giver), Skeleton Decoy, Bone • Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, 4 Mythril Shards, Grating Stone Guts Holla (Scubacarrot) 45 year old male human Alchemist *Dancing* *Dualstriking* *Immune to all Elements, Weakened, Fragile, Asleep, Confused, Blinded and first negative effect* Level 37.75 Power Bonus: 2 Defense: 4 Health: 55/55 Gold: 2862 Equipment: Mythril Edge (WP: 64, Ice, Darkness, Light, attacks restore 3 health, dagger), Dancing Shoes (Wearer dances well, in the turn after a miss is rolled, the wearer can act twice. +Immunity to Asleep, Confused, Fragile, Weakened and Blinded, + Immunity to Darkness, Light, Fire, Air, Earth, Wood, Lightning, and Ice Elemental Damage, footwear), Crocodile Armour (+4 Defense +Immunity to Water Magic, bodywear), Magnar's Smaller Axe (Grants Dual Strike to classes wielding axes, can't wear shield. handwear), Grimmeau's Clothespin (Grants Immunity to first negative effect each battle. Headwear) Inventory (1366): • Pronged Gauntlet (WP:6, dagger), M.U.C.A (WP: 12, bleeding 3, Axe) Giant Axe (WP:10, dual-strike, axe) • Jester's Hat (Wearer may choose to gain one immunity from targeted enemy, suitable for anyone), Rubber Gloves, Blessed Amulet(Immunity to Cursed, accessory), Pugilist's Gloves (2+ Power, Immune to Weakened, handwear) • Beholder's Eye, Shovel, Telescope, Magnifying Glass, Pickaxe, Bedroll, Decamodifier • 1146x Potion, 17x Grand Potion, 4x Health Core, 3x Diluted Arc Potion, 2x Arc Potion, 3x Elixir, 14x Phoenix Essence, 30x Remedy, Neutralizer, Tiger Balm, Crimson Serum (Grants Mutated Effect for one battle.), Arc Elixir, Hyper Arc Tonic (Restores All ether to allies, consumable), 2x Ambrosia, 21x Mead, 18x Smelling Salts, 15xNostrum, Bad Breath, Wyvern's Breath, 2x Tonic, 4x Grand Tonic, 2x Purifying Water, Purging Water, 2x Smile of the Gods, 3x Fortune Flush, 5x Venom, 3x Bone, Soma, Silver Ore (worth 60 gold), Feather of White (Allows the user to hide for up to three rounds, avoiding Free Hits. The effect ends if the user targets an enemy.), Ether Core • 6x Smoke Bomb, Neptune Bomb, Dirt Bomb, 2x Water Bomb, 2x Blind Bomb, 2x Confuse Bomb, 2x Poison Bomb, 2x Seal Bomb, 2x Sleep Bomb, 5x Mystic Bomb • 6x Deadly Venom, Crimson Venom (Causes a weapon to deal the poisoned-by-7- and cursed-effects for the duration of one battle), • Topaz, Amethyst, Sapphire Mizuki Kimura (zakura) Assassin *50% More Gold Stolen* *Death Mask* *Ignores Positive Effects* Level 25.33 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 0 Health: 35/35 Gold: 0 Equipment: Dual Gladii (WP:12, Darkness and Light elemental, dual-strike), Sticky Gloves (Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up)), Death Mask (Increases assassination chances to 1/3 when the target’s health is lowered to 1/3, headwear, suitable for assassin), Fox Tail (user not affected by opponent's positive effects, backwear) Inventory: - Gladiator Trident (WP:11, causes bleeding effect; spear), Fleuret (WP:9, longsword), Sylph Shuriken (WP:12, wind elemental, retrievable), Top Hat (WP: 14, 50/50 chance of dealing the stunned-effect, retrievable), Orcish Shield (SP: 4, double if user is a greenskin) - Loaded Die (Gives holder the Lucky-effect, accessory, suitable for anyone), Quickdraw Quiver (Gives wearer the Hastened-effect, backwear, suitable for rangers), Kjorfalneire Tongue (The wearer’s restorative consumables are twice as potent, potions and tonics restoring twice as much health or ether, suitable for anyone, accessory) - 20 Venoms, 5 Nostrums, , 1 Think Jeeax Scales, , Tonic, Potion, Weak Potion, 2 Deadly Venoms, Weak Regeneration Potion, Grand Potion, 2 Ambrosias, Smelling Salts - Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Telescope, Magic Compass, Magnifying Glass Erik Tyrvarr (Myrddyn) 19 years old male human Battle Mage *Restoration* *Immune to