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Found 4 results

  1. I have used 3 sets plus some extra bits to expand the Tower. I never like the open back models of buildings, so I added a back wall and prepared the set to hinge open on most levels, to gain access to the play features. I need a lot more flat black plates to make this work properly, so for now the model is static. While the model is substantially different to the original I have tried to retain the same styling. The original set we have is the equivalent of 102 feet tall, using a minifig as equivalent to 6 feet tall. The height of my model has risen to about 104cm, which is still only equivalent to 148 feet. 104/4.2 = 24.76 x 6 = 148 feet. Which is still only 1/3 of the height it should be I do not think the lego could support the weight of the 3.5m model that would be required for a proper Tower 500 feet tall .... My table would probably collapse anyway and I might have to remove my ceiling to build that. The final height of my model will be about 106cm. This is still a work in progress, This stage was mainly getting the Structure into shape. The interiors will be finalised during the next phase of the build. Which may take quite some time. First the double depth base which is also a few bricks taller than the original With a bit of the interior Then the Palantir Room, I have left the second light brick in place. I will build a table or statue to house this second light brick, which will light up the chandaliers on the Entrance floor. I like having the second window and balcony, but might replace it with walling to move back towards the tower from the book. Above the Palantir Room is the laboratory or Bomb making room, there are three versions of the bomb inside. Not very sensible, so this will move into the basement. At the top of this laboratory is Sarumans' Library, which is behind the sloping walls, although this is not shown well. I put the Armoury above the library, with some Uruks checking the new gear. Again this does not really make much sense, so I will move this down to the basement. So this armoury level may become Sarumans' bedroom. Above the armoury is the Great Observatory. I have made a Refracting Telescope or as the Uruks call it "The Magic Distance Viewer". Saruman keeps the Palantir as his own secret. The final part above the teeth spikes is an unused room This could be Sarumans Lego room or maybe where he stores some of his technology? and then there is the spire with Gandalf held prisoner on the open platform at the top of the Tower. Putting it together 1, 2, 3. Finally the the new tower and the view from the ground. If you have any positive suggestions they will be welcome. Beyond that I look forward to the Lego Ideas producing a Minas Tirith set.
  2. All items removed due to lack of interest. If you saw any items you were interested in visit my store (Go-Pokes) on Thanks!
  3. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Orthanc in Micro

    Just a quick, yet surprisingly complicated build. I’m rather happy with how it turned out; it’s simple but it works and I think it looks great. Really, I’m just using this as a test run before I eventually make a micro Barad-dûr; which I intend to use the cool Palantiri head for the eye once it’s released (See it here! I called it! No one can use it! ). Regardless, I’m happy with my Orthanc, especially with the spires which use Venom’s new back piece to hold them in place. Enjoy ~Nemo
  4. Hello! I would like to present you my uruk-hai army. I plan to build an army of 100 uruk-hai, divided into different units like swordsmen, pikemen, crossbow-men, sappers, berserkers, captains, standard-bearers and general. First unit is "Uruk-hai Swordsmen". I have 10 figs now, the planned number of swordsmen is 25. I´m still waiting for the pieces from one BL store, so please, be patient, until I´ll show you the next unit (or should I use the "troop"? :)).