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  1. Actually it has been revealed that Wedge is in ep 9
  2. The Tie Whisper is Kylo’s new ship, there is a Funko POP of Kylo in it.
  3. She was in the Micro fighter twin pack with Kylo
  4. We do see a part of her face in TLJ.
  5. Hulk_Smash

    Purist Superhero Figures

    I tried that on one of the armours, in my opinion it doesn’t really work, it kinda makes it look like he’s wearing a t-shirt
  6. It wouldn’t be too out of place for Snap to be in the Y-Wing, his mother used to fly one for the Rebellion after all.
  7. It’s possible, we got a Suicide Squad Harley in a Lego Movie set
  8. Doesn’t Kaz from Resistance have that’s jacket?
  9. I think the Phoenix torso is for Kaz from resistance
  10. Those indents have been in every big fig since the start, it’s so they can hold minifigs by their legs
  11. Well that ship was designed for ep 9 by Colin Trevarrow when he was going to direct the film
  12. Motherflerkin! Why on Hala is that an exclusive! Normally these exclusive don’t bother me but his one does!
  13. They were realised fairly recently, They’ve been discussed on here for ages :)
  14. Hulk_Smash

    Purist Superhero Figures

    That’s really good :) I like the grate on his head
  15. Hulk_Smash

    Purist Superhero Figures

    I’d love to see them, one day I hope to make my own Galactus and like seeing others for inspiration