fragile, fire, and water* *Commands dogs* Level 22 2/3 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 14 Health: 39/39 Ether: 23/23 Gold: 10 Equipment: Darkstar Wand (WP:12; has 1/2 chance of inflicting hexed-effect; darkness-elemental wand), Brightly Polished Heavy Armour (SP: 6, immune to Fragile, fire, water, bodywear), Dog Fur Coat (SP:5, Grants Command over dogs, backwear), Tricorne (SP: 3). Inventory: - Titanic Axe (WP:12, Earth, fire, Light-elemental, has 1/6 chances of inflicting petrified-effect; axe), Silver Cup of Victory (WP:10; has 1/6 chance of causing doomed; club), Plunger (WP:2; 1/2 chance to cause sudden death to an aquatic enemy with each hit; club), Twin Axe (WP: 5, dual strike-axe), Voltedge (WP: 13, greatsword/longsword). - Peacekeepers totem (Grants the "Diplomacy"-job trait; suitable to Erik only; accessory), Talisman of Enlightenment (Protects from hexed-effect; accessory), Sharkskin Armour (SP +1, bodywear), Shamanic Plate (Max. Health +2, Max. Ether +2; Blood Ritual does double damage to the target; suitable for shamans; bodywear), Lighter Armor (SP: 4, immune to Fragile, bodywear), Helmet (Health +1), Barbarian's Boots (Natural Respite>Restoration; footwear). - Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz - Grand Elixir (Restores full health and ether to target and remedies all negative effects), 4 Tonics, Nostrum, Venom, Ether Core, Remedy, 3 Potions, Health Core. - Gold Statuette (Worth 100 gold), 3 Torches (WP:2, breaks after one use, suitable to all), Chair (WP:4, club) Dyric Rone (The Legonater) Human male, Assassin *Steals 50% more Gold* *Immune to All Elements and Blinded* *Lucky* Level 29.33 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 6 Health: 41/41 Gold: 0 Equipment: Mockthril Longbow (WP: 27; Ice- and Darkness-elemental; Longbow), Lucky Die (User is permanently *Lucky*; suitable for anyone; Accessory), Night's Helmet (SP: 6; immune to Water, Wood, Earth, Ice, Fire, Wind,Lightning, Light, Darkness, and Blinded; suitable for anyone; Headwear), Sticky Gloves (increases amount of Gold stolen by 50%; suitable for Rogues and Beast Warriors; Handwear) Inventory: • Requiem (WP: 20; Wood- and Light-elemental; Longbow), Tarok's Wrath (WP: 20, ½ chance to Instantly Kill orcs; Dagger), Double Chain Whip (WP: 10; Whip), Throwing Knife (WP: 4; Throwing Weapon), Pongcanis Dagger (WP: 8; Dagger), Crossbow of Incessant Warmongerers (WP: 20; on non-AoE rolls, also deals Damage to the enemies above and below the target upon a successful hit; Crossbow) • Winged Sandals (immune to Bound and Slowed; suitable for anyone; Footwear), Ambrose's Heart (Artifact, suitable to Evokers, Accessory, +5 power) • Diamond • Bedroll, Shovel, Magic Compass • Potions (3), Grand Potions (5), Tonic, Remedies (2), Banana (restores full HP to target), Elixir, Cosmic Essence, Meads (2), Nostrum, Mulled Wine, Soma, Venom (2), Crimson Venom (Causes a weapon to deal the Poisoned by 7 and Cursed effects for the duration of one battle), Mythril Shards (4/4 Mythril), Military Grade Light Bomb, Military Grade Darkness Bomb, Fire Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Diamond Lamp of Summoning (1/3 uses left), Bones (3), Skeleton Decoy, Level-Up Mushroom Thalion Dwinlas (-obelix-) 213 years old male elf Artisan *Immune to All Elements, Sealed, Blind, Weakened, Confused, Sleep, Fragile, Poisoned and Bleeding* *Reinforced* Level 31.25 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 18 Health: 50/50 Gold: 547 Equipment: Nightfall (WP:10, Darkness-elemental, absorbs 2 health on successful hits, Hollow [Grand Potion stored], dagger), Norgh Armor (SP:5, Immunity to Darkness, Light, Fire, Ice, Water, Wood, Wind, Lightning, Earth damage and Sealed, Blind, Fragile, Weaken, Sleep and Confused), Emerald Hood (SP:4, Immunity to Fragile, headwear), Sterile Gloves (Immunity to