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Found 18 results

  1. Anonknee Muss

    Purist Green Lantern Mod

    "In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might Beware my power Green Lantern's light!" After seeing the new lantern piece, I thought to myself "What's stopping me from putting different colours in the lantern?" Nothing is. Then that's where the lightbulb lit up like fireworks on 4th of July: Green Lantern's Lantern! I like the lantern from the 2015 set; the designers did very god work with the old lantern considering the scale and the pieces they had available back in 2015. However, with the addition of the new piece I feel it looks a better scale than 2015. Honest opinions are appreciated and welcome. Expect to see some more photos soon
  2. Hey, I need some help with verifying/authenticating a NYCC 2011 Green Lantern. I got this minifigure from a private seller in Pennsylvania who said he went to the NYCC and got this minifigure. All completely normal until I received the minifigure today, where upon I discovered it was missing its second face. It has the smirking face on one side and nothing on the other. The smirking face appears to be the exact same as the ones in pictures but I don't have another physical one to compare it to. All the parts of the minifigure have the Lego logo on them including the head. The seller also didn't provide the original card claims to have lost it. My questions are: 1. Does anyone with the 2011 Green Lantern have a missing face? 2. If not, is this one a fake or a misprint? 3. How do I upload photos? Says I can't upload photos beyond a certain size? Thanks! Andy
  3. I am selling a 100% complete NYCC/SDCC/NYTF collection that I am willing to split up and sell the pieces individually.Condition:All items are mint unless otherwise noted. These are probably the best condition you'll be able to find anywhere as I pride myself on only offering the best. Shipping (US+WW):Shipping within the continental US is free + extra cost if you want insurance. Shipping outside of the continental US will be charged at cost only. You will be invoiced after the item has been shipped so that you're only charged exact cost.Pictures:More can be provided upon request, just ask!Pricing:Some items were listed on eBay by other sellers, in which case the price I listed below is cheaper than theirs. Some items are not listed on eBay or Bricklink, therefore I had to estimate my own prices mostly based off of previous sales. A LOT MORE TO COME! I'm clearing out almost an entire 100% complete Super Hero/Marvel/Batman collection. There are minifigures, polybags, and sets (NIB) galore. The minifigures are either loose or come in gorgeous plastic cases with a comic backdrop. I haven't had a chance to go through and inventory everything yet, so stay tuned. I've posted a few pictures of the polybag/minifigure offerings to come in the next few weeks at the end of this post.Items: #sh028 + #sh027 NYTF Iron Man and Captain America Mint PM for Info #41491-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41491 Batman and Joker no 0984 Mint 155 #41492-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41492 Iron Man and Captain America no 0894 Mint 190 #41493-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41493 Black Panther and Dr. Strange no 1363 Mint 145 #41490-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41490 Superman and Wonder Woman no 0590 Mint 165 #comcon050-1 SDCC 2016 ATOM Mint 195 #comcon029-1 SDCC 2016 Steve Rogers Mint 245 #comcon048-1 SDCC 2015 Throne of Ultron no 0380 Mint 140 #comcon047-1 SCDD 2015 Action Comics #1 Superman no 0981 Mint 330 #comcon045-1 SDCC 2015 Arsenal Mint 200 #comcon046-1 SDCC 2015 Sam Wilson Captain America Mint 220 #comcon034-1 SDCC 2014 Rocket Raccoon's Warbird no 0413 Mint 220 #comcon035-1 SDCC 2014 The Collector AFA 8.5 Stan Lee 800 #comcon037-1 SDCC 2014 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile no 0127 Mint 400 #comcon036-1 SDCC 2014 Batman Zur-En-Arrh Mint 490 #comcon028-1 SDCC 2013 Spiderman Mint 2800 #comcon027-1 SDCC 2013 Spider Woman Mint 2000 #comcon030-1 SDCC 2013 Green Arrow Mint 1600 #comcon029-1 SDCC 2013 Black Superman Mint 1450 #comcon013-1 SDCC 2011 Green Lantern NM 300 #comcon014-1 SDCC 2011 Batman NM 750 #comcon020-1 SDCC 2012 Shazaam NM 400 #comcon022-1 SDCC 2012 Bizzaro NM 400 #comcon021-1 SDCC 2012 Phoenix NM 400 #comcon023-1 SDCC 2012 Black Spiderman NM 350 #comcon018-1 NYCC 2011 Batman AFA 9.0 850 #comcon017-1 NYCC 2011 Superman AFA 9.0 1200 #comcon052-1 NYCC 2016 Batgirl Mint $30 #comcon038-1 SDCC Bard the Bowman NM $65 #comcon040-1 SDCC Unikitty NM $110 #comcon049-1 SDCC Bionicle Skull Scorpio Mask NM $35 Thanks for reading.Again, please stay tuned for a nearly complete collection of NIB Super Hero/Marvel/Batman sets, other sets, and more rare items.Thanks,Samuel
  4. Green Lantern assualt on the Yellow Lantern power battery! I know everyone has the stock outfits, but just pretend they don't guys cause I cant see lego making the full team anytime soon . More images here Thanks, Mightyslickpancake
  5. NevertooOld

    Movie Night!

