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  1. Good morning!

    I stumbled across your Harrower build a bit ago. I ran through the internet looking to see if you posted instructions anywhere and I didn't see any. The Harrower is my favorite StarDestroyer in StarWars and I was wondering/hoping that I could beg some kind of instructions out of you. I absolutely will not share them with anyone but was hoping to add it to my growing Imperial/Sith ship fleet.

    Thank you for your time and be well. :)

  2. Great explanation about the wobbling! I would like to add a few pointers I used in my model: 1) Not sure what you mean here. Do you mean the movement of the axles caused by pressure on the gears? I solved that in my model by adding a 'stabilizer' that connects the point where all 4 axles come together inside the gear 'box'. That way the the pressure on the gears has no effect on the wobbling. 3) In my model I reduced this effect significantly by using bigger gears vertically. I used the 20 tooth part instead of the 12 tooth part.
  3. A great take on the X-wing! Well done!
  4. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] Easter Bunny

    Thank you for all the comments! Spot on! The themes of the eggs are indeed Friends and LEGO Movie 2
  5. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] Easter Bunny

    Easter themed MOCs are one of my favourites! I haven't build anything specifically for Easter before. For the past few years I wanted to build something like an Easter Bunny, but always when I feel like building a MOC like this the Easter holidays start soon and I am too late to make something. Not this year though! This year I marked the Easter holidays in my agenda and started designing in February. And now I have even got time left before the Easter Holidays! For my first Easter build I just had to build an Easter bunny along with some Easter eggs. The Easter eggs are actually 'easter eggs' themselves... do you recognize the LEGO themes of the two smaller eggs?
  6. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] The Fireball and the Aces from Star Wars: Resistance

    Oh wow! I have just seen small fragments of the show, but these ships seem to be spot on! And even if they are not, I still think they look amazing. You did a splendid job on all six. My favourites? I would say the green en the red-white ones.
  7. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] Red Five X-wing starfighter

    Thank you very much! That's right. I deactivated this MOC on Rebrickable by request of BrickVault. The 3D model is no longer publicly available.
  8. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] Red Five X-wing starfighter

    Thank you very much! Thank you! No, the underside doesn't matter much too me so I used parts that would give the most sturdiness (in other words: plates). You can of course view the underside in the 3D-model. I have of course seen many great X-wings. I don't deny I used many techniques found in these great models by: - LEGO sets (especially the UCS set, although that one is another scale... and the resistence x-wings) - Marschal Banana (2010): https://www.flickr.com/photos/marshal-banana/5179264406/ - Mike (2011): https://www.flickr.com/photos/pmiaki/6337496965/in/photostream - Maelven (2013): https://www.flickr.com/photos/sydag/8475421997/in/dateposted/ - crash_cramer (2015): https://www.flickr.com/photos/129756902@N08/16309041845/in/dateposted/ - Inthert (2016): https://www.flickr.com/photos/inthert/29763153924/in/dateposted/ - chenot (2016): https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/144361-moc-the-x-wing-strikes-back/ - Atlas_er (2018): https://www.flickr.com/photos/atlaser/40059641612/in/dateposted/ - Jerac (2018): https://www.flickr.com/photos/jerac/43822104424/ - JJbricks (2018): https://www.flickr.com/photos/145843029@N08/45646709045/in/dateposted/ A long list of great builders and great X-wings. Can you see now why I didn't credit anyone specifically before? It's a long list and I may even have missed someone. I never intended to build a new X-wing. I just wanted to build a minifigure scale X-wing for fun and for the challenge (I have never build anything with a technic function before). Anyway, you may consider this as a MOD.
  9. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] Red Five X-wing starfighter

    Well, obviously an X-wing is an X-wing and cannot be anything else than an X-wing What I mean to say is that there are so many cool LEGO X-wings to be found on the internet (and not just only Jerac's which is cool) it's pretty much impossible to build a 'new' X-wing at this scale. Know what I mean? There are only a few ways to achieve certain shapes like the engines, wings, cockpit and nose. I can assure you I started from scratch using blueprints and photos of the movies. If I had used Jerac's model I would have mentioned him (like I did with the Tie Fighter) and I would definately not have shared the 3D model (like I would not share the TIE). Those who have Jerac's model can always compare the two and determine for themselves if they are the same. Anyway, I am happy with the result. Can't help it that there are so many cool LEGO X-wings around here
  10. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] WIP: Shuttle INFERNUM

    I like the progress you have made! I am just wondering though, have you considered using this part for the corners?
  11. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] Red Five X-wing starfighter

    Now that I have build a TIE Fighter from the Star Wars universe I thought it would be fun to design a rival starfighter as well. Obviously that is the T-65B X-wing starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance on many occasions. The most iconic X-wing must be Red Five piloted by Luke Skywalker during the Battle of Yavin which resulted in the destruction of the first Death Star. Thus I decided to build that particular ship. It proved quite a challenge. The starfighter you see in the pictures is actually the fourth version. First I was messing around with the scale. The first ship was smaller and was exactly minifigure scale. But it didn’t look right... it was a bit too ‘cute’ and ‘fat’ to be a sleek X-wing. I also struggled building a sturdy, reliable S-foil opening mechanism without using rubber bands. It worked out though in the end and I learned a bit more about Technic elements along the way. I am very pleased with the final model. I incorporated as many details as I could (including landing gear) without making concessions to sturdiness. With the addition of a ‘stabilizer’ the S-foil opening mechanism works flawless.
  12. Swan Dutchman

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Thank you very much CopMike! The minifigures are excellent!
  13. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] TIE Fighter

    Thank you Jarek! I see your point, what you mean is having sharp edges instead of 'rounded' edges. That would look very cool indeed! It actually never crossed my mind to look at it. I guess it was an easy choice to have hinged plates right there so that there is one less gapping issue . It doesn't really bother me though, the tiles are 6+3+6= 15 studs long. With the hinges and 'missing' bits that makes 17.5 studs. So the dimensions are right, but the angles are just not sharp. I am looking forward to your solution for this issue. Maybe there is a way actually to fix gaps near the horizontal spoke you mentioned. In my design I have these cheese grater slopes inverted in the middle and they sit on top of each other very well preventing gaps. Maybe there is a way to place those in LBG at the end of the middle and cover them op with the middle spoke making a perfect sharp edge. I don't have any more pictures, but you will find the same pictures in a big size on my Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/swandutchman/
  14. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] TIE Fighter

    Thank you for the comments! I love your TIE design, but my version is no copy. I did use your ideas of the doom bricks for the cockpit and brick-build wings which I think work great. Let's see, the dimensions of my wing design are: 31 studs high (according to my calculations the correct height should be 30.5 studs), 25 studs wide (should be 25.5 studs), 17.5 studs at the bottom and top (should be 17.7 studs). As for the guns I don't know what parts you used for it. I used 4 of these: 2 of these connect the window to the cockpit body. The other 2 are connected to these arms and have the lightsaber hilts (which I use for guns) attached.