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  1. Actaeon relaxes, grateful that the battle is over. Seeing the loot, he says, "If no one else minds, I'd be happy with that helmet and a bit of gold."
  2. Actaeon smiles, happy to have made a difference in the fight and then repeats.
  3. Actaeon repeats.
  4. Actaeon stays where he is, not wanting to risk an attack. (If the cleric heals him, have him repeat his attack. If not, he will drink a potion)
  5. Actaeon clenches his jaw, Am I the only one that can hit the dang scorpion? Actaeon says nothing, but repeats his attack.
  6. Actaeon targets the scorpion torso from the back row with his bow.
  7. Actaeon nods his head, "continue."
  8. Actaeon shoots again from the back, this time at Spider B.
  9. Actaeon grunts, annoyed that his shot didn't quite kill the vermin. Actaeon repeats.
  10. Actaeon will attack Scorpion B, unless vind does, then he'll take A. Back row.
  11. OoC: Sorry, been busy! Actaeon waits for the party leader's decision. In his mind, this seems like a simple decision that could be made without his help.
  12. Actaeon's eyes widen quickly, "Oh I'm so sorry, I thought I said elk! I would never hunt an elf!"
  13. "Well, for the first few years I kept to shooting targets. Eventually I was able to move onto deer and elf and the sort." Actaeon stares at the man in annoyance. "You are about as breath-taking as my grandmother," he says as he stares at him, "Less, actually."
  14. "On second thought, I think I will buy the Nondescript cape," Actaeon says, handing the woman 40 coins. OOC: sorry, I can't bold because I am using my phone
  15. Actaeon

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Yes indeed, I like autoroll!