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  1. Hadn’t it been confirmed FFH is set before IW?
  2. It just looks like the right leg (left on the box) is attached to the front of the walker to me, might just be a trick of the angle
  3. Just look at where the legs attach to the body, the left leg is not attached
  4. Hahaha, the box art for the AT-RT has really messed up the legs on the walker!
  5. Legoleaks seems to be in trouble over these leaks...
  6. Would kind of make sense to have him in this set as he was in the last set to (kind of) have the mark 5 suit in
  7. Hulk_Smash

    Purist Superhero Figures

    I’ve used the Mandarin torso from Iron Man 3 for PS4 Doc Ock, it works pretty well I think
  8. Hulk_Smash

    Purist Star Wars Figures

    It’s Kyle Katarn from Legends
  9. Hulk_Smash

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Where is that torso for Zemo from?
  10. Makes sense they use the generic imperial head for Hask
  11. Actually over in the Purist customs section we do swap arms and it’s still considered purist :)
  12. Well st least they have given Iden a hair piece, although I really hope it’s only because it’s a prelim pic that she has a white head :/
  13. Could be a micro fighter twin pack though
  14. Not everything needs leg printing, the Fleet Troopers has plain trousers in the movies, they don’t need any printing
  15. They are talking about possible getting Peter Parker in a set