Poisoned and Bleeding, handwear), Marauder’s Mantle (Grants permanent Reinforced-effect, doubling defense; suitable to marauders; backwear) Inventory: - Sleeper (WP:5, deals Asleep to enemies it hits, Hollow Upgrade [Nostrum stored], melee/throwing weapon), Alpha and Omega (WP:13, dual healing/spellcasting at the cost of 2 ether, Hollow [nothing stored], staves), Duplovian Swift Halberd (WP:3, deals Stunned on successful hits, Hollow [nothing stored]) Broomstick (WP:5, ranged), Ribcage Shield (SP:9; every time the wielder takes a hit, the shield loses one SP; gives immunity to Doomed and Sudden Death for as long the shield has SP left), Handy Shield (SP:4, Immune to Blinded) - Cloak of Necrotic Shielding (SP:3, provides SPECIAL GUARD against Undead Enemies, backwear), Duplovian Helmet of the Guard (SP:2, Immune to Magic and Healing, headwear), , Winged Sandals (Protects from Bound and Slowed effects, footwear), Blessed Amulet (Protects from Cursed-effect; accessory), Heart Locket (Protects from Enamored-effect; accessory), Snake-Eye Charm (Protects from Petrified-effect; accessory), Shackles of War (Prevents anyone from fleeing battles; accessory), Paper Doll (Protects from Hexed-effect; accessory) Cloak of Espionage (Allows the wearer to examine enemy stats before a battle, backwear), Bumble Fanshirt (SP:1, vermin with level less than half of the wearer's are scared and won't directly attack the wearer; bodywear), Dragoon's Helmet (SP:3, makes wearer absorb attacks of the element of their pet dragon, gaining health instead of damage; suitable for dragoons; headwear) - Zirconia (Gem containing all elements; cannot be merged into equipment), Amethyst (Darkness) x3, Diamond (Light), Aquamarine (Water), Opal (Ice) Garnet (Earth), - Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Weakening, Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Sleep, - Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Telescope - Copy of The Eubric Herald (Gives the target the transcended and inspired effects for the duration of one battle), Kraken Fang (Grants hastened and reinforced effects when consumed), Grand Potion (9), Potion (4), Remedy (5), Mead (5), Smelling Salts (6), Nostrum (6), Mulled Wine (2), Elixir (2), Ether Core, Grand Tonic (2), Phoenix Essence, Bone (2), Smoke Bomb, Blind Bomb (2), Seal Bomb (2), Sleep Bomb (2), Deluxe Skeleton Decoy, Skeleton Decoy, Mythril Shard (1/4 of a piece of Mythril) Mortimer "Em" Mahzan (emjajoas) Unknown age human male Warden *Immune to Electricity, Fire, Water, and Ice* Level 21.66 Power Bonus: 5 Defense: 28 Health: 40/40 Gold: 208 Equipment: Tritech Handcannon (WP:16, permanent poisoned 7 + 10, cursed), Vigilant (SP 12, halved damage from elemental attacks, immune to Electricity, Fire, and Water; shield), Iron Knuckle Armour (Body, foot, and hand wear. Counts as one artefact. Usable by knights and dragoons. SP: 10. Cannot be removed by enemies), Anniversary Medal (Artefact/Accessory, Power +3, SP +3, Max. Health +3, Max. Ether +3. The values will increase by 1 with each passing year), Frost Helm (SP: 3, immune to ice, suitable for anyone, headwear) Inventory: - Blazing Bow (WP: 14, Fire-elemental), Crescent Shield (SP: 5, halved damage from elemental attacks, shield) - Health Core, Grand Potion x5, Potion, Phoenix Essence, Remedy, Mead, Venom - Smoke Bomb (5), Floral Bomb (2), Ice Bomb (2), Lightning Bomb (2), Fire Bomb, Water Bomb (2), Holy Bomb (2), Dirt Bomb (2), Air Bomb (2), Chaotic Bomb (100 random elemental damage to all opponents), Phoenix Esssence (2), Ambrosia (2), Mulled Wine (2) - Bedroll (2), Shovel, Pickaxe, Telescope - Reaper's Heart, Silver Ore(2), Mythril Shard (1) Hoke Ablesword (UsernameMDM) Human male Dragoon *Immune fragile, weakened, confused, sealed, darkness, absorbs poison, Earns TRIPLE XP* Level 49.8 Power Bonus: 4 (+4 WP) Defense: 38 +3 Health: 86/86 Gold: 987 Equipment: Hollow Flagpole (WP:11, +3 SP to the whole party whenever equipped, Hollow (Phoenix Essence), lance), Steel Buckler (SP:31, darnkess-elemental),Samurai Helmet (WP:+4, immune Confused, Sealed suitable to knights, dragoons, regulators, winged warriors), Heavy Armor (SP:5, immune Fragile), Medal of Glory (Accessory - Mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles),Pugilist Gloves (+2 to power, immune Weakened), Hydra Skin (SP: 2, wearer gains HP when poisoned instead of losing it, backwear) Inventory: - Vintul (WP: 16; greatsword), Gladiator Trident (WP: 11, causes the Bleeding-by-5 effect; spear), Wasabi Blade (WP: 4, Fire-elemental long-sword), Blade of Tranquility (WP: 2, deals the Sealed effect, Long-sword), Glistening Halberd WP:10 (½ chance to caused stunned effect, lance), Blue Steel Shield (SP:5, Immune to Blind), Fang Dagger (WP:5, double damage to beasts, dagger) - Warrior's Treads (SP:2, Health +1), Electro Gear (Adds lightning-element to physical attacks and protects from lightning-elemental damage, accessory), Cultist Hat (damage vs undead), Sharkskin Gloves (Accessory, provides immunity from water elemental attacks), Crocodile Handbag (Max Ether +2, accessory), Crocodile Belt (Max Health +2, accessory), Helm of Prestige (SP: 5, +10 Max HP, Wearer is Permanently Blessed, Headwear, suitable for Paragons) - Opal (Ice), Ruby (Fire), Sapphire (Wind), Emerald (Wood), Aquamarine (Water), Amethyst (Darkness), Diamond (Light), Topaz (Lightning), Garnet (Earth) - Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Weakening, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Sleep - Bedroll, Pickaxe, Shovel - 3x Smoke Bomb, Lightning Bomb, Water Bomb, Air Bomb, 2x Dirt Bomb, Confuse Bomb, Blind Bomb, Seal Bomb, Stun Bomb, Skadi Bomb - 2x Phoenix Essence, Potion, 7x Grand Potion, Health Core, 4x Remedy, Tonic, 2x Grand Tonic, 5x Ether Core, Elixir, Neutralizer, Ambrosia, Soma, 3x Mead, 3x Smelling Salts, 2x Nostrum, 2x Dragon Scale (Grants lucky- and blessed-effects when consumed), 2x Titan Heart (Grants encouraged- and inspired-effects when consumed), 2x Flame-Distilled Brandy (Encouraged & Immune to Ice), 6x Venom, 2x Deadly Venom, Zoot's Plaything (Special 3/4 Edition), Hydra Tongue (Causes a weapon to deal the poisoned by 3 and -1 SP effects permanently), Bone, Feather of Flight (Allows the user to flee from the battle when used), Mythril - Reaper (Dark 8), Stone Golem (Rock 8), Carcinos (Aquatic 8), Storm Elemental (Electric 8) Torc (UsernameMDM) Female dragon Youngling Level 49.8 Health: 49/49 Element: ??? The docks were about winding down the day. The responsible, early-morning sailors turned in for the night while the late-night drinkers and beggars were just stirring awake. One by one, the heroes made their way from the Hall or the Marketplace down to the docks, to the pier as described in yesterday's quest notice, yet upon arriving, found nothing of interest, just an empty dock. Paranoid heroes might see a lot of somewhat ordinary happening around the docks as suspicious. More relaxed heroes would perhaps assume the ship was only late. But as minutes rolled by, and the sun began to set, as minutes turned into what seemed like hours, only one thing was certain as hopes of a late arrival sank. The Magpie was not coming. What would the heroes do? Welcome to the quest, everyone. This is a bigger one, so I hope you're all prepared. Go ahead and poke around while everyone confirms. If I've missed anything in your stats, let me know, and if you bought things in the Marketplace just post up what you bought and how much it was. Since this is a longer quest and we need to make sure we don't stall, JimBee, if you could establish someone as a back-up party leader to help do battle orders or make decisions while you're not around that would help.