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  1. Hej CopMike, många tack för de underbara gåvorna igen; det är mycket uppskattat. Prize C arrived today so was a great unexpected surprise, cheers to CopMike!
  2. Awesome, I won manatee C. Cheers CopMike for the generous tradition, I hope everyone has an ace Christmas
  3. Santa by Kez., on Flickr Thanks again to CopMike for hosting this awesome, annual Xmas Raffle
  4. Kez

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    "Whomping Willow features spinning branches and the Shrieking Shack tunnel entrance." You never know
  5. Kez

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

  6. Kez

    Harry Potter CMF Guessing Game

    Alastor Moody (Walking Stick, Wand) Peter Pettigrew (Baby Voldemort, Knive/Wand) Sirius Black (Prisoner Outfit, Dog) Dobby Lord Voldemort (Wand, Snake) Tom Riddle (Diary, Snake tooth) Harry Potter, kid (Polyjuice potion - Goyle disguise) Hermione Granger, kid (Polyjuice potion - Cat disguise) Ron Weasley, kid (Polyjuice potion - Crabbe disguise) Neville Longbottom, kid (Pyjama Outfit featuring frozen expression) Moaning Myrtle Gilderoy Lockhart (Cornish Pixie, Wand) Severus Snape Boggart (Series 11 Scarecrow Hat, Handbag) Petunia Dursley Vernon Dursley (Hogwarts Letter) Dudley Dursley (Pigtail piece) Cedric Diggory (Tri-Wizard) Luna Lovegood (The Quibbler 2x2 tile, Wand) Albus Dumbledore (Wand) Professor McGonagall (Wand, Cat) James Potter Lily Potter (Baby Harry Potter)
  7. Kez

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    The cover for the book is preliminary; however here are the descriptions :-D... LEGO® HARRY POTTER™ POSTER COLLECTION LEGO® HARRY POTTER™ STICKER SCENES
  8. Cheers CopMike, my Star Wars figures have arrived in tip top condition. I look forward to the next raffle! :-D
  9. Awesome, thank you CopMike! I'll be sure to post here when the package arrives safely. :-D
  10. Kez

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    #75950 Aragog in the Forbidden Forest - $14.99 Includes Aragog, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley (Year 2). #75951 Newt Scamander's Briefcase - $24.99Includes minifigure scale brick-built beasts. #75952 Unknown Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Set - $29.99 Description: "Oh no, Grindelwald managed to escape from the Macus! Help Dumbledore and Newt to catch the evil wizard! Use magic and grind Grindelwald into a trap, but beware of Grindelwald's henchman *MISSING TEXT*". Additional Information: Probably use of a large mechanism and new translucent parts. Minifigures (x4): Gellért Grindelwald Newt Salamander (different clothing from #75951) Dumbledore Unknown grindel of Grindelwald #75953 Ford Ford Weasley - $69.99 Description: "Try to catch up with the Magic Express! *MISSING TEXT* But quickly jump into Ford Weasley and soar up! *MISSING TEXT* Oh no, ahead of the obstacle - Weeping Willow! Fix Ford on the branches of the Willow and with the mechanism swing them to *MISSING TEXT*!" Additional Information: A mechanism is used to swing the Weeping Willow branches. Minifigures (x3): Harry Potter Ron Weasley Unknown character #75954 The Hogwarts Hall - $89.99Description: "Visit the magical hall of the Hogwarts School! Receive points from Dumbledore and use the clever mechanism to unfold the flags of the faculties, but be careful - the cunning Volan de Mort *Voldemort* is trying to destroy the castle! Stop him from doing it with a team of friends!" Additional Information: Perhaps among the minifigures will be Hagrid, in the set there is a function of the destruction of the wall. Minifigures (x14): Harry Potter (school uniform - mantle in the form of a cape is possible) Hermione Granger (school uniform - mantle in the form of a cape is possible) Ron Weasley (school uniform - mantle in the form of a cape is possible) Draco Malfoy (school uniform - mantle in the form of a cape is possible) Neville Longbottom (school uniform - mantle in the form of a cape is possible) Professor McGonagall Professor Albus Dumbledore Professor Severus Snape Filch (attached as an accessory to the cat is Mrs. Norris, made in a new detail) Dementors x2 Lord Voldemort Unknown characters x2 #71043 Hogwarts Castle - $500/€485 D2C December 1st 2018.Rumoured J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World CMF Series - $3.99/€3.99 August 2018 Release.
  11. I'm honoured, this is my 2nd year in a row to win and the first for my creation on the calendar. Thank you CopMike and Siegfried. Cant wait to see what Prize A will be this year; hope everyone has a great Christmas :-D
  12. Tack för tävlingen CopMike. Here's my take on a Christmas Tree - BrickHeadz style :-D Xmas Tree BrickHeadz by Kez., on Flickr
  13. Kez

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I wonder if he will appear in the new UCS Millennium Falcon set, it would certainly be a nice inclusion :-D