    Sneek peek from my next movie
  6. Hello fellow AFOL, I recently made another of my Brick Comics stories. This time it features Hal Jordan Minifigure. It is my tribute to Green Lantern 75th Anniversary. It is set in the same universe of my previous Jar Jar story ( I posted it here some time ago ) Anyway you can read the story here: Green versus Red I even made a cover for this story: Green vs Red (Brick Comic Cover) by BrickSev, on Flickr Here is a brief synopsis: "A mysterious phenomenon is bringing many realities from the whole Multiverse in contact. As events of epochal significance (and others of trivial importance) take place the notoriously hated Clumsy Creature ( represented by Jar Jar Binks Minifigure ) allies himself with various villains in order to have his revenge against those who despise him. One of this villains is the infamous Red Headpiece. He has grand plans of conquest but his base has been stormed and one of the Multiverse’s greatest heroes is intended to bring him to justice…" I hope you like it. It truly took a lot of efforts to make this Brick Comic, especially the Green Lantern constructs so any comment and feedback is very appreciated. Thank you very much
  7. The Fantastic Four must take down Dr. Doom before he can unleash an all out war against the world! Directed, Animated, Written, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Cliff Thompson as Reed Richards Josh Lambright as Dr. Doom, The Thing, and Stan Lee Billy Kingsley as Johnny Storm Tiffany Cushman as Sue Storm Neonicywings as Wolverine Bret Newton as The Collector Bill Karalius as Green Lantern Jack Rizzo as Epoch
  8. FinalFeature

    Deadpool vs Green Lantern

    The merc with the mouth gets in a fight with the law and not the normal kind either. Deadpool and Green Lantern duke it out in various combat styles from Giant Robots to 80's Arcade games to plain old pie throwing. If there's any one you don't mess with it's Wade Wilson. Starring Courtney Leacock as "Comedic" Deadpool NeonIcyWings as "Serious" Deadpool Jack Rizzo as Russian Mobster Bill Karalius as Green Lantern Cliff Thompson as Braniac and Braniac Drone 3 Thanks for watching!
  9. So... I like the Lanterns and their power rings. I am also a Marvel fan, in particular, the Xmen and Spiderman. Now, my question to you: What Corps would you place our Marvel Heroes into? Red - Rage Orange - Greed Yellow - Fear Green - Will Blue - Hope Indigo - Compassion Violet - Love For instance: The Hulk - Red power ring. Captain America - Blue power ring. Daredevil - Yellow power ring. Wolverine - Torn here between Red and Yellow... So that is the start, now, what would you guys suggest to continue? Also, I want to see possible customs for this... Green and Yellow are generally easy at present because we already have those bodies... the others can be more awkward, but I think that we do have enough red and blue minifigs that we can make something happen!
  10. Robianco

    DC - The New 52

    I was pretty sure there may already be a thread set up for this but looking through the forum I really can't find one and searching has also been unfruitful! Bit of background first... I've been a Batman fan for many years... but not always a comic book reader with any kind of regularity (not since I was a kid). I read 2000AD as a young'un... and Dredd was by Batman as a kid... although there's many great characters in those pages. When I got a bit older I was never that interested in picking up weekly comics but got into reading trade paperbacks and graphic novels. I've read a lot of Batman's graphic novels and still own many of them but obviously with the advent of the New 52 there's a huge amount of overlap in stories and crossovers. One thing it's done is really make me sit up and take notice of other characters such as Nightwing (personally I'm thinking he'll return at some point but we'll stick with Grayson for now). I've picked up all of the New 52 Batman, Nightwing and Batman & Robin trade paperbacks to this point as well as Batman Incorporated as a follow on to Grant Morrison's pre-52 volume. So I'm kind of interested in people's thoughts on these titles as well as the Detective Comics, Dark Knight, Batman Eternal titles etc... which ones should I pick up... which don't work for you? I've been picking up digital copies of New 52 weeklies as a catch up for when there's a big gap to the paperbacks and the current weekly timeline. I really enjoyed Talon although I think by the end it was losing a little of the early spark it had... nice to see a brand new hero brought into the mix though. I've head that a lot of the writing for Catwoman was a bit iffy by Ann Nocenti although I'm keen to hear what any recent writing is like as well as any feedback on other related titles such as Batgirl, Batwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws etc. One other series that I've always liked is Green Lantern. It was actually the first US comic I ever bought and I've liked it ever since. I've read most of the Green Lantern series and I'm up to date with the Sinestro title (Sinestro is actually one of my favourite characters). Would people recommend the other GL titles such as the Green Lantern Corps? And then of course we have the rest of the Justice League and the Justice League Dark that I've barely mentioned (I'm sure we could have a whole thread devoted to just Hellblazer) So there we have it... for any of the DC fans here on the forum I'm interested to hear your views... which titles you read... which you don't (and why). I look forward to hearing all your thoughts.
  11. I thought that you might like to see the new ships in size relation to some previous faves. Ship Comparison by Krikkit, on Flickr Krikkit on Flickr Ship Comparison by Krikkit, on Flickr
  12. Lind Whisperer

    Green Lantern Set Confirmed at CC!
  13. Transparency for Effect

    All of The LEGO Movie's Master Builders?

