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Found 7 results

  1. W Navarre

    GoH 10 C: Hearts United

    For this challenge, I decided to build Amalia and her favorite little brother, my main character Ásgeir Di Cioto, at a scale which we rarely see attempted in LEGO. It was a daunting endeavor, and one not to be entered upon lightly! I hope you like it, although I know it's flawed, and I welcome any advice or criticism :) . Ásgeir and Amalia Ásgeir Venerio Di Cioto The youngest child of a poor gentleman from the wasteland city of Ilesole, Ásgeir is a wild, impetuous boy, thoughtful and keen at times, but far too guided by his own rash impulses and his friends’ bad ways. Afraid of his father, fond of his sister, and condescending at best to his ailing brother, he is used to defying his father’s laws and bearing the consequences if he must, staying away from the house in spite of all his father has threatened and not daring to come back until is far into the night, hoping to sneak upstairs unnoticed although the darker it grows the angrier his father becomes. Ásgeir tries to “be good” as his sister entreats of him, but he cannot bear the poor and wretched hovel they live in and often slips unnoticed out from the upper floors where his father rarely comes. When he stumbles into a secret he never wanted to know, he pushes on with daring curiosity… never dreaming how far he would go for it in the end. Amalia Di Cioto Ásgeir’s only sister and the oldest child of the family, Amalia is a charming and strong-willed daughter and the only one who can stop her father in his wrath. She has always cared for Ásgeir since their mother died and loves him dearly, striving to bring him up in good ways, and willing to do anything in the world for him. Because her father dares not call a doctor, who would make them pay the last of all they have, she is left to tend her sick brother Horus almost night and day, while she waits and hopes that Ásgeir will come home safely. When she loses all of what she holds dearest she is driven to desperation and distrust, and perhaps in the end her own cleverness will be all that can save her heart’s treasure: and her own heart also. You can follow the Saga from its beginning here.
  2. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Orang-Utan with Baby

    Hello, I finally finished this project. It´s an orang-utan with baby. It took me quite some time to build. It was challenging to sculpt the ape and the posture is difficult to ballance. Unfortunately there are not many individuals left of the real ones.
  3. Actionfigure

    [MOC]Grumpy Girl

    Hello, this is my latest creation. A lifesize model of a girl. Obviously she is in a bad mood! Maybe you like her, despite her attitude!?
  4. Hello everyone and thank you for letting me in :) I'm a 49 yr old guy from Norway that has not built much Lego in my life unfortunately, But I *really* see the value in it for my 9 yr old son, and I'd like him to spend less time gaming and more time building Lego. So I went online and bought some Lego motors, axels, bushings and gears, but I'm not very good at this (crap infact :D ) and it seems we both could use some beginner-tips on where to start. I'm looking for VERY simple builds/tips perhaps combining two motors somehow ? (I tried to search on these forums and keep ending up in massively complex builds that makes my jaw drop but alas) :) Thanks again folks!
  5. skcheung

    BrickheadZ Chucky

    Hi! I'm Chucky. Wanna play? And I’m your friend till the end. IMG_6677 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_6656 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_6659 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr Acknowledgement: Some features of my build is inspired by stormythos (<a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow"></a>)
  6. Chilly_Productions

    Have you ever felt judged for liking LEGO?

    I went to Argos (a UK retailer) a few months ago, when I went in and bought the Star Wars advent calendar, the woman serving me was giving me this "you're special, aren't you" kind of look, needless to say it was awkward. Whenever I buy a set, even if I'm in the recommended age range for a particular set, I still get a weird look from the cashier. I am a TFOL, and I know that AFOLs get it much worse, but AFOLs do have the advantage of other people assuming that they're buying it for their kid. Before I just bought primarily Bionicle and Star Wars, but know that I'm interested in getting Nexo Knights sets, it's gonna get worse. "When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up." -C. S. Lewis-
  7. Posting this warning for those with small children: Last night my six year old managed to get his finger stuck in or near the rear differential of my 41999 - he is really fascinated by gears and wanted to see or make them spin. At the same time, he disconnected the corresponding L-motor from the IR receiver and attached it to the winch's power connector, and of course the battery was on, spinning the gears, wheels, etc.. After about five agonizing minutes, I managed to free his finger, but not before much wailing and tears. He is fine now, and lesson learned about machines and proper lock-out / tag-out procedures, related to his level of course. Please watch your smaller children when they are playing with PF equipped models! Certainly in my house he will need to be supervised, I am planning to get a simpler model he can build to help him learn about gears and rotating devices.