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  1. CW Reverse Flash Timesphere from Jurrassic park set?

    Do you have a picture? :D
  2. Hello from a lurking member

    Those are some big MOC's! I'm gonna follow you on flickr. Welcome :)
  3. LEGO Minifigures licensed series - What's next?

    I agree, with series 16/17, first TLBM they were 4euro, now it's 4,50.. It getting too high. I can't pay them all lol, so many beautiful releases but it's expensive.
  4. Quickbuy option in Bricklink maybe? :)
  5. How did you come out of your Dark Ages?

    The LEGO Batman Movie, I saw that trailer and the style of the movie blew my mind (i wasn't aware of the first LEGO Movie), it looked like everything you saw was buildable from the parts.. not just CGI. I lovedddd it, the visuals, the character, the voices, the music.. Not long after i went on a shopping spree and went to my parents to retrieve the boxes with my old LEGO.
  6. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I just noticed it! I just pressed backspace and it all messed up, i didn't see the link. Thanks tho :)
  7. My MOC Brickheadz

    Your Vision, Falcon, Daredevil and War Machine are really good! I'd say better than some of LEGO's ones (Your War Machine > their Iron man).
  8. I noticed the new Jurrasic world (and the old) having a nice sphere that could make a cool MOC of the CW's Reverse Flash his Timesphere. Has anyone done this before? Because it would be better if the sphere could be turned 90 degrees to match it in the series, but i doubt a minifigure and chair would fit. (Is this brainfart supposed to be posted here? Or is there another subforum i needed to put this in? I'm new)
  9. Nice animation :) i like to watch this type of video alot more than a speedbuild video.
  10. MOC Micro Super Hero Airport Battle

  11. [MOC] Thor Ragnarok: Warg

    Very nice design!
  12. MOC - 30 years of LEGO life

    Beautiful work man! I'm going to save this one for inspiration.
  13. There may be a problem with my Lego baby...

    lol! Looks like a strange skateboard wheel.
  14. Purist Superhero Figures

    What a great topic!