    Can anyone provide me with a complete list of all of the Master Builders in The LEGO Movie? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Here's a WIP list...
  14. So in December i won the Green Lantern set at my LUG Group Christmas party. I wanted to revamp the set to create a good Hal Jordan but lacking the green pieces i decided to just do a Bionicle Moc instead. So then Brickvention came and i talked a lot with Ben Cossy who is a great Bionicle builder so that got me into thinking of doing a alien Green Lantern, The possibilities where endless!
  15. My version of a futuristic Justice League. Inspired by the Justice League Unlimited from the Batman Beyond Universe and the Justice League 3000. Left to Right Green Arrow: With this version i decided to lose the hood and mask and use a fake face (Like in Batman Zero Year). I also gave him a fully armoured suit with arrows like Speedy from the Teen Titans show. The Flash: Out with the Red and Yellow and in with the White and Red. I thought i would give him i suit that lets him perform to the best of his abilities, not designed for looks. Wonder Woman: With all the rumours going around a Wonder Woman or a Justice League movie going around and a load of Fake images going around, it seemed like the modern way is the way to go. Really happy with this one! Batman: One of my favourites. I don't really like how everyone thinks he should have a big red logo on his chest so i was inspired by the leaked pictures of a Batman action figure from the next Man of Steel film to do something different. Superman: The first heavily inspired one from the Batman Beyond Universe. Since all the cloths and gear there have rectangle plates i decided to give him a all out armour look instead of a basic layer with the rectangle plates i was talking about. Green Lantern: With this one i went with the wise little monk from the Batman Beyond Universe, instead of a fully grown human being. I added that bag to the front of him to make it look like the Justice League 3000 version with the cool ghost looking cloak without the hood. Aquaman: With this one i lost the classic fish scale torso and went with a shark like body with fish arms. The creepy head makes him look less human too which is what i was aiming for. Overall i say this one turned out pretty good. So what are your thoughts?
  16. So this has been through development in almost 3 years! I consider it to be a new start up for future projects and plan to make more movies related to both DC and Marvel comics in the future. It's been a real journey learning the process of the Cinema view in movies and the post production development. Enjoy the movie and stay for the credits. When the rogue God of Apokolips invades Earth, The Worlds Mightiest Heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter) must unite to face this unprecedented threat no matter the outcome. Starring JOEL MORALES as SUPERMAN JOSHUA SIMS as BATMAN BRICK7 as WONDER WOMAN COULTER RAIL as THE FLASH BILL KARALIUS as GREEN LANTERN COULTER RAIL as AQUAMAN REY RIVERA as MARTIAN MANHUNTER COULTER RAIL as DARKSEID SEAN POLITE as ORION CDwaver as JOR-EL BRICK7 as LOIS LANE REY RIVERA as JIMMY OLSEN CDwaver as PERRY WHITE SEAN POLITE as DR. EMILL HAMILITON SEAN POLITE as PA KENT LUCASETAK as YOUNG CLARK SEAN POLITE as KALIBAK CDwaver as VANDAL SAVAGE SUDSPEN as KELEX Follow the official Facebook page for new updates on the future of the Justice League Please feel free to ask questions on the movie. Feedback is always welcomed and I plan to improve as much as possible in the future.
  17. So when the list of names for the 2014 Batman Sets at the end of one list i saw on one list was a Green Lantern exclusive set. It was been over two years since the SDCC Green Lantern figure so the time would be appropriate. Here are the reasons i think why this could happen and why i think this won't happen Why this could happen - We have not got a Green Lantern set before - For the 2014 set list there are four DC sets and five Marvel sets - Lego may be trying to branch out to other heroes like they did when the launched the DC line they did a Superman/Wonder Woman set instead of heroes appearing in Batman sets like The Flash and Aquaman Why i think this could not happen - The Arkham Asylum set was not on the recent list of sets to retire. - Sets are already popping up on store shelfs in some places and i think we would have scene some pics by now. So whats you take on this?
  18. The Official LEGO Justice League Trailer is now out. When a rogue God invades Earth, the worlds mightiest heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter) must unite to face this unprecedented threat. Coming to your screen in Early 2014. Available to watch in HD and 3D.